The House System most probably came into being in 1920’s. The Houses were named after former British Principals and Governors of the Punjab. They were:

  • Peake
  • Dane
  • Walker
  • Godley
  • Wightwick
  • O’  Dwyer
  • Wright
  • Maclagan

Houses are at the very core of boarding school life at Ghora Gali. They provide a sense of belonging and identity. Houses promote a healthy, competitive, cooperative and non adversarial environment, spirit, fair play and respect. They build a foundation of team work. The house colours are a culture.

The house system inculcates in a student a sense of competition and loyalty. Each house is headed by a Housemaster who is assisted by Assistant Housemaster(s), House Bearers and tutors all from the teaching faculty.

Housemasters share responsibility for discipline with the Deputy Headmaster (Boarding & Compliance) and, ultimately, the Headmaster. Clear policies are published on all disciplinary matters, and are enforced firmly but fairly.

There are four houses in the school, illustrated on the right.

is symbolised by the BLUES. It is named after Rev. W.T. Wright, Principal at Lawrence School from 1922 to 1934. It was during his time as a Principal that the name was changed from Lawrence School to Lawrence College in 1927. The House motto is: Unity is Strength.

Wightwick HouseWightwick House
is symbolised by the colours RED and BLACK. It is named after Rev. Wightwick, a Principal at Lawrence School from 1910 to 1921. The House motto is: Serve with Valour.

Walker HouseWalker
is symbolised by the colours GREEN and WHITE. It is named after Rev. W Eyre Walker, a Principal at Lawrence  School from 1921 to 1922. The House motto is: Onward and Upward.

Peake HousePeake House is symbolised by the colours YELLOW and GREEN. It is named after Rev. G.C. Peake, one of the longest serving Principals at Lawrence Royal Military Asylum from 1874 to 1904. The House motto is: Defence Not Defiance.