Training at LUMS

Learning is an ongoing, lifelong journey that persists until the end of one’s life. Whether in the professional realm or the personal sphere, the acquisition of knowledge is a constant. For professionals, the importance of training and refresher courses cannot be overstated, as they play a pivotal role in keeping individuals abreast of modern technologies and techniques. These educational interventions are essential for fostering growth mindsets, underscoring the undeniable significance of attending training sessions and engaging with diverse perspectives.

At Lawrence College, the recognition of the profound impact of training is ingrained in the institution’s ethos. Embracing the belief that learning is a continuous process, the College places a high value on providing opportunities for its community to enhance their skills and knowledge. Through targeted training initiatives, Lawrence College aims to empower individuals to navigate the evolving landscape of knowledge, ensuring they remain competitive and adaptable in their respective fields.

By emphasizing the importance of training, Lawrence College demonstrates its commitment to cultivating a dynamic and forward-thinking community. In doing so, the institution not only enriches the professional lives of its members but also contributes to the development of individuals with a holistic and resilient approach to lifelong learning.

This time, our esteemed teaching staff participated in various training sessions at LUMS during June, July, and November 2023. Mr. Khurram P.S., Mr. Zulfiqar Sajjad S.S., and Mrs. Samia Ishaq J.S. actively engaged in a workshop focused on leading mixed-ability classrooms, addressing the pressing need for educators to adeptly manage diverse student abilities.

Mr. Moazzam Khan P.S., Mr. Amjad Mahmood S.S., and Mrs. Ayesha Gul J.S. dedicated their time to a workshop on classroom management, a pivotal subject for effective facilitation. Meanwhile, Mr Masood ul Hasnain P.S. and Miss Saba Pervaiz J.S. delved into a session aimed at exploring and implementing effective classroom management strategies. Mr. Zeeshan P.S., Mr. Usman Ghane S.S., and Miss Kiran Shahzadi J.S. attended a session on 21st-century skills, which enhanced their skills, aligning them with the demands of the future.

In a separate initiative, Mr. Arif Khan P.S., Mr Riaz Ahmad S.S., Mr Zulfiqar Sajjad S.S., and Mrs. Azra Saeed J.S. attended a workshop focusing on innovative teaching strategies in Urdu. We firmly believe that these learning opportunities will empower our teachers with contemporary methods, thereby leading to noticeable positive changes in our students. As our educators continue to refine their skills, we are optimistic about the transformative impact on the educational experience of our children.

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