A museum brings people to the objects, relics, manuscript and artifacts on display, intending to provide important information about the past and how civilization changes from one time period to another. 

A museum engages its visitors to have an insight of historical events and foster deeper understanding of civilizational and cultural diversity and transition, making connections of the past and present generation.

The LCGG Museum, established in 2017, has been updated in November 2020, is one such effort to keep the youth connected to our legacy and history. With its splendid displays of range of group photos, photo albums, old handicrafts, older record of registers, planners, medical equipment, newsletters, magazines, telephone exchange and many other archives, it takes the visitors down the memory lane.  The museum also exhibits different handmade tools, logos and models made by the students in the past. It is located on a beautiful and distinct place in the campus glorifying the LCGG heritage. 

We are highly obliged to  Mr. Saleem Asghar  Ali (Bahrain) Wright House 1961-1964, an old Gallian who has donated a handsome amount for updating the Museum. Such great names have always been a source of motivation for the rest of the Gallians to contribute for their alma mater.