16 Jan Sat Housemasters and staff to report for winter camp
17 Jan Sun Boys of Class 9th, 10th, O-III, 11th and 12th report for winter camp
05 Feb Fri Kashmir Day
18 Feb Thr Staff of three schools to report after winter vacations
20 Feb Sat Teachers Training Programme
03 Mar Thr Matric Part-II Board Exam starts
06 Mar Sun College re-opens after winter holidays, Boys report back
09 Mar Wed New admissions of Prep and Junior Schools arrive
16 Mar Wed Long week end for O-III, XI & XII class
17 Mar Thr International Kangaroo Math Competition (Junior School)
19 Mar Sat Matric Part-I Board Exam starts
20 Mar Sun 8th Class and New Admission of Senior School arrives
21 Mar Mon Football ‘B’ League (Prep School)
23 Mar Wed Pakistan Day
28 Mar Mon Hockey ‘B’ League (Prep School)
03 Apr Sun Visiting
04 Apr Mon Cricket ‘B’ League (Prep School)
05 Apr Tue Space Workshop Tentative (Junior School)
09 Apr Sat Excursion (Junior School)
11 Apr Mon Footbal ‘A’ League (Prep School), Hockey & Football ‘B’ League (Senior School)
15 Apr Fri Qirat Competition (Junior School)
16 Apr Sat Art Extravaganza (Junior School)
18 Apr Mon Hockey ‘A’ League (Prep School)
19 Apr Tue Cricket League (Junior School)
23 Apr Sat Spelling Competition (Junior School)
27 Apr Wed Cricket ‘A’ League (Prep School)
29 Apr Fri Muscle Building Competition Juniors (Senior School)
02 May Mon Squash ‘B’ League (Senior School)
03 May Tue SCF Syndicate Exam starts
07 May Sat Inter Part-II Board Exam starts
09 May Mon 1st Term Exam starts
14 May Sat Boys proceed on term break after paper
15 May Sun 1st Term Break
22 May Sun Boys report back after 1st Term Break
23 May Mon Inter Part-I Board Exam starts (Tentative)
26 May Thr Creative Writing Competition (Junior School)
27 May Fri Athletics (Prep School)
30 May Mon Cricket & Basketball ‘B’ Leagues (Senior School)
01 Jun Wed Quiz Competition (Junior School)
06 Jun Mon Declamation Juniors (Senior School)
07 Jun Tue Handwriting Competition (Junior School)
08 Jun Wed Ramzan starts
10 Jun Fri Story Telling (Junior School)
13 Jun Mon Spoken English Competition Juniors (Senior School)
14 Jun Tue Basketball ‘A+B’ Leagues (Prep School)
15 Jun Wed Urdu Speech Competition (Junior School)
17 Jun Fri Qirat Competition (Senior School)
20 Jun Mon Badminton Competition (Prep School)
23 Jun Thr Football League (Junior School)
25 Jun Sat Qirat Competition (Prep School)
26 Jun Sun Cricket & Hockey ‘A’ Leagues (Senior School)
01 Jul Fri English Speech (Prep School)
02 Jul Sat Eid-ul-Fitr Holidays, Boys leave after classes
07 Jul Thr Eid-ul-Fitr
10 Jul Sun Boys report back after Eid-ul-Fitr holidays
18 Jul Mon Spoken English Competition Seniors (Senior School)
20 Jul Wed Athletics Competition (Senior School)
25 Jul Mon Spelling Competition (Prep School)
27 Jul Wed Sports Day (Tentative)
28 Jul Thr Excursions (Senior School)
29 Jul Fri Camping and Bonfire (Junior School)
01 Aug Mon P.T Competition (Prep School)
04 Aug Thr Declamation Seniors (Senior School)
06 Aug Sat Squash ‘A’ League (Senior School), Spoken English Competition (Prep School)
08 Aug Mon English Speech Competition (Junior School)
12 Aug Fri Mid-Term Exam starts
25 Aug Thr Arts Competition (Junior School)
27 Aug Sat Parents Teachers Meeting
28 Aug Sun All Pakistan Bilingual Competition
29 Aug Mon Football & Basketball ‘A’ Leagues (Senior School)
01 Sep Thr Urdu Speech Prep School
03 Sep Sat Singing & P.T Competition (Junior School)
05 Sep Mon Muscle Building Competition Seniors (Senior School)
06 Sep Tue Defence Day of Pakistan
08 Sep Thr Boys leave for Eid-ul-Azha holidays after classes
12 Sep Mon Eid-ul-Azha
15 Sep Thr Boys report back after Eid-ul-Azha holidays
29 Sep Thr Founder’s Day
03 Oct Mon Handwriting Competition (Prep School)
07 Oct Fri Excursion Junior School
08 Oct Sat Sports Fixture against Abbottabad Public School (Home)
10 Oct Mon Aashura Muharram
15 Oct Sat Sports Fixture against Aitchison College
16 Oct Sun Spelling Bee Competition (Junior School)
24 Oct Mon Annual Photographs (Senior School)
28 Oct Fri Annual Photographs (Prep School)
02 Nov Wed Annual Photographs (Junior School)
07 Nov Mon Thanks Giving Lunch (Senior School)
10 Nov Thr Poetry Reading (Junior School)
12 Nov Sat Golden Lunch (Prep School)
16 Nov Wed Golden Lunch (Junior School)
19 Nov Sat Golden Lunch (Senior School)
20 Nov Sun Admission Test, 2017 for classes (I-VIII)
28 Nov Mon Annual Exam starts
06 Dec Tue End Session Party (Junior School)
08 Dec Thr Term Ends, Boys leave for winter holidays after paper