WWF Pakistan Green School Team Visits Lawrence College

The WWF Pakistan Green School team led by Ms Sania Khan (Head of Corporate Partnership and Fundraising) along with Mr Taseer Ali Mirza (Assistant Manager GSP), visited Lawrence College on 1 December 2015 and presented a Certificate of Commitment to Brig (R) Mujahid Alam as a token of appreciation for the identification and protection of the common leopard within Lawrence College premises with the help of WWF-Pakistan experts last year.

Moreover, a Green Corner prepared by Gallians on the theme ‘Knowledge For Life’ was also evaluated and the efforts of Headmistress Junior School (Focal Person GSP), her staff and students were greatly appreciated in relation to the activities they have been planning and organizing throughout the year in order to make the boys aware of the need to take action for the protection of our planet. The projects were prepared using old plastic, tin, used papers, jars, tree bark, rubber tyres, etc. A collection of locally found herbs and shrubs was also displayed revealing their benefits to human health and environment.

Continuing the spirit of inculcating a sense of responsibility among the Green Students regarding environmental challenges, Gallians were given assignments and projects by the Green School Programme team for their winter vacation on eco-friendly practices so that they can become committed custodians of natural resources in different parts of the country and make a difference through active participation at community level.

Senior School Gallians shine at 'Dawn Spelling-Bee Competition'

It’s a matter of great satisfaction for all those associated with LCGG that the Institution has started enjoying the fruits of Principal’s policies and directions set some two years back. It included a special focus on improvement of the communication skills of the students with a multifaceted strategy to develop their speaking skill as well as enhancement in their vocabulary. For this purpose, the teachers were directed to introduce new vocabulary to the students on daily basis which proved really fruitful for them.

Setting a new benchmark, three motivated and talented students, Qazi Haider Ali, Ch Mohammad Saqib Ali Meher, and Bakhtiar Rashid Laghari performed brilliantly at the Dawn Spelling Bee Competition held at Islamabad Club Auditorium on 30 October, 2015. Lawrence College stood second in Pool-5 wherein a large number of reputed institutions from Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Kohat, Murree, Azad-Kashmir, Attock, and Kamra participated. Our brilliant Gallians scored 25 out of 30 marks. The Pronouncer, judges and the organizers specially recognized and appreciated the Gallian Spelling-Bee Team for their wonderful performance.

Gallians participate in "World Space Week" at IST

On 07 October 2015, a team of 30 students and two faculty members from Lawrence College visited Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad to attend the inaugural session of “World Space Week”. The main purpose of this visit was to create awareness among the young generation of Gallians about the importance of space technology. IST provided the school/college students with a platform to reveal their hidden potentials. “World Space Week” is celebrated every year to vitalize public awareness about the implications and importance of space technology.

The theme of the WSW (World Space Week) for the year 2015 was “Discovery”. It highlighted the great era of deep space discovery that we are in. Space telescopes deep space probes and several interplanetary satellites and landers had shown us the magic, wonders and opportunities of new worlds. Exoplanets, galaxies, moons, asteroids and comets teach us where we the human beings have come from and where shall we go in the future. Space is all about discovery.

More than sixty events and activities were arranged to enlighten the young minds regarding various aspects of space technology and the students very excitedly observed different projects of space technology, on display. A training session was conducted for the teachers also wherein space scientists delivered lectures on space-related themes.

It was a valuable experience for the students as it provided them an opportunity to interact with students from other good schools and they learnt a lot about space, It motivated them for keen space learning and to explore new avenues for their future.

Iqbal Salah-ud-Din, Grandson of Allama Muhammad Iqbal, visits LCGG

The grandson of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Iqbal Salah-ud-din visited Lawrence College as a part of the Principal’s initiative of inviting eminent scholars from diverse fields of life, with an aim to broaden the vision of our students and to expose them to developments in science and literature. Iqbal Salah-ud-Din is among the founders of Dabistan-e-Iqbal and has been very active regarding promotion of Iqbal’s philosophy.

Iqbal Salah-ud-Din very vividly dilated upon a wide variety of thoughts from Iqbal’s poetry which not only served as a beacon of light during Pakistan Movement, but is still a source of great inspiration for the Muslim World, especially for Pakistanis.

Who could have spoken better than Allama Iqbal’s grandson about Iqbal’s philosophy of Khudi (Self) and Iqbal Salah-ud-Din did it in an excellent way. He cited a number of poems and verses from Iqbal’s poetry and also quoted many incidents from the life of Iqbal to elucidate the idea of Khudi (Self) which stands out among all the philosophical thoughts of Iqbal. He said that Khudi, to Iqbal, is the inseparable soul and spirit of humanity.

The guest appreciated the initiative of the Principal in establishing Bazm-e-Iqbal and Iqbal Corner in the College. He invited the students to visit Dabistan-e-Iqbal.

The presentation of Iqbal Salah-ud-Din was followed by an interesting question/answer session in which the guest speaker answered a number of inquisitive questions by the young Gallians regarding philosophy and life of Allama Iqbal. Iqbal Salah-ud-Din specially thanked the Principal for introducing Iqbaliat as a part of curriculum and extra study of the students at Lawrence College.

After the presentation and question/answers in the Lawrence hall, the students again had a chance to interact with the guest speaker at the tea, and they fully availed the chance by discussing different aspects of Iqbal’s life and his poetry.

ith students from other good schools and they learnt a lot about space, It motivated them for keen space learning and to explore new avenues for their future.

SSC Part-I Examination Result August, 2015

The SSC Part-I result proved a matter of great triumph and satisfaction for all those attached with Lawrence College. The achievement of this outstanding result was made possible through untiring efforts of the students and staff of the Senior School, but the most remarkable feature of the result is that it was achieved without resorting to any unfair means, following the policy of zero tolerance for cheating set by the Principal some two years back.The students will remain proud of their result that is the product of their genuine efforts.

The Principal congratulated all the students for producing excellent result and appreciated the efforts of the faculty of Senior School.

This year, 53 students appeared for SSC Part-I examination. 29 students passed their exam by securing A+ Grade while 15 students scored A Grade. Rizwan Haider stood first by scoring 530/550 while Junaid Ashraf scored 525 and Makhdoom Daniyal secured 523 marks for II and III position respectively.

Resume of the Result

  • Total number of students = 53
  • A+ Grade (90% or more) = 29
  • A Grade (80% or more) = 15
  • B Grade (70% or more) = 7
  • C Grade (60% or more) = 2

Moin Khan's Rediscovering Pakistan – The Untold Story

One should not simply travel to see famous buildings or monuments. Travelling is not about being at this place or that place. Travelling is to challenge you to things outside your comfort zones.

It took thousands of kilometres on a motorcycle for Moin Khan to realize his passion is not the motorcycle but, in fact, it is Pakistan. “My passion is my country. I work for Pakistan and all my efforts are to promote a positive image of Pakistan in the West and to tell the World what a wonderful nation we are and that the Muslims are not terrorists”, he said, addressing the young Gallians in the Lawrence Hall on 13 August 2015.

Born and raised in Lahore, Moin Khan told that one thing that remained with him constantly was his passion for motorcycles. He rode through 22 countries (from San Francisco to Lahore), covering a distance of 40,000km in six months. It was while he was motorcycling in Vietnam that Khan realized his passion was not motorcycles, but Pakistan. Since then, his days and nights are reserved for creating a soft and real positive image in the World.

Khan’s documentary, titled ‘Rediscovering Pakistan – The Untold Story’, was also shown to the audience. It narrates an inspiring tale of nine foreigners who came to Pakistan in May this year. Khan has been facilitating foreigners’ visits in the northern areas through his motorcycle since 2013. Khan’s documentary is a tale of one Malaysian and eight American bikers who came to Pakistan for a 15-day visit. They met Khan for the first time when they landed at Lahore airport.

The motorcycle journey of these foreigners, two of whom were women, covers their route from Islamabad to up North. “The trip of a lifetime,” describes an American biker on the documentary, as he maneuvers through the narrow roads along Chitral River.

Mr Bones, a 70 years old Australian who has been riding motorcycles for the last 56 years and had travelled up to Khunjrab Pass with Moin Khan also visited the College. Talking to the Gallians, Mr. Bones expressed his excitement about how wonderful it had been to enjoy the captivating beauty of the Northern Areas and unbelievable hospitality of the natives.

At the end, the Principal thanked Moin Khan and Mr Bones for sparing time and sharing their wonderful experience with the Gallians. All the audience really enjoyed the documentary and ideas of Moin Khan.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher meeting was held on 15 August, 2015. Parents showed keen interest and exhaustively discussed performance of their sons/wards. Subject-Teachers pinpointed the weak areas of the students. Teachers and College administration remained with the parents and exchanged views on their mutual concerns about students.

This time, a large number of parents turned up to discuss the academic and training issues of their sons/wards. Most parents expressed utmost satisfaction over the present academic standards, general conduct and the overall College environment.

Meeting of the Board of Governors

A meeting of the Board of Governors of Lawrence College was held in the College on Thursday 30 July 2015. The meeting was presided by the Chairman BoGs Lawrence College Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, Governor Punjab and was attended by the following members of the Board:

  • Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, The Governor of Punjab, Chairman Board of Governors
  • Maj Gen Muhammad Kaleem Asif, GOC 12 Div, Chairman Executive Committee
  • Mir Zafar Ullah Khan Jamali
  • Capt (Retd) Zahid Saeed, Commissioner Rawalpindi Division
  • Raja Ashfaq Sarwar
  • Raja Shahid Zafar Kayan
  • Mr Anis Khan Satti
  • Mian Asmat Shah
  • Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam, Principal Lawrence College – The Principal of the College and Secretary Board of Governors

On his arrival, the Chairman BoGs was received by the Principal who then conducted him on a tour of the College and visited the three schools. The Chairman admired the beauty and serenity of the College and expressed his pleasure on visiting the College.

The meeting of the Board was held in a productive and conducive environment.

The Principal of the College Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam gave a comprehensive briefing to the Board about the improvements and all the developments being made at the College in order to raise the standards in all aspects. The Chairman and members of the Board expressed their appreciation and satisfaction over the progress and improvements at the College, including merit based admissions and eradication of the menace of cheating. The Board also assured their all-out support to the management of the College for their present and future endeavours.

The meeting was followed by lunch at which the entire faculty was also invited in order to interact with the Chairman and members of the Board

Special Assembly in the Honour of High Achievers in SSC Examination Part-II, 2015

Special Assembly in the Honour of High Achievers in SSC Part-II, 2015

A special assembly was held in the Senior School on 28 July 2015 to honour and appreciate the high achievers in SSC Part-II Examinations, 2015.

The Principal was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He commended the hard work of the students who had scored high grades with their hard work and genuine efforts. Thirty five high achievers in academics were awarded ‘Honour Student’ badges. Cash prizes were also awarded to students who secured first three positions with 90% marks.

The following students won the cash prizes:

  • First Position: Ehsan Ullah winning a prize of PKR10,000
  • Second Position: Tariq Ahmed winning a prize of PKR7,000
  • Joint Second Position: Daud Khan winning a prize of PKR7,000

SSC-II Result July, 2015

The SSC-II result brought home by Gallians has been reasonably good and is a clear indication of the progress being made by following the College policy of achievements through honesty and hard work.

On the occasion the Principal felicitated Mr. Arshad Iqbal Chaudry (HMSS) and the faculty of the Senior School whose untiring efforts made it possible for the current improvement shown by Gallians.

Synopsis of the result shows that out of 55 students, 15 students scored A+ whereas 20 got A grade. Ehsan-Ullah has made the College proud with 1011 marks and scored 1st position.

Resume of the Result

  • Total number of students: 55
  • Pass percentage: 100%
  • A+ Grade (90% or more): 15
  • A Grade (80% or more): 20
  • B Grade (70% or more): 16
  • G.P.A (Grade Point Average): 4.82

Open House at Principal's Residence on Eid-ul-Fitr, 18 July 2015

Like the past year, keeping up with golden traditions of our college, it was an open house at Principal’s Residence on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr. Many members of teaching and admin staff, along with their families, visited the Principal’s Residence. They were greeted by Begum Principal and the Principal himself. The guests were served with many traditional dishes. It provided the staff an opportunity to exchange Eid greetings with the Principal and also with each other. Such invitations of the Principal have always encouraged the staff and have helped in developing a cordial working relationship among all staff members.

Horse Riding Club spurs at Prep School

On 01 July 2015, Prep School started the long awaited horse-riding club. It was a keen desire of the Prep School students to start equestrian sports at their school. The club caters for all Houses and every young rider gets ample time and chance to enjoy this activity. The Prep School brave-hearts exhibit enough bravery and do well on the ground, spurring their horses and riding gracefully. The Principal specially looks after arrangements and training of the young Prep School boys to make sure they benefit from their trainers.

Principal Thanks Old Gallians' Contribution to Lawrence College Support-Staff Welfare Fund

Through our College media of the website and newsletter, we have already publicized establishment of the Lawrence College Support-Staff Welfare Fund, w.e.f 01 May 2015. The LCSS Fund caters for the needs of our support-staff in extreme emergencies where they face a financial crunch and can’t bear expenses to look after themselves and their families.

The Principal Lawrence College, the three Heads of Senior, Prep and Junior Schools, faculty and the support-staff wholeheartedly extend their heartfelt gratitude to our revered Old Gallians who have made some valuable contribution to LCSS Fund and stamped their recognition as generous benefactors. This contribution will surely encourage many others to chip in to help the needy support-staff and their families.

We would again like to remind our dear readers that all contributions made to the LCSS Fund go into our Account # 1371-7 NBP Ghora Gali Branch and which is subject to regular audit and the details of all expenditures can be made available to the contributors from time to time.

Following are the names of the Old Gallians who are pioneers in this charitable task.

    • Mr Anis Khan Satti
      Contributed Amount = Rs. 10,000
    • Maj Gen (Retd) Inayat Ullah Khan Niazi
      Contributed Amount = Rs. 100,000
    • Col M Mumtaz Khan
    • Contributed Amount = Rs. 10,000
    • Dr Malik Abdul Qadir
      Contributed Amount = Rs. 220,000

Mrs Nasreen Iqbal talks about Global Education and Yohsin

Mrs Nasreen Iqbal, Director of Pesh-Raft Foundation, Grammar School Rawalpindi, and Centre for Peace and Human Rights Education, spoke to Gallians on Global Education and YOHSIN: a concept of global education for citizenship, and education for sustainable development, on 22nd of June in the Lawrence Hall. Mrs Nasreen Iqbal is the better-half of an old Gallian Col (Retd) Muhammad Iqbal.

In her presentation, she discussed UNESCO’s four pillars of learning: Learning to Know, Learning to Do, Learning to Be and Learning to Live Together. In an interactive session, she made the audience realize what global education is all about. She elucidated that Education for Sustainable Development ESD/YOHSIN teaches self-worth, tolerance, human rights and multiculturalism. She delineated that global education begins with ME; using head (What do global citizens know?), heart (What do they feel?) and hand (What they can do).

The Principal, thanked Mrs Nasreen Iqbal for sparing time from her busy schedule and appreciated the way she conducted the session, engaging the students in a fruitful discussion.

An evening with the twinkling stars of Junior School for a Story-telling Event

Junior School prepared twinkling stars for a story-telling evening held on 18 June 2015. Principal Lawrence College was the chief guest of the function.

Junior School students enchanted audience with their melodious narratives of the famous tales from Urdu and English literature. They impressed the audience with their presentation, catchy costumes and accurate delivery.

The function owes its success to the untiring efforts of the faculty and Headmistress Junior School. The manner in which the Junior School students performed, compelled everyone present there to appreciate all those who prepared them behind the stage.

The Principal lauded the efforts of the Junior School students, faculty and Headmistress for producing such an awesome event in minimum time and resources.

LC Faculty Visits 'The News Education Expo'

Five teachers from Lawrence College, accompanied by the DoS Mrs Naheed Nadeem and Deputy HMSS Mr Ata-ur-Rehman, visited ‘The News Education Expo’, started at the Pak-China Friendship Centre on Wednesday 27 May 2015.

The event provided a platform to explore academic opportunities available in Pakistan and abroad. The event was held in collaboration with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the British Council. The teachers had a chance to visit stalls of more than 70 educational institutions which exhibited their prospectuses, brochures and provided useful advice regarding academic planning and career.

The visitors, including parents, were seen having discussions with representatives of schools, colleges, universities and other education-related organizations, in particular education consultants and career counsellors.

Lawrence College Bids Farewell to its Intermediate & SCF 2015

Farewell, more than saying goodbye to anyone, is a time to encourage and give your best wishes to someone for their new journey and is an opportunity to bring forth your emotions. With the same spirit, a farewell dinner was held in honour of the Intermediate and SCF 2015 on 21 May 2015. Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam, Principal Lawrence College, was the chief guest on the occasion.

The function started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Hafiz Haris Waseem. After the recitation, the College Head Boy 2014-15 Ahmed Saghir shared his feelings. He said that it is difficult for them to think of leaving this great and unique institution. He said that the most unique feature of this institution is the strong relationship of the students with their teachers. It is the real relation of a child with his parents, which is unfortunately a rarity in the society. He further said that whatever they are today, it is because of this great institution.

After speech by the Head Boy, the SCF & Intermediate students were awarded shields as a token of memory. On special instructions of the Principal, the students were also presented translation of Surah Al-Falaq & Surah An-Naas with best wishes and prayers for their protection and success.

Then Principal, in his speech, wished good luck to the students for their future and appreciated their efforts for improvement in the College standards. He also expressed his hope that students will continue giving their best to the nation. He advised them to do at least one good deed every day and to regularly take stock of what good they have done in a day. He said that all the students will always be welcomed whenever they find time to visit their alma mater.

The Eighth Phonetic Workshop Attended by Lawrence College English Teachers

The Eighth Phonetic Workshop was conducted by Mrs Azka Khan, under the auspices of The Dawn Media Group, in collaboration with the Oxford University Press in the OUP Auditorium in Islamabad on 14 May 2015. Three of our English teachers were among many others who attended the workshop. The focus of the workshop was to acquaint teachers with the following:

  • International Phonetic Alphabets
  • Classification of Speech Sounds
  • Manner of Articulation of Speech Sounds
  • The English Syllable
  • Common Weak Forms of Words

In the second session, Mrs Azka Khan spoke on the methods to help students who intend to participate in The Dawn Spelling Bee Competition which is held every year at both national and international levels. She highlighted the mistakes our non-native students tend to make during the competition and told the teachers how to train their students well for the competition. The attendees were served with useful handouts and other resource materials.

Chairman Executive Committee BoG Visits Lawrence College

The GoC Murree and Chairman Executive Committee Maj General Muhammad Kaleem Asif visited Lawrence College on Thursday, 07 May, 2015. It was his first visit to the College.

The Principal Lawrence College, heads of the three schools and admin departments received the distinguished guest in the Principal’s office, where the GoC was briefed by the Principal about the College. The Principal showed the GoC Murree around the three schools. He was apprised of the ongoing projects in the College.

To say the least, he was impressed with the standards which Lawrence College has maintained.

Support Staff Welfare Fund Established

To fulfill the urgent, much awaited and long felt need, the Principal has established The College Support-Staff Welfare Fund, with effect from 01 May 2015. It’s an exclusive Welfare Fund for the junior support-staff, which includes sanitary workers, dorm & mess bearers, cooks, masalchies, lab attendants, gardeners, peons, security guards, janitors, and drivers. The support-staff, who serve the college very loyally and dedicatedly, usually remain deprived of essential care and human dignity, which at Lawrence College they are catered for since they are the hardest hit due to inflation and other financial constraints. The Welfare Fund is primarily meant to assist the support-staff in their children’s education, medical assistence, marriages of their sons and daughters, and demise of immediate family members.

Translating the adage … ‘Charity begins at home’, into reality, the Principal, all faculty members, and senior Admin Staff, generously donated to this Welfare Fund to initiate this great philanthropic move. They have also volunteered to contribute a handsome amount from their monthly salary intermittently. Like all other college funds, the Support-Staff Welfare Fund will also be strictly monitored and prudently used and will be subject to regular audit. It is the desire and vision of the Principal to turn this Welfare Fund into an Endowment Fund once a respectable amount is raised. A separate account has been opened in National Bank of Pakistan, Account Number 137-7 Ghora Gali Branch, Code-0692. All young and old Gallians may like to contribute generously, for which we extend our sincerest gratitude in anticipation on behalf of The Lawrence College Community.

Gallians Win America's YES-Programme Scholarship

Inculcating the culture of education beyond curriculum, the college leadership has been encouraging students to broaden their horizons to become more dynamic members of the future Gallian Alumni.

Faraz Malik and Haider Ali Sayed were among 108 Pakistani students who won the YES-Programme Scholarship. The Kennedy Lugar ‘Youth Exchange & Study Programme’ awarded scholarships to competitive students from 42 countries this year. The contestants go through a five-and-a-half hours’ rigorous selection test, wherein their Listening & Speaking Skills are tested in the initial round. In the final round, the candidates’ personality, character and general I.Q are probed. The U.S Government bears all education expenses of the successful candidates; including their lodging, food, medical care, and also gives a handsome pocket money every month, during one academic year in America for the Youth Exchange & Study Programme. The students’ pre-departure orientation session will start in June 2015 after which, they will fly to different states of the U.S. to commence their courses.

The Principal Lawrence College and faculty warmly congratulate Faraz Malik, Haider Ali Sayed and their dear parents on this auspicious occasion and wish the two Gallians great success on the course and a happy year ahead in the United States.

Lawrence College Wins Membership of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme

Eternal optimism, novel ideas and resolute will of the Principal, Lawrence College (Brig Retd.) Mujahid Alam, helped add another fine plume to the cap of Lawrence College, for the elevation of this historical seat of learning to its revered historical pedestal. The college saw a new dawn of its renaissance as we officially joined the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme in its Asia Pacific region – one of the four regions. Other regions include Africas, Americas, and Europe & Arab states. The Award Programme is recognized all over the world and presently exists in 113 countries. In Pakistan, it has been operating since 1987. The certificate bears the signature of (HRH) The Duke of Edinburgh. Since 1965, Prince Philip has been supporting and patronizing the Award Programme and its International Secretariat is located in London. The Programme exposes students to in-depth training in multiple Services, Skills Development, Physical Recreation, Expeditions, and a lot more; deemed essential for the modern time students worldwide. Students will be able to go for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels. They will be engaged in training for different time spans, according to the title and requirements of the course. The minimum age requirement for the Bronze Award is 14 years – for Silver Award, 15 years, and for the Gold Award, it’s 16 years.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme aims at producing skilled, confident, self-reliant, caring, and conscious, of good physical and mental health individuals, who will prove greatly helpful to themselves, their families, their educational institutions, their communities and the world at large.

After achieving the Gold Award, our students will be able to travel to attend training workshops and other such events in countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore and Ireland. This is the only programme available in Pakistan that is recognized by the Universities and Colleges Administration (UCAS), UK. It’s heartening to see that nearly 86 Gallians have already been registered in the Programme. We are set to expand the Programme and register students also from class 8th, 9th, and 10th next year so that maximum number of our students could benefit from this useful programme.

The respected Principal is determined to leave no stone unturned in bringing home quality education to Lawrence College and the best resource-persons, experts, technocrats, educationists and other valuable people and programmes to its doorstep so that the future Gallians may step out of this institution as accomplished entities of the highest order – proud to be called the Gallant Gallians.

Lawrence College Library Upgraded to Hi-Tech Norms

Approaching the College Central Library, you see a plaque with Cicero’s quote that reads: “A house without books, is like a body without a soul.” We are greatly conscious of this fact at Lawrence College. And in view of this phenomenon, the worthy Principal has allocated a special budget to bring the library up to the modern standards. In this endeavor, he is being assisted by the veteran librarian, Mr. Naveed Ahmed, who is an adept and a highly motivated professional.

The following measures have so far been taken to give the library a new aura for the convenience of the students and the faculty.

  • An efficient ‘Online Public Access Catalogue’ (OPAC) has been set for students and faculty for easy access even when they are away from the college.
  • A state-of-the-art Information & Resource Centre is already functional, separately inside the library building. This provides ample opportunities to students and faculty for academic research and development. Teachers have been using this center for resource developing and making presentations for students to keep abreast with the world and updated on their respective subjects.
  • The library also facilitates the College Website Office within the library building. The Website Office works on the college website to keep the world updated about events and news of all the three schools.
  • Lawrence College Library, for the first time in its history, has got access to HEC Digital Library that holds more than 50,000 e-books and 25,000 research articles, case studies and conference proceedings. This is over and above a collection of 15,000+ printed books in the library.
  • A computerized book-search system has also been introduced for the students and the staff.
  • Advance book reservation service is now active wherein the system automatically indicates name of the reader who needs the book next.
  • A detailed Bibliographic Service is also active and the readers can have instant information about any book-title, author, publisher, and publication date etc.
  • Selection Dissemination of Information (SDI) for the faculty by exploring newly published books, catalogues of various publishers is also in now.
  • Provision of Reference & Readers’ Advisory Services is active now.
  • Orientation sessions will be held by the College Librarian at the start of every new session for the newly admitted students so they could effectively and comfortably use the college library.
  • Since the library is regularly visited by external visitors, like the British Council, and other such bodies, and old Gallians, the College librarian keeps briefing them all about the library and the College History Museum.
  • A proper and complete record of newspapers, journal and magazines is kept for any future reference and information of staff and students.
  • In the near future (QRC) Quick Respose Code will also be introduced. It’s a matrix barcode readable via smart-phones with cameras. The QR Code typically appears as a small white square with black geometric shapes.
    For the safety and good upkeep of student-cards, lamination machines will be kept in the library in the near future.
  • Another important feature of the library system will be the Detection Security Gates which will help keep books secured and no reader will be able to take a book away without getting it properly issued.

To make the library environment balm and comfortable for the students, central heating system will be installed soon and more furniture will be kept in the library to accommodate more students. Every possible measure is being taken to make the college life and environment conducive for maxim output as we endeavor to produce an excellent generation of future Gallians.

Security of Lawrence College beefed up

The Principal Lawrence College is well cognizant of the fears striking in the minds of the parents who are preparing to send their children back to College after winter vacations. The Principal assures the parents that security has been beefed up in the College in the wake of Peshawar catastrophe. Through this news bulletin, some of the security measures taken by the College administration are shared with the parents as follows:

  • It’s not the Peshawar incident which has jolted this College for taking security measures, but even before this tragic incident, it was the proactive approach of the Principal through which the boundary fence of the College, on an area measuring 1000 kanals, was replaced with the old boundary fence which was in dilapidated condition.

In addition to this, Principal LCGG, with the cooperation of an Old Gallian, Mr Ikram ul-Majeed Sehgal, deployed a company of guards trained by a professional security agency. These guards were deployed in addition to the guards who are regular employees of the College.
Another wise step in this regard was setting up of check posts in the outskirts of the College, adjoining the villages to the wildlife park, because security was vulnerable at these points.

In the aftermath of Peshawar tragedy, the security parameters altogether changed and a list of things to do was also framed by the provincial governments.

The College received the letter from the Governor House which was religiously read by the Principal as well as the GOC Murree, Major General Faheem-ul-Aziz. The GOC and the Principal, within no time, finalized the plan for fool proof security at the College campus.

  • For better surveillance at night, the College is illuminated with newly installed street lights so that CCTV cameras can visibly record the movements even at night.
  • Any non-resident of the College, irrespective of the fact that he is accompanied by a resident of the College, has to submit his/her CNIC at the entrance gate so that the College is aware of its guests for extending hospitality.
  • Taking a stroll inside the College premises has always been a routine matter and even as of today it has not been discouraged but the surveillance has been boosted and a team of informers apprise the Principal on daily basis of all the wanderlust in the College after Maghrib.
  • Mock exercise is the essence of any security measure. Since winter camp is on, and the senior boys are present, therefore, security drills have been practised in order to confront any ugly situation.

All the parents be rest assured that, with all these security measures, Lawrence College is still a heaven on earth which provides congenial and safe environment for all the curricular and co-curricular activities to be undertaken by the students.

We all seek protection from the Almighty.


We are grieved to get the sad news of the demise of Ian Robert Matthews through John Walker’s newsletter. Ian Robert Metthews (Bob), Peake House 1941- 1948, passed away on 27 November 2013 at his home in Rudgwick, Sussex UK. Bob was prefect of Peake House in 1947 and 1948. Mr. John Walker, President OGAB, attended the memorial service which was a wonderful celebration of his life with the flags of the Great Britain and Pakistan flying side by side outside the church. Bob was a close friend of Bashir Ahmed, Head Boy 1948 and is remembered by all his friends with great affection.

The Principal, the faculty, staff and Gallians expressed their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Bob Matthews.

We are grieved to learn the sad news of demise of Helen Brewin. She died on Tuesday 26 February 2014. Helen had the honour of being the last Headgirl at LCGG.

She had the singular honour of hoisting the Pakistan flag in the morning assembly of 14 August 1947 and brought down the Union Jack. Her late husband Mr. Bill Lyons of Wright House had died much before her.

The Principal, the faculty, staff and all Gallians expressed their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Helen Brewin.