Senior School caters for students of classes from VIII to XII, including O’ Levels from the Cambridge University. Affiliation and sense of competition on the basis of house system is keener and more dominant here. Each House becomes an institution by itself. Each House is run under the supervision of a housemaster, assistant housemasters and house tutors, providing the boys of the respective houses with a platform for guidance and leadership.

Top pupils in academics and related co-curricular activities are appointed as Prefects and are responsible to translate student related policies of the college authorities into action. The housemaster plays a vital role in polishing, grooming and advising the pupils of his House to bring out the sterling qualities of their character and leadership.

All Houses have dormitories and common rooms. They have their organized excursions and inter house competitions in sports, academics, debates, social activities and plays. The Houses compete for the coveted Quaid e Azam Cock House Shield, which is awarded to the House with distinction in academics and sports.

The administration comprises a headmaster, a deputy headmaster and four housemasters. The faculty comprises about 35 experienced teachers.

The Senior School campus has various resources to make the studies of the students effective and fruitful, enabling them to make the best use of their time.