A Day Out of Junior School: From Movie House to Excitement

A recreational day trip for Junior School boys to Rawalpindi was organized to provide them with an opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun outside the classroom. The day was filled with recreational activities that aimed to create lasting memories.

The Gallians of Junior School started their journey at 9.00 am on October 23, 2023. The first destination of excursion was Odeon Cineplex which is owned by the Old Gallian, Zulfiqar Ali Chatha. He is an active member of Board of Governors. To show gesture of affection to little Gallians, he arranged movie DC League of Super-Pets in his movie theater which boys enjoyed a lot, was free of cost, not only this, to make boys day out memorable and unforgettable, he served them with popcorns and juice. All the custodian staff of Cineplex took special care of each and every individual of the College.

After the movie, next spot of the trip was Jinnah Park where boys had a great amusement and fun. They played games and took swings and enjoyed delicious KFC deal and ice-cream together.

After the sunset, the caravan, full of excitement gained from the one day out experiences, made its way back to the College. This day trip will serve as a long-time lasting memory with fun. The boys returned to the College at 8:00 pm and their hearts and minds enriched by the experiences of the day, ready to share their newfound excitement and fun with their parents and close relatives.

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A Day Out

Students of the Evening Coaching School spent a day full of happy moments filled with cherishable memories and laughter on October 22, 2023, at Joyland & Ayub Park. They enjoyed each moment with a lot of fun, snacks and being together with their friends. We are grateful to the Principal of LCGG for providing all the possible facilities and fun-making activities for the children of the junior staff.

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Prep School: An Excursion Trip to Mushkpuri Top and Mall Road Murree

On the pleasant morning of October 21, 2023, the young Gallians of the Prep School proceeded for an exciting excursion trip to the scenic Mushkpuri Top, followed by a visit to the busy Mall Road. The trip aimed to provide students with an opportunity to explore the natural beauty and cultural aspects of the region while strengthening their bonds and creating lasting memories.

The trip was led by the Headmaster Prep School, Mr Imtiaz Akhtar Ranjha, along with his staff members. The first stage of these 157 young and energetic boys was Donga Gali which was the starting point of the journey.

The young Gallians started a picturesque trek through lush green hills and valleys. The trek offered breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes. Along the way, the boys also interacted with new people from different cities who were also on hiking expeditions.

After a challenging yet rewarding trek of 4 kilometer, the caravan reached the summit of Mushkpuri. The boys enjoyed the stunning panoramic views and their packed edibles. They had a leisurely stay of nearly an hour at the top, taking in the natural beauty and creating memories to cherish. Energized and filled with enthusiasm, Gallians began their descent, returning to Donga Gali where they had a sumptuous lunch to replenish their energy.

In the afternoon, the unbeaten energy sent the young Gallians to the Mall Road, which is known for its lively markets and vibrant atmosphere. Here, they had the opportunity to shop, play video games, and explore the local culture besides enjoying at the various food courts in Murree, relishing local delicacies and appreciating the scenery of the hill station. After Maghrib, the boys and staff reached the College. The trip left a permanent mark on the students’ hearts, enriching their experience and fostering stronger bonds with each other.

The excursion trip to Mushkpuri Top and Mall Road, Murree, was a memorable and enriching experience for the Gallians. It provided students with an opportunity to connect with nature, make new friends, and explore the local culture. The journey also reinforced the sense of community and belonging among the Gallians. Such excursions are vital for their personal and social development, and this trip will undoubtedly be remembered as a beautiful chapter in their school life.

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A Day Out of Prep School Boys at Islamabad: From Ancient Caves to Modern Rides

An educational day trip for Prep School boys to Islamabad was organized to provide them with an opportunity to learn, explore, and have fun outside the classroom. The day was filled with cultural, historical, and recreational activities that aimed to enhance their knowledge, foster teamwork, and create lasting memories.

The young Gallians started their journey at 8.30 am on August 5, 2023.  The destination for the first part of the trip was Shah Allah Ditta, a historical site known for its centuries-old Buddha caves, stepwells, pools and trees. As they explored the area, the boys were exposed to the ancient history of the region, dating back to the Buddhist era. The intricate cave carvings and architecture fascinated the young minds, sparking curiosity and discussions about cultural heritage and history.

After a fulfilling morning of historical exploration, the boys headed to Giga Mall, a popular shopping and entertainment complex in Islamabad. The mall offered a range of exciting activities, from games and rides to a variety of food courts catering to different tastes. The boys indulged in interactive games, thrilling rides, and enjoyed a delicious meal together.

The next destination was Lake View Park, a striking recreational spot offering a blend of natural beauty and educational attractions. First of all, the boys visited the aviary, where they had the chance to observe various bird species up close and learn about their habitats and behaviours. The visit provided valuable insights into ornithology and environmental conservation. The excitement continued and the boys enjoyed motion ride, haunted house, train ride, merry-go-round, horse and camel riding etc.

After the sunset, the caravan made its way back to the College, full of excitement and new knowledge gained from the day’s experiences. This day trip served as a reminder that learning can be fun and engaging and that the world outside the school walls is also rich with opportunities and growth. The boys returned to the College after Isha prayer and their hearts and minds enriched by the experiences of the day, ready to share their newfound knowledge and excitement with the rest of their school-mates.

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Bridging Boundaries: Prep School Boys' Heartwarming Visit to Govt Special Education Centre, Jhika Gali, Murree

The recent visit of the boys from Prep School’s Class 5, 6, and 7 to the Government Special Education Centre in Murree (GSECM) on Thursday, 8 June, 2023, was an amazing experience that fostered empathy, respect, and deepened the understanding of the challenging lives faced by special children.

The purpose of the visit was to strengthen the bond between the two institutes and promote inclusivity. During their visit, the Prep School boys had the opportunity to interact with children who faced various handicaps and offered gifts to them as a gesture of respect, care and goodwill. Since 2014, Lawrence College has established a close relationship with GSECM and we regularly invite their students and staff to our functions. Boys of Senior and Prep Schools also visit GSECM every year.

Upon arrival at the GSECM, the Prep School boys were warmly received by the headmistress, staff and students. The special children, representing different categories of disabilities, were visibly excited and happy to welcome their visitors. The young Gallians presented each child with carefully selected gifts, bought from their own pocket money, symbolizing their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

Interacting with the special children proved to be a transformative experience for the Prep School boys. Witnessing the determination and resilience of these special children in the face of their challenges, the young Gallians were inspired and developed a deep sense of empathy and respect. Through engaging conversations and activities, the Prep School boys learned to appreciate the unique abilities and talents possessed by each child, focusing on their strengths rather than their challenging areas.

During their visit, the young Gallians had the opportunity to learn sign language from the special children who used it as a means of communication. They eagerly embraced this chance to communicate in a different way and gained a new appreciation for the importance of inclusive communication. Additionally, the boys were introduced to Braille, a tactile writing system used by visually impaired individuals, and learned about the challenges faced by the visually impaired and blind persons.

Through interaction and discussions, the Prep School boys gained insight into the various challenges faced by children with different disabilities. They learned about physical disabilities, hearing impairments, intellectual disabilities, and visual impairments. This exposure helped them develop a deeper understanding of the daily obstacles these children encounter and their families, allowing them to dispel misconceptions and stereotypes.

The visit to the GSECM had a profound impact on both the special children and the Prep School boys. The special children felt acknowledged, valued and respected as they received gifts and friendship from the young Gallians. The Prep School boys were touched by the resilience and spirit of the special children, which nurtured their own personal growth and empathy.

The visit of Gallians, alongwith Director of Studies, Mrs Uzma Afzal and faculty members Mr Qaisar Iqbal Bhatti and Mr Shahzada Khurram, to the Government Special Education Centre in Murree was an outstanding experience. The visit fostered a sense of community and collaboration between the two institutes, strengthening the bond and promoting a culture of inclusivity.

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Wightwick House on a Day Out at Joyland Park, Rawalpindi

A day out fosters independence, leadership and communication skills in the students. An exchange of cultural values makes them more flexible personalities. The experience of travel makes them independent individuals and helps establish lifelong values and priorities.

The young Gallians of Wightwick House, Prep School, went on a day out at Joyland and Giga Mall, Rawalpindi, on Sunday November 14, 2021. Being the Champion House for the year-2021, Mr Zubair Majid Rana, the Housemaster Wightwick House, organized this trip.

The boys enjoyed the zigzag of the road and the scenic beauty of different spots. They passed their journey in gossip and music and reached Joyland Park at 11.00 am.

Joyland Rawalpindi is well known for its exciting rides, and Food Street.  Gallians enjoyed thrill rides of Tornado, Discovery, and Capital Eye. Tornado is a merry-go-round on fast-moving baskets that are hung by cables was pretty exciting too. The boys viewed Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Capital Eye which is a huge ferris wheel. In gaming arcade, they played different games.

The boys were overjoyed by the ride of a small roller coaster that rocked back and forth on a track that curved upwards on both sides. They took pleasure in dodging cars and rowing boats also. The peace, calm and serenity of the whole picnic spot impressed the boys.

After spending almost three pleasant hours at Joyland, the young Gallians reached Giga Mall. The unbeatable energy of Gallians sent them to the different floors of Giga Mall for a hang out.  The boys took pleasure in the cool and pleasant evening at the Giga Mall and enjoyed playing video games, motion ride, and edibles in the food courts alongwith shopping.

The day out broaden their horizons of knowledge and confidence. The short trip also helped the boys to face the real-life situations and explore their strengths. They availed every opportunity to strengthen their friendship bonds.  With pleasant memories of the tour, the boys reached the College happily.

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Educational Cum Recreational Trip to Azad Kashmir

Educational and recreational tours play a vital role in training and grooming of the students. They not only provide them an opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of different areas but also help the students know about the people of different regions and their culture. The students also learn how to manage themselves while travelling or staying together, cooperating with each other with the true spirit of teamwork.

It was the morning of 26th of August when Inter 22 arose to prepare them for the departure to Kashmir. After a light breakfast, they all gathered at the main basketball court. After a few safety guidelines by the housemasters, they boarded the coasters and hence began the journey. After a short stop for refreshments at Kohala Bridge, they made their way to Sangam Hotel, Muzaffarabad. They dropped off their luggage and set out for Uri Chakothi Crossing Point. After two hours of drive, they were warmly welcomed by the officers of 640 Mujahid Battalion (Chinar Guards). There they had lunch after which they headed for Uri Chakothi Crossing Point at the LoC. They were briefed by the Battalion’s 2nd in Command Maj. Ishfaq who guided them about the LoC. On the way back, the boys enjoyed at Jaskol Waterfalls for a few minutes. At night, the boys enjoyed a delicious dinner in the lawns of Neelum View Hotel on the bank of River Neelum.

On 27th of August, the boys left for Neelum valley. On the way, they had a visit of the Neelum-Jhelum Hydropower Project C-I where they were briefed by the site engineers. By one-o-clock the contingent reached Keran from there they boarded the jeeps bound to Ratti Gali Lake. It took them three hours to reach the base camp of Ratti Gali Lake. After a hike of one hour the students and teachers came across the mesmerizing view of Ratti Gali Lake. They had a lot of photography there. By seven-o-clock in the evening the contingent reached back to Keran Residency at Keran, where they had to stay for the night.

In the morning of 28th of August they left for Sharda where they were received by the soldiers and officers of 40FF Battalion. The boys visited Sharda Peeth after which they were served lunch by the unit. The lunch was followed by a brief talk by the CO 40FF, Lt. Col. Farooq and a display weapons. In the afternoon, the contingent boarded the jeeps for Kel. From Kel the contingent left for Arang Kel crossing the river in the cable car. By seven-o-clock the contingent reached the Corner Cottage for the night stay. At night after enjoying a scrumptious dinner including the barbecue the contingent took chairs around the fire lit for the bonfire. The boys exhibited a wonderful display of cultural dances and made the night memorable.

Next morning, after the breakfast the boys rushed to the picturesque meadows of Arang Kel. They captured the charming scenes of the nature in their cellphones and then departed for Kel where they were offered lunch by 32 Brigade Headquarters. Prior to the lunch, the boys enjoyed a wonderful display of weapons. Where they had been briefed about the function of different weapons and communication devices. In the evening they reached Sharda Residency at Sharda for the night stay.

On 30th of August the contingent left for Muzzafarabad on the way back they had a short stay at Jagran Waterfalls. They had their lunch at Patehka near Muzzafarabad, where they enjoyed delicious biryani along with traditional local dishes. Reaching Muzzafarabad the boys settled in the guest houses to refresh themselves for the adventures of the last day of the trip.

On 31st of August the contingent left for Pir Chinasi early in the morning. Alighting from the coasters at Pir Chinasi the boys reached the lush green meadows at the top of the meadows after a hike of half an hour. The boys enjoyed the lovely scenes around and took a lot of photos. On the way back to Muzzafarabad, they had their lunch at Saran. At two-o-clock the contingent left Muzzafarabad for Chinar Golf Club Bhurban. The boys had their dinner there and safely reached the college back by 8:30pm.

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Trip to Abbottabad and Islamabad - Prep School

The young Gallians of Prep School went on a two days trip to Abbottabad and Islamabad, on Friday, 11th October, 2019.

The boys enjoyed the snaky road leading from Murree to Ayubia and Nathia Gali. The young boys enjoyed the scenic beauty of both picnic spots. They took pleasure in watching the monkeys playing on the brinks of the road. The boys passed journey in gossip and music. The boys enjoyed a sumptuous lunch at Nathia Gali.

After visiting Ayubia and Nathia Gali, the caravan stayed at Harnoi Water Park, Abbottabad. The boys enjoyed bike riding, boat riding, horse riding, balloon shooting and playing in water. They stayed there till the evening, playing in water and throwing water on each other. The peace, calm and greenery of the whole picnic point impressed the boys a lot.

After spending almost three pleasant hours at Harnoi Water Park, the young Gallians reached Alpine Hotel Abbottabad. After settling down, the boys had a delicious dinner. In the morning on 12th of October, 2019, after breakfast, the caravan headed for Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hassan Abdal. They were briefed about the Gurdwara, its history and the contributions of Sikh preachers. The boys also visited the surrounding park and listened to the legends related to fish in different sacred water pools of Panja Sahib.

By 3pm, the caravan of seven vehicles reached Giga Mall Rawalpindi. The unbeatable energy of Gallians sent them to the different floors of Giga Mall for a hang out.  The boys took pleasure in the cool and pleasant evening at the Giga Mall and enjoyed playing video games, motion ride, and edibles in the food courts including shopping for their near and dear ones.

In the evening, the students had a short stay at the Lake View Park. They enjoyed motion rides, swings, and boating. With pleasant memories of the trip, the boys reached the College at Isha.

Gallians Visit Special Education Centre Murree

Selfless and supportive acts for the suffering humanity leave everlasting impact on the mind and soul. They also make us realize the worth of Allah’s blessings on us. Keeping in view the significance of such activities, we hereby proposed “A Day among Special Children”. 19 students from Intermediate Part-II, accompanied by five faculty members, visited Special Education Centre, Murree. The day spent with those humble and tender creatures had certain objectives like dignity of blessed children, empathy and thankfulness feelings in our students.

Apart from a welfare activity, this visit aimed at certain other assignments regarding their language – report writing, article writing and also diverse topics for their public speaking sessions based on their first-hand information and experience. The activities included distribution of gifts, toys and learning articles; painting and discussion sessions with the students of SEC Murree. It inspired and motivated our students to work with more devotion and honesty to contribute to the nation as healthy and blessed human beings.

We are sure, the belief and contribution in such activities will encourage our students to undertake these activities as a regular feature of our annual activity calendar. In the second phase, we shall invite those kids to LC for various healthy activities (Sports, Art, Music, IT, Iqbal Day, Performing Arts, etc.) and to spend time with us to make them realize that they are as important for the country as other kids around them are.  

May Allah help and support us in our efforts to support the special people among us.

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Young Gallians visit Wild Life Park with WWF Team

The Gallians of Junior School & Prep School visited Wild Life Park Bansara Gali on May 16, 2018. Senior Programme Officer from World Wildlife Fund Islamabad, Mr Hamza Butt, guided the students about the procedure of the activity of watching the birds. Four instructors also accompanied the programme officer for guidance of the students.

The students were given worksheets and were divided into mixed-ability groups of tens. The boys were very enthusiastic about watching the birds, getting and sharing information and having it in black and white.

The boys dispersed into their groups in different parts of the Wild Life Park and completed their task within the given time. The boys enjoyed the activity a lot. The activity also helped them to polish their analytical and coordination skills including strengthening of their friendship bonds.

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Intermediate students attend DAWN Education Expo

Seven students of Intermediate class, accompanied by Mr. Raza ul Haq (HOD Computer) attended, the DAWN Education Expo which was held in Islamabad on Feb. 10, 2018, providing college and university representatives the opportunity to meet some of the brightest students from the country’s most progressive and prestigious schools for one-on-one discussions between college representatives and potential students as well as their parents.

The chance to interact with universities and colleges, their official representatives and alumni, is a key benefit of educational expo. Students spoke about the appeal of getting immediate personalized responses to questions, finding out more about the programs and funding opportunities on offer, and getting an idea of the application process – all reasons to attend in person, rather than just stick to online research.

The Exhibitors included renowned and mainstream higher education institutes from Pakistan, North America and the UK along with the ones emerging in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Northern Cyprus, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey & the UAE.

Senior School explores Swat Valley

Senior School left for Swat Valley on a five days’ trip on 20th of July, 2017. Special thing about this trip was that all the four houses headed for the same destination, so nobody was going to miss his friends in other houses. The contingent left the College gate in the afternoon and after a tiresome journey of nine hours, reached Fizza Ghat at about 12 midnight. After having dinner everybody hurried to go to bed as the next day they had to visit Malam Jabba.

In the morning of 21st of July, the luggage was loaded on the coasters and the vehicles moved to Malam Jabba Resort. It took around four hours to reach there. The students and teachers had a good hike there, enjoying the natural beauty of the resort. Some of the students had ride on the chairlift. At about four in the afternoon, after enjoying packed lunch, the group left for Kalam via Fizza Ghat. After a long travel of eight hours, they reached Kalam.

22nd of July was the day for visit of Mahodand and Saifullah lakes. It was a three hours drive from Kalam in jeeps and the group stopped at a number of attractions on the way including glaciers, waterfalls, etc. The scenes around Mahodand and Saifullah lakes were captivating. Boys enjoyed boating in the Saifullah Lake and did a lot of photography in the picturesque green surroundings.

The next day, 23rd of July was the most adventurous part of the five days trip. Again jeeps had been hired for Kandol Valley. After a journey of two hours, the group reached the base camp for Kandol Lake. The jeeps were parked there and the students and teachers of the four houses made their way to Kandol Lake. It was a test of nerves as well as muscles. It took the group more than three hours to reach the lake. It was a trekking full of adventure as everybody had to cross some stream or glacier on the way to reach the lake. The hiking was tiresome, but the mesmerizing beauty of the lake made the boys forget everything. After a lot of photography, the group started its journey downhill, which was again full of pleasures.   

In the morning of 24th of July, the contingent started back home. On the way back, Gallians stopped at their favourite point, Centaurus in Islamabad,, for one hour. After a long journey of fifteen hours, the group reached the College at about one O’ clock.

The trip was extremely beneficial for everyone as it not only gave them a chance to relax and enjoy, but provided them an opportunity to explore Swat Valley and visit a number of attractive places which they had never seen before.

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Prep School Excursion to Naran

Gallians of Prep School headed for an excursion to Naran after Sports Day on 20th of July, 2017. The boys were anxiously waiting for the day.

On 20th the young tourists reached Alpine Hotel, Abbottobad and enjoyed their dinner and night stay. In the morning, after breakfast, the caravan set off for Balakot when it was drizzling.

The boys visited the shrine of Syed Ahmed Shaheed and Shah Ismail Shaheed on 21st in Balakot and after enjoying lunch, proceeded for Naran on curvy roads, enjoying the beauties of nature around them.

The convoy of eight coaches reached Naran after Maghrib where Millennium Inn Hotel management offered them a pleasant stay. At night, the boys intermingled with crowd in Naran Bazaar. They also purchased gifts for their dear ones.

On the second last day of this four-day excursion, the boys went to Lake Saif-ul-Maluk in jeeps on a highly challenging and partially constructed road. They were fascinated by the enchanting lake which is surrounded by high peaks. There, the boys captured shots and selfies.

The last day of excursion was return journey to college. On their way back, the boys enjoyed a sumptuous lunch at Green Valley Restaurant, Mansehra.

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Excursion trip to Arena and Giga mall

After the sports day function, junior school decided to plan a trip. We went to Rawalpindi for excursion trip to spend some leisure time on 22nd July,2017. We left school at 9:30 sharp. During the journey, children had recreation time together with their friends. The boys were eager to reach Arena and after two-hour journey, we reached Arena at 11:30. We watched the movie Despicable Me 2. It was a 3D movie and worth watching, having some light hearted fun. The children adored the Minions. After the movie they had their favorite meal (Zinger burger, fries, fried chicken and cold drinks). The boys relaxed and also enjoyed their lunch. After having lunch, we moved to Fun city Giga mall. The children took rides and swings and played video games. After spending marvelous time, children took group photo with the team of Fun city and their teachers. The children also got Happy meal by Fun city. At 7 p.m. all the students and teachers boarded in their buses and returned back to school at 9 p.m.  It was a fantabulous trip and the children have delightful memories to share with others.

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Excursion to PC Burban

On April 17th 2017, Junior School students and staff went to PC Burban to attend colorful and striking spring festival. The purpose of spring festival was to promote the culture and heritage of Pakistan.  It was indeed an enjoyable activity for everyone. There were diverse stalls and activities. Boys enjoyed delightsome biryani and yummy ice cream in lunch.

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Visit to Survey of Pakistan

Fifty six boys of Intermediate Class and three faculty members of Pakistan Studies and Social Studies Department visited Survey of Pakistan on 30th of August, 2016. Mr. Asmat, Assistant Director SOP, welcomed the boys and gave an introductory lecture on the mission and objectives of this organization. After this boys were taken to different sections of photogrammetry department. In these sections, staff of the Survey of Pakistan was busy in collecting data from aerial photography. These photos were being used for different surveying purposes.

The boys were told that these surveys play very important role in the planning done by the government of Pakistan. Survey of Pakistan also plays pivotal role for providing sensitive data to the defence and security establishment of Pakistan. The boys were shown the printing of maps on litho printing machines. All the students took keen interest in this section of SOP.

At the end boys were served tea and this tour came to an end by thanking the Director of photogrammetry section for facilitating the students in getting an in-depth understanding of the working of survey of Pakistan. After this boys were hankering for availing the opportunity to visit the Centaurus Mall. They had exhaustive tour of this mall and finally this happy bunch of students left Islamabad for LCGG and landed on the soil of College at about 7.00 p.m.

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Odyssey of Wright House

On 27th July 2016, 48 boys of Wright House, accompanied by Housemaster Mr. Imran Yasir, Mr. Riaz ahmed, Mr. Basharat and PTI Mr. Riaz left the College to explore the beauties of Shogran, Naran, Kaghan and Babusar Top. The group stopped at Abbottabad for the night stay at Horizon Guest House.

The next day, 28 of July, 2016 marked a tiring travel on the convoluted roads along the Kunhar River passing through Mansehra and Balakot. After reaching Shogran at 1.00 pm, the group left for Siri Paya on jeeps. The road made the boys remember a roller coaster ride but the beauty of Siri Paya stunned the Gallians and a never ending session of photography and selfies followed. The night at Shogran was a romantic one with music and.

On 29th of July, the travel to Naran was enjoyable for every second with myriads of waterfalls and lush green forests. The destination Hotel Faraan was reached and another adventurous travel on jeeps to Lake Saif-ul-Malook started. The lake, though very beautiful, was clamorous. After returning back from Lake Saif-ul-Malook, boys visited the Naraan bazaar and enjoyed a lot.

Well the most anticipated day arrived when Team Wright House started its journey to Babusar Top on 30th of July. The top of Babusar presented an unprecedented beauty and the Gallians witnessed the apex beauty of KPK on one side and Gilgit-Baltistan on the other. Some members of the expedition climbed a nearby mountain which was 14,500 feet high, whilst most of them preferred to stay at Babusar Top. The jade like water of Lake Lulusar was enchanting and magical. Rafting in the river Kunhar was a new experience for the boys and all of them participated, but the turbulent river Kunhar left nobody’s clothes dry. After a sumptuous meal at night, Naraan bazaar agains faced the wrath of the Gallian hordes.

The journey back to GG was long and tiring and the Team Wright House reached the College at about 10 pm, on 31st July. Wait, wait, I have missed one thing! Well that is the visit to the Shrine of the great saint; Saint Centaurus. Visit to the Centaurus Mall has the status of a pilgrimage for the Gallians.

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Wightwick House Trip to Naran

I (Malik Asad of Inter, 2017) on 27th July 2016, woke up with the crack of dawn. It wasn’t that pleasant as it was expected. The rain washed away all our plans for the sports day and all our practice went in vain. We planned to leave on trip after the function of our Sports Day, which ended by 1:00pm. Soon after that we, along with our house staff, boarded our coasters and left for Abbottabad.. The first night we spent away from ‘Mini Pakistan’ was at Abbottabad. We had our dinner there and after a quick visit to Jadoon Plaza, we went into beds.

By the next dawn we woke up, had our breakfast and we were on the go. It was straight to Naran; no delays, no hurdles; full of joy and excitement. Finally, after a long journey, dead tired, we reached the place which was going to be our home for the next few days: Hotel Faran. We had our lunch there, and the senior classes rushed off for rafting in River Kunhar. After tearing the waves of Kunhar, we were allowed to roam about Naran Bazar. After strolling for about three hours in the bazaar of Naran, we were called back to the hotel for the dinner. We ate to our heart’s content and went to sleep wondering what the new day would bring us.

The next day we left with zeal and zest to climb-up 13000 feet. It was Babusar-Top. It took us five hours to reach there. The view was spellbinding. Being there for two hours, we left to visit Lulusar Lake. Beside the scenic beauty of Lulusar Lake, we had our lunch. We didn’t stay there for long and by dusk we were back at the hotel. After resting a little while we once again went to map the roads of Naran. Tired and exhausted, we had our dinner at the hotel and we slept soundly.

Our eyes opened the next day, and the jeeps were ready to take us to the Lake saif-ul-Muluk. Staying there for two hours, we left for the hotel, packed our bags, and left for Shogran. Five hours of drive and we were there. We unloaded our luggage at Hotel Green Valley and took our jeeps to visit Paya, a place to be praised.

Then it was Sunday; the last day of our trip. Slow and sluggish, with our faces drooping, we had our breakfast and left for Murree. On our way, we had our lunch at Neelum View Hotel, Muzaffarabad. The clock struck Six and we caught the first glimpse of Mall-Road, where we had our dinner. The beautiful journey ended as we entered the premises of ‘the King of the Public Schools’. Safe and sound with heavy hearts, we shouted three cheers for our house staff and there it ended leaving our souls rejuvenated.

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Walker House Excursion Trip to Naran, Kaghan

On 27th July 2016, right after Annual Sports Day, at 2.30 pm we departed from the college. We had a short stay in Abbottabad and the boys and the staff had lunch. After we continued our journey and reached Shogran at 10.30 p.m. The arrangement of stay was already at Hilltop Restaurant and Hotel.  We were given sumptuous dinner in the lawn. After dinner the boys were tired and straight went to beds.

On 28th of July, we got up early in the morning and offered fajr prayers. After having good breakfast, we had a challenge to reach Makra by hiking and we did it. We again got back to the hotel and had our lunch. Then we moved to Naran. After having supper most of the boys went to beds but a few with teachers visited Naran bazar.

Next day, it was Friday and we all were ready to make for Lake Saiful-ul- Maluk. 23 boys along with Mr. Haider Zaman had trekking to Ansoo Lake  Rest of the boys and staff members who stayed back, enjoyed the serene beauty of Lake Saif-ul- Maluk, The boys shot the surrounding scenes with their mobiles, made selfies, did horse riding and had snow slide and enjoyed a lot.

On 30th of July, after having breakfast, we made for Babusar Top. On the way we stayed at Lulusar Lake. It was a wonderful lake and its water was greenish and cold. Wright House also reached there coming back from Babusar Top. After about one hour’s journey, we reached Babusar Top. We had packed lunch with us. It was too cold to stay outside. We ate our lunch and preferred to stay in the buses. There was great hustle and bustle over there. On the way back to Naran, we did rafting in River Kunhar and that was the happiest moment of our journey.

The last day of our journey, we got up early in the morning and started our journey back to Murree. On the way back, we had our lunch at Abbottabad,. Our next stay was at Khan Pur Dam, where we had a group photo and offered Asr prayers. At Islamabad, they were allowed to spend one hour at the Centaurus Mall. After that, we straight away made for our beautiful place: Lawrence College. Without calling in question, it was wonderful trip and we enjoyed every moment of this trip. Its traces are still fresh in the canvas of our minds.

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Peake House Senior School Explores Neelum Valley

The morning of 27th of July, 2016 wasn’t so pleasing as it was raining cats and dogs. However, due to inclement weather, the prize-giving ceremony was held in the Lawrence Hall in a graceful manner.

Immediate after the Sports Day function, Peake House boarded the three coasters hired for our trip and departed for their destination Sharda. The contingent had a respite at Muzaffarabad where they enjoyed a sumptuous lunch in the lawns of Neelum View Hotel at the bank of the Neelum River.

After the lunch, they were again on the road for 110 kilometers’ journey from Muzaffarabad to Sharda. It was around 11p.m. that we reached Park River Guest House at Sharda. We took our luggage, went to our rooms and changed up. After some time, we had our dinner and then went to bed with great excitement to explore the amazing natural beauty of the Valley the next day.

In the morning of 28th of July, we had our breakfast and, at 10 O’ clock, we were ready for trekking. As we moved on, I remained focused on the beauty around me. It was magical. As we crossed the bridge on the Neelum river, we saw the ruins of Sharda university. After visiting the Sharda University, we again followed the path through the endless coves. On the way, we crossed Kishan Ghati village, and our destination were the Kishan Ghati Caves. After doing a lot of photography in the picturesque landscapes of the area, we started for our guest house.

On 29th July, we experienced the most charming part of the trip. We took our breakfast and were ready for Arang Kel. The housemaster had arranged jeeps for us. We rode the jeeps and after a journey of 16 kilometres on a rough road, we reached Kel. The scene around was just enchanting. The trekking ahead was seriously tough. At last, we reached Arang Kel village. The scenic view around was unbelievable. We had some hiking and had a lot of photography there. After that we moved to the start of Shonter Valley where we had our lunch and then we returned to Sharda.

We woke up next day and were ready to go back; sad but satisfied. We boarded the buses and left Sharda for Muzaffarabad. We reached Muzaffarabad at about 5 O’ clock. We stayed at Neelum View Hotel. It was a very comfortable hotel. After the sunset, we had a round of the city and on our return had a delicious dinner. We enjoyed the night very much.

Next morning we started back for Lawrence College. On our way back, we had a view of the city and did some photography at PC Muzaffarabad. We reached the College gate at around 8:30pm. Although I have seen many good places but this memory will stay imprinted in my mind for the rest of my life. It proved an unforgettable tour for all of us.

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Class O-III Excursion Trip to Lahore

After a year of hard work in academics and other activities, the Principal rewarded the boys of Class O-III with a well-deserved two days trip to Lahore. The class departed for the historic city in the cold morning of 3rd of November, 2015. Fourteen energetic boys were accompanied by their Urdu teacher Mr. Haider Zaman and the football coach Mr. Zahoor Ahmed. After a tiring but enjoyable six hours’ journey via motorway, they reached Sheikhupura, where Ata-ul-Mustafa’s father had graciously invited them for a lunch. After enjoying a sumptuous meal there, the group set off to Wahga Border.

The boys were deeply inspired and felt excited by the amazing parade of the gallant Pakistani soldiers of Punjab Rangers. After observing the wonderful flag-lowering ceremony at Wahga Border, the boys moved to M M Alam Road where they enjoyed dinner at Hardees Restaurant.

On 4th of November, the contingent visited Jinnah Garden and Quaid-e-Azam Library. Next they visited Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Masjid, and finally the great Lahore Fort. They offered fatiha at the tomb of Allama Iqbal before entering the Lahore Fort. During visit of the Lahore Fort, they saw Sheesh Mahal, Nolakha and other remnants of the Mughal Empire. The group enjoyed the evening in the Fortress which is one of the favourite hotspot for Gallians whenever they visit Lahore. There, they did a lot of shopping, had great fun in the Joyland and after that had a delicious dinner at Bundu khanRestaurant.

The next day, on 5th of November, the group left for Murree and reached College back with a bunch of memories in their minds.

The-Prep-School-Boys Days Out at Lahore

In the first phase of their long-awaited trip, in the afternoon of 15th of October 2015, young Gallians of Prep School stayed in the beautiful valley of Kallar Kahar for lunch. The lush-green hilly area with boating lake was soothing the eyes and refreshing the hearts. They enjoyed horse-riding, camel-riding, boating and marry-go-round.

This caravan, headed by Mr. Imtiaz Akhtar Ranjah–the Headmaster Prep School–left Kallar Kahar at 1500 hrs for Lahore via Motorway crossing the Salt Range, rest areas on the Motorway, fields, gardens and reached their destination Ambassador Hotel Lahore at night.

In the second phase of their trip, after having a tasty and reinvigorating breakfast on 16th of October, the six-vehicles-caravan headed for Punjab Rangers Headquarters where formal welcome awaited them. The Gallians were received and honoured with Guard-of-Honour by the Rangers’ personnel.

In their special red shirts and black trousers with red strips, the troops looked really impressive and during the Guard-of-Honour, their every step of parade was a proof of their height of professionalism, substantiating them among the best paramilitary forces of the world.

In a nut shell, the whole scenario was fascinating, eye-catching and it looked as if every body was present in the Romantic Age. The motto of this Rangers’ Battalion is ‘HAR DAM TAYYAR’. The whole event was a symbol of valour, motivation, grace, gallantry, self-confidence and patriotism for the young Gallians.

After saving the fantastic scene of Guard-of-Honour in their memory chips, the young Gallians were received by an old Gallian–DG Rangers, Major General Umar Farooq Burki, who shared his own experiences, with the Headmaster and the boys, about the time when he was in Walker House of the Prep School. He mixed up with the students and had a motivational informal talk with them.

The shields were exchanged from both sides and the Director General Rangers presented Wahga Guardians’ mugs to the members of faculty as a sign of honour. The Rangers’ Caps were also given to the boys as a token of love from the Rangers.

Cutting the long story short, the reception, the Guard-of-Honour, caps, shields, mugs and more than all these – the respect given to the Gallians was unique and the boys were jubilant at such a personable daybreak.

The next stage of the plan was visiting and offering Friday prayers at the Badshahi Masjid and Gallians were on the steps of the Mosque at 1230 hrs with a heart full of sacred sentiments and eyes full of curiosity.

At 1530 hrs, the Prep School contingent was on its way to Wahga Border and a Rangers’ vehicle was carrying that caravan. On reaching the border, the Gallians were warmly received by the Officer-on-Duty as per the instructions of the DG Punjab Rangers.

The Bab-e-Aza’di, was in front of the Gallians and was fuelling the passion of patriotism, liberty, dignity, independence, honour and respect for themselves and for the rest of the nations on the earth. At 1630 hrs, the flag-lowering ceremonystarted in a graceful, dignified manner with a light touch of fun so that the border tensions may be released without compromising on collective-respect and independence.

Wahga Guardians—is the special title given to the battalion, which is responsible for border security and the formal ceremonies of flag hoisting and lowering held daily.

The boys returned to hotel to ‘eat and go’ and the next destination of Gallians, who have unbeatable energy and passion to explore the different shades of life, was Fortress Stadium. They visited the various sections of the Stadium i.e. Fortress Square, Hyper Star, Joy Land, Sinbad, etc.

When the sun of 17th of October rose, the boys were ready to visit the Lahore Zoo. In different groups, the boys watched and discussed a number of aspects of the kingdoms of birds as well as animals. They visited every corner of the zoo and were shooting the birds and animals with their cameras. After a two-hours-round, Gallians made their way towards the Lahore Museum.

At 1230 hrs, the boys were at the entrance of the Lahore Museum with redness on their faces which was revealing their inner feelings to see a wide range of things of the ancient times including their forefathers’.

The sad moments of the whole event started when the chaps were boarding the vehicles to return to the College and the journey started at noon on 18th of October.

The students enjoyed their lunch at Motorway but when the rain started near Salt Range, their moods turned light in heavy shower. When they entered College, it was still drizzling and after dinner they went to beds for a sound sleep with sweet memories.

Gallians explore lush valleys and tranquil dreamy lakes of Northern Areas

At last the much-awaited dawn of 16th of August 2015 came and Gallians of Class 2nd year had a light breakfast to leave for Gilgit-Baltistan. This was the trip they had been longing for long. For the whole last week, they had been collecting their trekking kits. They boarded the coasters with throbbing hearts and left for their first stop- Abbottabad.

The real scenic journey started when they left Abbottabad and curvetting on the curvy road along the Kunhar River, passing through Naran, they assembled from the bowels of the hills to the Babusar Top. On the way, they took a respite at Lulusar Lake and did some photography there. From Babusar Top, driving downhill, they reached Challas where they had dinner at Panorama Hotel. There, a native Gallian had also arranged a refreshing tea for them.

The next morning, after breakfast, they left for Thalichi and passing through Tatta Pani, they reached Astore. There they set their camp and after having their lunch, enjoyed a thrilling polo match at Astore Festival. After attending the Astore Festival, Gallians started their trekking uphill. After a tiring, yet enjoyable hike, they reached the beautiful Rama Lake. After relaxing for some time in the tranquil surrounding of Rama Lake; they started back towards their camp. At night, after having dinner, the boys visited the local bazaar and met the natives. They found that the people there were very nice and the boys specially liked their hospitality.

On 18th of August, the boys boarded the 4x4s and headed towards Chillum Choki. From there, they started their trekking to Shausar Lake. It was a tough hike but the boys showed a lot of courage for this uphill task. After having a lot of fun, they set their camp there. Next morning, after having some group photographs, the contingent departed camp and started trekking to Bara Pani. On the way, there were more spectacular views. They stayed for a while at Kala Pani. Reaching Bara Pani, boys set their camp and had fun in the water. The next morning had frost all around, and with temperature in minus, the boys had to struggle to wash their faces with the really cold water. Then they boarded jeeps for Skardu where they stayed at Concordia Motel. On the way, they had some time to enjoy at Sadpara Sam.

Their next destination was Gilgit. Reaching Gilgit, they shifted themselves into coasters and started off to Hunza where they visited the local market and stayed for the night at Hilltop Hotel. On 22nd of August, the group started moving back. They stopped for some shopping at Gilgit and then left for Naran. On their way back, they once again stopped at Babusar Top and reached Naran at night where a dinner had been arranged in their honour by their class fellow and messing prefect Fahad Abbasi.

On 23rd of August, the group left Naran for Murree. They had their lunch at Nawab’sRestaurant at Abbotabad and reached College back in the evening with a host of golden memories with them.

Excursion Trip to Naran

Twenty two students of Class XI accompanied by three staff members went for an adventure and excursion trip to the picturesque land of Naran Valley. The contingent left for Naran Valley in the morning of 17th of August 2015. The contingent reached Abbottabad at 2 o’clock where they had lunch. After a tiresome journey, they reached Naran at 9 o’clock. There the boys and staff settled in Kunhar View Hotel. After relaxing for sometimes, the students had their dinner.

The next morning, the students left for Saiful Muluk, the lake famous for its captivating beauty and fairy tales. Gallians reached their after an arduous trekking of three hours. Reaching there, everybody felt relieved looking at the scenic beauty of the lake with its glistening pebbles and flowing water. Gallians organized a cleanliness activity also to create awareness among the visitors about importance of clean environment. The visitors appreciated their gesture a lot. After enjoying for a few hours, Gallians started back for Naran in jeeps.

Next day, on 19th of August, Gallians did trekking to Lalazar and enjoyed there till afternoon. Gallians enjoyed horse riding there and as per their tradition, cleaned the resort proving themselves real members of a Green School. After the trekking, they came back to Naran where they boarded the coasters for Shogran after having their lunch. The Contingent reached Shogran at night where their stay had been arranged at Hilltop Hotel.

The next morning, Gallians left for Sari-Paya in jeeps. On the way, they enjoyed the amazing beauty of pine trees and fondling clouds. Gallians enjoyed horse riding and did a lot of photography there. In the afternoon, they came back to Shogran where the coasters were ready to take them back to Naran. On the way back, the contingent had its lunch in the running water of a waterfall at Kewai. They reached back Naran in the evening. At night, they had dinner at Punjab Tikka where the honourable Principal also joined them.

On 21st of August, in the morning, the contingent left for Babusar Top. On the way, the contingent stopped at Lulusar Lake for a few minutes and took some photographs. At around 1 o’clock, the contingent reached 13700 feet high Babusar Top. Gallians took a round of the Top and had some refreshments there. On their way back, Gallians experienced a road block due to heavy rain and land sliding. They were stuck on the way for five hours. At night, Gallians had time to visit Naran Bazar.

22nd of August proved a day full of excitement for Gallians when they went for rafting in the Kunhar River. Everybody enjoyed rafting on the surfing waves of the Kunhar River. After relishing moments of rafting, Gallians went back to Naran and loaded their luggage on the coasters for Abbottabad. They reached Abbottabad at night where they had a sumptuous dinner at Nawab Restaurant and stayed for the night at Alif Laila Guest House.

The next morning, the Contingent left for Lawrence College. On their way back, they had an hour to enjoy at Lake View Park. They reached back College at 4 o’ clock. The trip was full of excitement and adventure. It not only provided the boys an opportunity of visiting beautiful sights but also proved a source of great learning.

Gallians experience paragliding at Army School of Physical Training

Mr. Shahid Ahmed Dar led a group of 33 students and 4 lady teachers who left College on 17th of August 2015  for a five days paragliding course at the Army School of Physical Training (ASPT) Abbottabad. Responding to the Principal’s initiative and motivation, four lady teachers, Ms Samia Ishaq, Ms Nida Khan, Ms Ramla Sheikh and Ms Saba Pervez volunteered to join the course. Reaching there, the group had the initial training.

The next day, everyone learnt the basics and after qualifying the basics, the concerned staff took the members to the second step, i.e., jumping from the ramp. On 19th of August, again the contingent did a lot of practice in the morning and evening session to overcome the shortcomings and to qualify for the Mung (Haripur), the final destination.

On 20th of August, the group left ASPT for Mung, Haripur for the final qualification with high spirit and morale. It was quite humid over there but the students and the lady teachers did the paragliding successfully. It was a busy day for the students. They, very excitedly, once again did the paragliding after the break. On the way back to ASPT, the group was quite happy and satisfied with its performance. The honourable Principal also joined them at ASPT. He appreciated the spirit and zeal of the Lawrence College contingent with which they participated in the course and lived to the College motto `Never Give In`.

On 21st of August, the group witnessed a wonderful show of handgliding, paragliding and self defence techniques. After that, the contingent was taken to gymnasium where a gymnastics show was conducted for them. There, in a simple and graceful ceremony, the participants were awarded wings and certificates.. Mr Shahid Ahmed presented the College souviner to the Commandant ASPT.

After the ceremony, the group left for Thandiani where they enjoyed the sight and had lunch. After having supper in the evening at ASPT, the contingent went to Abbotabad city for shopping.

The next day, the students and staff left ASPT for Murree and reached College safe and sound before sunset.

8th Graders Beat The Heat in Islamabad Hotspots

On 18th of June 2015, the O-2 excursion enthusiasts opted to beat the June-heat, instead of resorting to chill in the Galliat clouds, mist and rain-sprays. The guys boarded buses, and as ever, left the college for Islamabad in a disciplined manner. On the first leg of the visit, they arrived at F-9 Amusement Park. Games, food, rides and then the swimming pool: the boys didn’t waste a minute and enjoyed to the full. Swimming in the fresh pool water has always been an exciting activity for the Galllians. The boys’ second stop was the glamorous Centurus Mall, where lights of life keep twinkling for the youth, day & night. Shopping, food and group-selfies are inevitable at Centaurus, which they always enjoy a lot. On the last leg of the visit, they touched upon the serene Lake-View Park and there too, they enjoyed everything: from boating to photography, from unique birds to yummy snacks and drinks. The most heartening thing to see was our boys’ exemplary discipline throughout their hangouts. This testifies that our new Gallians have learnt the importance of manners and good living from the vision of the Principal and their teachers which we prize at Lawrence College.

Prep School Excursion Trip to Army Museum, AFIRM and Lake View Park

Prep School visited Army Museum Rawalpindi on Thursday, 4th June, 2015. This was an informative visit which provided them a short history of Pak Army. The students were also briefed about different corps, paramilitary troops, weapons and Indo-Pak wars. Visit to AFIRM gave them the grey picture of life. It also helped them understand the realities of life and sacrificing even their lives for the sake of their country. Gallians went to Lake View Park after coming back from AFIRM. In the park, they enjoyed a lot. So the excursion trip was not only an informative visit but also an entertaining activity.

Camping and Bonfire (Junior School)

Rekindling the spirit of connecting with nature and having some adventure, Junior School Boys and staff took up the camping adventure from 20th May to 23rd May 2015. It was day time camping event. Boys were accompanied by their House staff and teachers in class wise groups. It was a wonderful activity and boys learned many life skills such as team work, collaboration, caring and leadership.

Rescue 1122 joined the group on the first day and demonstrated how to respond to various kinds of emergencies. They also gave hands on experience to the house staff for cases of choking, breathing issues, natural disasters and talked about the latest trends in emergency care. Boys had different activities like bird watching, hiking, water games, treasures hunt, scavenger hunt, navigation skill, group work, parcel games, tug of war etc. They were also taught the skill of tying different scouting knots, pitching a tent, making use of naturally available resources for survival in the natural environment. Boys made creative models of useful objects using wooden sticks and ropes. They participated in every activity with high level of energy and focus.

Headmistress accompanied all the classes to the campsite every day and encouraged the staff and boys not to spoil the natural environment and leave the site clean and tidy every day. Being a ‘Green School’, students remained very careful in making their actions ecofriendly. Principal and Director of Studies also visited the camps almost every day and enjoyed the activities.

Camping is incomplete without a bonfire so a bonfire was held on 26th May in the school field after the camping was over. The event was one of a kind as it is not a regular feature in our annual calendar and has been held in the school after a long time. Each camping group performed during the event under the guidance of their teachers. The prep school field echoed with the cheerful voices of excited and overjoyed children who were dressed up in costumes dancing and singing songs and poems. They had a Bar-B-Q dinner around the bonfire. In order to appreciate the hard work of students and staff, Headmistress Junior School thanked everyone and announced the distribution of certificates of appreciation for outstanding students and staff for their active participation in Camping. Group certificates to all the classes were also given. Class-1 was awarded as the most colorful and creative group. Class-2 was awarded as the most well-mannered and organized group. Class-3 as the most active and enthusiastic group and Class-4 was awarded as the most well planned and spirited group. The chief guest of the occasion was Vice Principal Mr. Muhammad Arshad Iqbal Chaudhry who appreciated the boys and staff of Junior School for organizing such a useful activity. He was accompanied by Mr. Atta-ul-Rehman Deputy HMSS, HMPS, DoS and RMO as special guests.

ANF Youth Convention

Principal Lawrence College realizing the fact that the outgoing Intermediate Class is moving out of the protected environment of LCGG, arranged a visit for sensitizing them on the misuse of drugs and narcotics so that they do not fall prey to this menace in their vulnerable teens. This concern of the Principal for passing out Gallians would make them feel that once a Gallian, always a Gallian.

The ANF Convention was held on 16th April, 2015 in the Topi Rakh Auditorium, Ayub Park, Rawalpindi. Twenty five Gallians, accompanied by Director of Studies and seven faculty members, participated in the event. The proceedings of the convention started with recitation from the Holy Quran. Brig.Ramzan Gill, DG North Directorate ANF, welcomed the participants. In his welcome address, he narrated shocking stories of drug addicts who had ruined their lives. He narrated the incidents where the whole of drug addicts’ families suffered due to one person falling prey to drugs.

Renowned columnist and host of talk show Kal Tak, Javed Chaudhry expressed his views on the role of media and its effectiveness in transforming our society. He explained the mechanism of media and its limitations due to economic constraints. A distinguished cardiologist highlighted the relationship between drugs and heart diseases. He exhorted the audience to take part in healthy activities to keep them fit. Mr. Collie Brown represented UNODC in the convention. He lauded the efforts of ANF in curbing the menace of drugs.

Two Gallians, Abdul Rehman Faridi (Walker House) and Muhammad Usman Khan (Prefect Wightwick House) were chosen as ANF Youth Ambassadors. They were conferred with certificates and cash from ANF.

The chief guest of this convention was Major General Khawar Hanif, DG Anti Narcotics Force. The Chief Guest presented interesting statistics in his concluding address. He assured his full co-operation in the efforts to overcome the problem of drug trafficking. He emphasized the role of youth ambassadors in controlling the proliferation of drugs in our society. He appreciated the initiative of Lawrence College for participation in the convention.

The convention ended with a sumptuous lunch hosted by ANF

Class VIII Visits Mushkpuri Top

School excursions and school study tours enhance students’ learning by providing the opportunities for students to participate in activities outside the normal school routine. The Principal Lawrence College has always been very keen to facilitate the staff and students for such excursions with an aim to maximize students’ learning experiences. Just a week before start of the First-Term Examination, a contingent of 74 Gallians of Class VIII had a hiking and trekking trip to Mushkpuri Top, the second highest hill of Galliat, on April 26, 2014.

After an early breakfast in the Sunday morning, the jubilant Gallians set out for the excursion to Mushkpuri Top. The first part of the journey was covered in the College buses which dropped the boys at Donga Gali. From there, the trekking started. The way to the top presented picturesque beauty with eye-catching greenery and colourful flowers. Reaching the top, everybody was amazed to see the arresting greens. The boys forgot their weariness after experiencing such wonderful colours of nature and the place seemed out of this world. The boys had some rest in the tranquil atmosphere of Mushkpuri. On their way back, boys had their lunch at Donga Gali.

The enlivened Gallians had their next stop at Ayubia where they enjoyed for half an hour. This wonderful trip ended with Gallians’ arrival at the College before sunset.

Gallians Visit PMA Kakul

It has always been a fantastic experience for the Gallians to visit PMA Kakul every year and observe parade by the exuberant cadets of PMA on different occasions. The first-rate turn out and parade of the peerless cadets has been monumental. This year also, 18 Gallians, accompanied by two staff members, visited PMA to observe the Commandant’s Parade on 16th of April, 2014.

Gallians left Lawrence College for Abbottabad at 5 in the morning as they had to reach PMA before eight o’ clock. The contingent reached PMA well in time where they were warmly received by officers and staff of the Academy. The parade was breathtaking and the spectators enjoyed every moment of it.

After observing the parade, the Gallians visited Army School of Physical Training where they were briefed about different courses organized by the School. The exhilarated Gallians reached back in the evening with enchanting memories of the trip.