The School of Music and Arts was established initially in the Old Church, and then moved to Senior School.

Fine Art provides an opportunity for all students to express their visual ideas whilst developing work that is of a technically high standard.

Although the boys are more inclined towards Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering and IT oriented careers, the emphasis on Fine Arts offers the boys a first step for those who may wish to pursue an eventual career in any media, visual, or creative discipline. The teachers and experts focus on building ideas, developing an experimental approach to drawing and painting in order to enrich the students with a visual vocabulary.

The courses enable development of skills in areas such as painting, digital art, ceramics and pottery, wood working & handicrafts and photography. Students are encouraged to express their creativity in all forms.

The Art Department is a vibrant and creative hub at LCGG.

  • A spacious gallery space
  • IT facilities for digital photography, film & animation
  • Painting studios
  • Print-making facilities

Performing Arts


We believe music enhances brain activity and stimulates general learning. Albert Einstein solved the ‘Theory of Relativity’ by playing violin in his kitchen. Einstein used to play his violin whenever he was stuck on something in the process of solving E = mc 2.

“Life without playing music is inconceivable for me,” he once said, “I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music… I get most joy in life out of music.”

The famous scientist never travelled without his beloved violin, “Lina.”

The music teachers at LCGG are of the highest calibre. Lessons are available for the following instruments:

  • Violin
  • Piano
  • Electric Guitar
  • Classic Guitar
  • Organ


The School’s emphasis on drama is no less than any of the other performing arts. Our staff encourage confidence building in the students through drama, which in turn makes them confident in public speaking, encourages team work, enhances the communication skills and listening. It triggers the ‘creativity’ in the young minds.

Annual performances are conducted at all levels in the Senior School, Prep School and Junior School. All Houses are encouraged to participate.