This is the place that every boy dreads. The injections, the irony of being away from friends and the loneliness it brings is unbearable, but it is nonetheless that essential place where health is monitored and ailments cured.

The 24 bed (3 wards) school hospital is staffed by qualified doctor and paramedics (including 2 sisters, 1 medical assistant and 2 dispensers) for boys and faculty alike if they need help and up-to-date health care.  The boys can be monitored more closely at the hospital if need be.

The local medical centers cater for each school’s requirements for general illnesses and light sports injuries. The school hospital is only for emergencies that need immediate medical care.

The medical team offers vaccination clinics and health education bootcamps. A constant health monitoring system is in place to ensure that the boys and faculty receive the best medical attention and advice at all times.