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Approaching the College Central Library in Senior School, you see a plaque with Cicero’s quote that reads: “A house without books, is like a body without a soul.” We are greatly conscious of this fact at Lawrence College. And in view of this phenomenon, the worthy Principal has allocated a special budget to bring the library up to the modern standards. In this endeavor, he is being assisted by the veteran librarian, Mr. Naveed Ahmed, who is an adept and a highly motivated professional.

The following measures have so far been taken to give the library a new aura for the convenience of the students and the faculty.

  • An efficient ‘Online Public Access Catalogue’ (OPAC) has been set for students and faculty for easy access even when they are away from the college.
  • A state-of-the-art Information & Resource Centre is already functional, separately inside the library building. This provides ample opportunities to students and faculty for academic research and development. Teachers have been using this center for resource developing and making presentations for students to keep abreast with the world and updated on their respective subjects.
  • The library also facilitates the College Website Office within the library building. The Website Office works on the college website to keep the world updated about events and news of all the three schools.
  • Lawrence College Library, for the first time in its history, has got access to HEC Digital Library that holds more than 50,000 e-books and 25,000 research articles, case studies and conference proceedings. This is over and above a collection of 15,000+ printed books in the library.
  • A computerized book-search system has also been introduced for the students and the staff.
  • Advance book reservation service is now active wherein the system automatically indicates name of the reader who needs the book next.
  • A detailed Bibliographic Service is also active and the readers can have instant information about any book-title, author, publisher, and publication date etc.
  • Selection Dissemination of Information (SDI) for the faculty by exploring newly published books, catalogues of various publishers is also in now.
  • Provision of Reference & Readers’ Advisory Services is active now.
  • Orientation sessions will be held by the College Librarian at the start of every new session for the newly admitted students so they could effectively and comfortably use the college library.
  • Since the library is regularly visited by external visitors, like the British Council, and other such bodies, and old Gallians, the College librarian keeps briefing them all about the library and the College History Museum.
  • A proper and complete record of newspapers, journal and magazines is kept for any future reference and information of staff and students.
  • In the near future (QRC) Quick Respose Code will also be introduced. It’s a matrix barcode readable via smart-phones with cameras. The QR Code typically appears as a small white square with black geometric shapes.
    For the safety and good upkeep of student-cards, lamination machines will be kept in the library in the near future.
  • Another important feature of the library system will be the Detection Security Gates which will help keep books secured and no reader will be able to take a book away without getting it properly issued.

To make the library environment balm and comfortable for the students, central heating system will be installed soon and more furniture will be kept in the library to accommodate more students. Every possible measure is being taken to make the college life and environment conducive for maxim output as we endeavor to produce an excellent generation of future Gallians.