Major sports at LCGG include Cricket, Football, Hockey, Basketball and Athletics. These sports are an integral part of the Inter-House Competitions leading towards the coveted Quaid e Azam Cock House Shield, as well as the annual sports fixtures with Aitchison College, Army Burn Hall School, Cadet College Hasan Abdal, Abbottabad Public School. Each house has a time to practice on its own for each sports on allocated times and days. The college teams also function with the assistance of the ‘Master in Charge’ of specific sports as well as a coach.


Master in Charge of College Cricket: Mr Rizwan Waheed

The college team functions under the college captain and the coach, as well as under the ever watchful eye of the ‘Master in Charge’ of cricket.

The houses are allocated specific times and days every week at the practice nets during the term. For the houses, the captain of the house team is the primary functionary to assist in the net sessions. The Housemaster is the secondary functionary and helps the captain of the house select the candidates most suited to represent the house team in the Inter-House competitions.


Master in Charge of College Hockey: Mr Haider Zaman Abbasi

Hockey is a popular major sport on a national level as well as in the school. The houses have regular practice sessions and inter-house competitions during the term.

The school teams benefit from the regular coaching sessions that help them play against a competitive circuit which includes Aitchison College, Army Burn Hall School, Cadet College Hasan Abdal and Abbotabad Public School. They benefit from excellent coaching and practice play sessions.


Master in Charge of College Football: Mr Shahid Ahmed Dar

Football is as traditional at LCGG as the history and the buildings. As one of the strenghts of college sports, LCGG prides itself on the way football is coached, played and enjoyed. Gallians are known to win football, basketball and athletics in most fixtures. There are very high profile fixtures throughout the year against sides such as Aitchison College and other prominent boarding schools.

The houses also benefit from the sessions and strengthen their football skills under the watchful eye of the college coach and members of the college team who represent their houses.


Master in Charge of College Athletics: Mr Noor Ghulam

Athletics is one of the five major sports at LCGG. Whilst the School fixtures take place in the Summer Term, the boys are entered into the coaching camps of their respective houses as well as the college teams. The school’s inter-house athletics season is always completed with the Sports Day which is held annually and the winners of cumulative events are awarded the coveted ‘Victor Ludorum’.

Most track and field events are included but more prominent are the 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m and 1500m races, as well as the relay races in 50m, 100m and 200m variants. Long jump and high jump are included in the events. Senior School has three variants of competitions:



Master in Charge of College Basketball: Mr Muhammad Asghar Malik

Playing hard and as a team is what LCGG basketball is all about. The coaching sessions focus on creating offense from defence. It is all about playing as a team and winning as a team. Traditionally, LCGG maintains is superiority in basketball against it’s rival schools. The team members  are provided quality coaching with access to state-of-the-art facilities. Practice sessions are carried out under the watchful eye of the coach, focusing on individual instruction and development at the highest levels.

Inter-House competitions are carried out in the usual scheduled approach.