Completion of this form reserves a place at the School, subject to entrance assessments, receipt of satisfactory school report(s), and availability of places in the year of entry. Registration e-form should be completed in full, signed by both parents where appropriate, and returned to the Lawrence College Admissions Department together with the non-refundable Registration Fee of PKR1,500 and a copy of your son’s birth certificate and NADRA Form B . We regret that places cannot be reserved without payment of the fee, and that the School cannot guarantee places until a formal offer is made.

  • Child's Information

  • (Please submit a photocopy of your son’s birth certificate with this form)
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    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • (Please specify Nationality, if necessary)
  • (Please provide details of two previous schools where applicable. Please provide Names of School (s) and Town/City, Government or Private, Date of Joining and Leaving. Unless you request otherwise, LCGG will contact your son’s current and (on occasion) his previous school(s) to request confidential reports at time of assessment for entry to LCGG, together with confirmation (where appropriate) that fees have been paid in full.
    (This information is optional and confidential)
  • (Please provide the name of the school applied for other than LCGG)
  • (Please provide details of any next of kin already studying at LCGG)
  • (Also provide relationship to your son)
  • LCGG strives to offer equal opportunities to all its pupils. In order that we may determine whether the School is able to meet your son’s needs, please indicate below, whether you require financial assistance and/or give brief details of any specific learning support need, medical condition or disability, which your son may have, and which could require specialist support, treatment or equipment.
  • Family Details

  • (This information is confidential)
  • Additional Information:

  • Please read the information given below before you submit this form. Your submission of this form would indicate an agreement to our terms of admission given below.
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Data Protection and Disclosure:

All data held by the LCGG is subject to privacy and confidentiality. From time to time we use the parental information on this form to advance the interests of the School and the boys (e.g. inviting parents to provide careers talks to the boys or otherwise contribute to the functioning and development of the School and our activities). By signing this form you are agreeing to the use of your information for this purpose. Please keep us informed of any changes to your profession or employment information. Your information is never shared with third parties to use for commercial purposes.

Boys are admitted to the School on the following conditions:

  • That they satisfy the examiners in the Entrance Examination
  • That they are in good health and bear a good character; and that a place is available atthe time of assessment.
  • That the parents agree the fees are payable termly in advance
  • That a place, once offered, must be accepted by the date specified. Otherwise, the place will be deemed to have been declined.
  • That the education of their son at the School may be terminated by giving a full term’s notice in writing, or by payment of an amount equal to a full term’s fees should such a period of notice not be given; this sum to be payable at the commencement of the next term after withdrawal.
  • That the parents agree that a full term’s notice shall be given of any desired alteration to day or boarding status
  • That the parents agree that the Rules of the School, as published and amended from time to time, shall continue to apply to their son during the whole period of his attendance at LCGG, irrespective of his age.
  • The Principal/Headmaster shall have the right at any time to refuse to admit or to require the withdrawal of any boy if, in his opinion, such a course is necessary in the interests of the School or the boy.

A full version of our Terms & Conditions of Entry is provided when a place is offered, or can be downloaded, together with the School’s Admissions Policy, from our website at Copies can also be obtained on request to the Admissions Department.

I/We agree to these conditions, as parent(s) / guardian(s) of the above boy, and enclose a cheque for the non-refundable Registration Fee of PKR1,500 (made payable to ‘Lawrence College Ghora Gali’) and a copy of my/our son’s birth certificate and passport photo page. Except in the case where a parent has sole custody of the child, this form should be signed or agreed upon by both parents.