Iqbal Day

Lawrence College paid tribute to the visionary poet-philosopher on the occasion of his birthday. Senior School revived the essence of Iqbal’s thought in their discussions and documentaries shown in different classes. They discussed that Iqbal is not just a name but an ideology, which sprouted the initial hope of an independent land for Muslims of the Sub-continent in the form of Pakistan. We should draw inspiration from Iqbal’s Shaheen that stands for courage, purity of soul and noble character, devotion and dedication, endeavours and endurance to become responsible members of society infused with the attributes of a devout Muslim.

Principal Lawrence College has always endeavoured to familiarize the students with the message and philosophy of Iqbal. It is evident in the form of Bazm-e-Iqbal, Gosha-e-Iqbal, Iqbal Gallery and Qandeel-e-Iqbal (A course on Iqbal).

Defence Day, 2020

Defence Day, 6th of September, has great importance in our lives and we observe it nationally to pay homage and respect to all the Shuhada of Pakistan including Army personnel, security agencies, civilians or policemen, who laid their lives in defence of their motherland. All of them are equally respectable for us. We must remember them and their sacrifice which enabled us to lead an independent and honourable life.

This year, Defence Day was observed in the form of online interactive sessions. The purpose of discussion was not only to recall the day of September 06, 1965 but also to emphasize upon Quaid’s Motto ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’. Students from all the three schools actively participated in the discussion. Documentaries relating to the day were shown to the students narrating unmatched stories of gallantry written by our war heroes which are a constant source of inspiration for our young generation. Highlighting some brave sons of soil for motivation of students was also part of discussion.

The most important thing for us is that we need to overcome our individual and collective weaknesses, including racial and sectarian biases, and have to strengthen ourselves with the power of knowledge. Only this way can we stand with our head high in the comity of nations.

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Senior School Celebrates Independence Day Virtually

Gallians always celebrate the Independence Day with traditional spirit every year decorating their campus with flags, lights, posters, banners and balloons. Special assemblies and ceremonies were conducted to commemorate the struggle of the heroes of Pakistan Movement. This year, due to pandemic of Covid-19, the schools have been closed so the celebrations were conducted through online sessions of different classes. Faculty members of English, Urdu and Pakistan Studies Department coordinated the online functions of their respective classes.

The celebrations in separate sessions of all the classes started with recitation from the Holy Quran. It was followed by speeches in Urdu and English, national songs, documentaries, quiz competitions and other presentations. The students participated in these sessions enthusiastically. They also shared their pictures and videos showing their participation in the Independence Day celebrations from their home towns.

The Principal also visited different online sessions. He expressed his thanks and pleasure for celebrating 14th of August in a unique manner.

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Prep School Celebrates Independence Day

Independence Day was observed by the young Gallians of Prep School with national zest and zeal on Friday, 14th August, 2020.  The Chief Guest of the Independence Day celebrations was Principal Lawrence College Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam.

The online celebrations were anchored by Mr Waqas Nawaz. The session started formally with recitation from the Holy Quran. The first half of the celebrations consisted of English and Urdu speeches, national songs and short videos depicting national spirit of the Gallians. The boys paid homage to the founding fathers of Pakistan. They promised to work hard for the peace and prosperity of this sweet land.

In the second half of the Independence Day ceremony, art work of the young Gallians was shared online followed by documentaries. The boys showed their great love and respect for their homeland in ‘Shukria Pakistan Poster Making Activity’.

The documentary about Pakistan highlighted fascinating beauty of nature in different areas of our dear country. The documentary about Lawrence College titled ‘Josh-e-Janoon’ manifested the serenity and eye-catching beauty of our pine-rich campus at the foothills of Himalaya.

Principal Lawrence College also joined the online celebrations and appreciated the passion of the young Gallians. In the end, Mr Imtiaz Akhtar Ranjha, the Headmaster Prep School, acknowledged efforts of the concerned faculty members, staff and students for arranging such a dignified ceremony during Covid-19. The online function concluded with national anthem.

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Junior School Celebrates Independence Day

August 14 is the birthday of the independent and sovereign state of Pakistan. Pakistan marked her 73rd Independence Day with traditional excitement and national spirit.  Like previous years, this year too, young Gallians of Junior School celebrated Independence Day with great verve and enthusiasm through online conferences. Every class started the day with recitation from the Holy Quran. Students showed their patriotism by participating in different activities like national songs, poster making, interviews and speeches. They performed in a befitting manner which was commendable and laudable.  The great contribution of Muslim leaders was highlighted by sharing their struggles in creation of a separate homeland for Muslims, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s speech on 14th August, 1947 and national songs. Celebrations of all classes concluded with national anthem.

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Kashmir Solidarity Day

Lawrence College celebrated Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th of February, 2020. On this day, we intend to convey a strong message to the world community that every passing second of the curfew clock is adding to the sufferings of Kashmiris and at the same time it is bringing them close to their destination of independence and right of self-determination.

The day started with recitation from the Holy Quran and its translation by Talha Shoaib and Muhammad Bin Kashif Mirza from Class IX. Haithem Bin Sohail from Class XII threw light upon Kashmir issue and renewed the pledge, on behalf of the students, that they would stand by their Kashmiri brethren. Mr. Ahmadyar from Pakistan Studies Department, Mrs. Zareena Yousaf from Urdu Department and Mr. Basharat Hussain (HoD Pakistan Studies Department) dilated upon the historical background of the Kashmir issue and talked about the sufferings that the Kashmiri nation is going through.

The Principal, talking to the staff and students, said, “We all have gathered here to pay tribute to all the Ghazis who contributed in their brave struggle and all the Shuhada who gave their lives for freedom of Kashmir. At the same time, we must acknowledge and honour all the Kashmiri in the Indian-held Kashmir; the men, the women, the old people and the children who continue to face the brutality and troubles so bravely. It is something that we and entire World must acknowledge and also pay attention and that is what we are here for.

The next thing is that you have heard about the historical background of the Kashmir issue and the principle, legal, moral and ethical stance of Kashmiris and Pakistanis on this issue is absolutely correct and they should always uphold this principle and right. We should never show any weakness in that. We should never waiver from our stance at any national or international forum. But having said this, I would come to something more profound and more important for all of you to think about and reflect. Every year, we observe this day through different seminars, conferences and taking out processions, etc. The point of introspection is whether doing all this is enough to help Kashmiris get freedom or we need something radically different. The fact is that no nation in the world History was presented freedom in a plate. Any nation that got freedom, they got it with their wisdom, intelligence and then their strength, and not just through lectures or conferences. We need to know that the United Nations is not a potent, fair or just organization and they would never take a stand on this issue. The curfew in Jammu and Kasmir has prolonged for six months but the OIC could not call its meeting on the issue. This is the condition of the Unity in the Muslim Ummah. Many Muslim countries have supported the American Peace Plan regarding Palestine. In our own country, the political forces are not united on the national issues including economy, international politics and our interior policies. I am saying this because we need to carry out a hard introspection to know what we actually need to do so that the international community would pay heed to what we claim about Kashmir or other issues. We need to strengthen ourselves and if we succeed in it, the whole World will listen to us. Giving example of China, he said that we need to learn wisdom and intelligence from China. They had many international territorial issues, but they did not take them up until they became world power. They focused on their progress and development until they reached a state where the world community has no choice but to agree with them. Following their strategy, we also need to progress in science, technology and other fields. That is the only way through which we can earn a position of respect for our nation in the comity of nations.”

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