Sports Day, 2018

The Annual Sports Day was held on July 12, 2018. As usual, a great deal of planning, practising and hard work went into organizing this eventful day. The event was attended by parents of the students and other guests from different walks of life. Mr Anis Khan Satti, an illustrious old Gallian, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the Sports Day function could not be held in the open ground. The prize-giving ceremony was held in Hamid Hall. The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Mir Talha Shoaib and translation by Faizan Rasheed from Class – VIII. The Prep and Junior School students presented a national song

The Principal, in his speech on the occasion, welcomed the Chief Guest, all the parents and local guests. He highlighted the importance of games and sports in the overall physical development of young boys at the College, as well as inculcating a healthy competitive spirit among them. He also mentioned some of the important steps taken for improvement in the College standards.

After the speech by the Principal, the Chief Guest gave away prizes to the winners. Raza Shah Shaheed Trophy for Athletics was won by Walker House. Talha Hassan was declared the best athlete.

The Chief Guest, in his address, shared his memories of staying at GG. He said when he was a student back in 1950s, there were no facilities. There were no places like Quaid Gallery or Iqbal Gallery and there was hardly a library. He said that with the efforts of Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd.), the students have unparalleled facilities. He reiterated that Gallians were fortunate to be living in this paradise, the most wonderful place in Pakistan. He told them that it is a perfect environment for them to excel. The chief guest mentioned the great affiliation and attachment that Gallians and old Gallians have with their alma mater and emphasized that we should continue with the same spirit. He advised the students to take full advantages of the facilities and opportunities they are being provided at Lawrence College.

The ceremony culminated with National Anthem. All the guests were served with refreshments after the function.

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Sports Event at Junior School

All work and no play makes a jack a dull boy. This proverbs highlights the importance of playful activities in our life. Keeping this in mind, Junior School arranged a sports event on 10th May, 2018. On this occasion, the school grounds were nicely decorated. A week of preparation preceded the day. First of all, the athletes taking part in different events staged a march past along with their teachers. The flame was lighted and the Principal, Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd), inaugurated the event. The competitions started thereafter.

The students enthusiastically took part in various games. The competitions included hurdle race, rabbit race, aerobics, Karate, PT, balance race, 3-legged race, sack race and wheel barrow race.  The teachers, PTIs and all the Junior staff were involved in conducting the entire show.

The Principal, in his speech on the occasion, welcomed all the parents and local guests. He highlighted the importance of games and sports in the overall physical development of the young boys at the junior level, as well as inculcating a healthy competitive spirit among them. He also emphasized that sports and games play a great role in improving and maintaining health and fitness, and also in improvement of mental skills and concentration. He also appreciated the efforts of entire Junior School’s management and staff. The event was closed with prize giving ceremony. At the end, the tea and refreshment was served to guests.

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Arts Extravaganza, 2018

Arts has always been considered at LCGG as an essential element of a complete and balanced education, unfolding the aesthetic talents of the young Gallians. 
Junior and Prep Schools continued the tradition of organizing Arts Extravaganza, for the third consecutive year, held on 12th April, 2018, with the campus full of colours and zeal. Young participants from 15 renowned schools, eager and enthusiastic to display their talents, with their chaperons enjoyed each moment of this mega event. The array of activities at different venues arranged by the adept college team, comprised of Dough Modeling, Poster Making, Essay writing, Calligraphy and Declamation. Our esteemed judges, each one with an expertise in the respective category, appreciated the amount of hard work the young participants put into the competitions. Mushaira proved to be a thrilling event with students mesmerizing the whole environment with their stylistic recitation of poetic pieces.
After lunch, the most awaited solo singing and dance performances had an enchanted impression on the audience. Special song performances of Ms. Kanwal Suleiman (BLL) and Ms. Farwa Batool (LCGG) enthralled everyone. Mrs. Shazia Akbar, a well-known poetess and an artist shared the beautiful poetry with the audience who relished every word of it. Prof Dr.Tariq Hashmi (GCUF), Prof Dr. Mehmood Raza (GCUF), Ms. Aneela Sehrish (GCM), Ms Amna Fareed (GCM), Mr. Ibrahim (MCS) and Mrs. Ann Kim (MCS) graced the event with their esteemed presence as judges.
Our worthy Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd.) honoured the prize winners with certificates and shields. He also presented souvenirs to the chaperons of 15 participating schools and the honourable judges. He appreciated and thanked the participating schools who turned this mega event into a success. He admired the talent reflected by the young artists on the grand platform and emphasized the significance of such activities in character building.
The beautiful event concluded with a scrumptious tea in the evening at the college lawn. All the guests praised and complemented on the extremely well-organized event, generous hospitality of the college staff, discipline of Gallians and pristine surroundings of the college.

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Earth Hour

Preserving the natural heritage of our planet is what ‘Earth Hour’ is all about. It aims to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment. Reducing the carbon foot print both in your personal lives and in the work place, is essential in order to create a robust and environmentally safe world. People are encouraged to turn their lights off for one hour to draw attention to the global sustainability issues.

The tradition of celebrating ‘Earth Hour’ started in 2007 in Australia. Every year, this day is celebrated globally on the last Saturday of March. For one hour, lights are turned off to contribute to energy conservation and sustainability of earth.

 LC students celebrated the day with the true spirit in the evening of 28th March, 2018. All three schools gathered in the Prep School field, where schools sang the earth hour song. Junior and Prep School boys highlighted the importance of celebrating the day, particularly mentioning their roles at this point of age.

During the lights off time, children made use of torch lights instead and enjoyed speeches, national songs and the beautiful night at the campus. School heads, in their speeches, highlighted the importance of the preservation of natural resources (the vital resources) and the vital role everyone can play because each drop counts.

Pakistan Day, 2018

The nation celebrated Pakistan Day with a pledge to make the country stronger by wiping out the menace of terrorism and extremism, and achieving sustainable development and progress.

The celebrations for Pakistan Day at Lawrence College started with combined assembly in the Senior School lawn. Students and faculty from the three schools attended the assembly. The Principal, accompanied by heads of the schools, hoisted the national flag. Naa’ra-e-Pakistan was raised by the students and faculty. At the end of the assembly, du’a was offered for prosperity of Pakistan by Hafiz Zafar Hayat.

The formal function was held in Hamid Hall. The Head Boy, Rizwan Haider, conducted the function. It started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Ahmed Dawa from Class VIII and translation by Luqman Amin from Class VIII. Mustafa Chaudhry of Class VI from Prep School expressed his views about Pakistan Day. After his speech, a tableau was presented by the Junior School students. The wonderful performance was enjoyed by everyone. After the presentation, Usman Abro of Class IX from the Senior School elaborated the efforts of the heroes of Pakistan Movement in creation of a separate homeland for Muslims of the Subcontinent. After that, a milli naghma was presented by Junior and Prep School boys. Followed by this was a presentation titled ‘History of Pakistan Movement’ shown by the Pakistan Studies Department, Senior School..

The Principal, at the outset of his address on the occasion, appreciated and thanked all the organizers for a simple but graceful function. He said that we rightly observe the day with happiness and joy, but it’s time to realize the message and purpose behind these celebrations; to rededicate ourselves to the cause of Pakistan and to be grateful to Allah Almighty for the biggest blessing that is Pakistan. He stressed upon the need of rekindling the spirit of patriotism and being free from the prejudices of caste, colour or creed. He referred to Quaid-e-Azam’s presidential address to the Constituent Assembly on 11th of August, 1947 where Quaid said, “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State.” He also referred to Quaid’s speech on 23rd of March, 1940, in which he highlighted the role of women in society and made it clear that without their participation, we could not have been successful. The Principal advised the students to always take care of the honour and respect of women. He told the audience that it was a woman, Amjadi Bano (wife of Maulana M. Ali Johar) who first used the word ‘Pakistan’ in her speech on 23rd of March, 1940. He said that Quaid’s vision of a modern welfare state was in absolute conformity with the golden principle of humanity which Islam teaches us. He elaborated that being a modern welfare state doesn’t mean blind following of the west as we have our own distinct culture, ethos and traditions of which we should be proud. We have to build a nation that excels in science, technology and education combined with the moral and ethical values. He said that following Quaid’s motto ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’, we must promote unity, tolerance and love as these are the prime needs of the hour. He said that we need to face the challenges and advised the students to contribute to nation-building by focusing on studies, acquiring maximum knowledge and acquiring an excellent character. He said we also need to focus on self-accountability instead of being judgmental and finding faults with others, because Jihad-e-Akbar is reforming ourselves, not damaging others. He, once again, emphasized upon the importance of ethics of disagreement. At the end of his speech, he advised the audience to always think positively and shunning any negative tendency as he wanted them to be incorrigible optimists.

The concluding talk by the Principal left the audience with a new spirit of patriotism and optimism.

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