Prep and Junior Schools: Zuhrana-e-Tashakur (Thanksgiving Lunch) - 2023

Prep and Junior Schools’ Zuhrana-e-Tashakur (Thanksgiving Lunch) on Monday 6 November, 2023, was a celebration of gratitude and togetherness. This special event was a way for the young Gallians to show their deep appreciation for the diligent support staff. The gathering took place in the Prep School Dining Hall.

In attendance were the dedicated individuals who keep our schools running smoothly – the janitors, peons, gardeners, mess and dormitory attendants, sanitary caretakers, runners, drivers, carpenters, matrons, aayas, security staff, and all those who work tirelessly behind the scenes to create an ideal learning environment.

The Principal Lawrence College, Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd), graced the occasion, and reinforced his commitment to the well-being of the support staff. This event showcased his visionary leadership and dedication to promote conducive atmosphere within the institution. The students of the Junior and Prep Schools took it upon themselves to serve the support staff with warmth and dignity.

This significant occasion deeply touched the hearts of the support staff, filling them with joy and honour. They enjoyed a delightful feast, experiencing a variety of delicious dishes and desserts. The Principal expressed his sincere appreciation for the junior staff’s unwavering dedication.

Additionally, Mrs. Nasreen Iqbal, the Executive Director of Grammar School Rawalpindi, who was present at the occasion, commended tireless efforts of the Junior staff, highlighting how their dedication played a crucial role in maintaining the College’s pristine and well-kept environment. Mrs. Iqbal’s words of appreciation making the occasion even more memorable.

Through this ceremony, the College imparted a thoughtful lesson to the young Gallians – the importance of noble human values. It shows that the College goes beyond tradition, emphasizing inclusivity and nurturing a true sense of community. This, indeed, is the essence of education that Gallians will cherish and embody throughout their lives.

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Zuhrana-e-Tashakur (Thanksgiving Lunch), 2023

In a remarkable display of gratitude and unity, the hallowed halls of Lawrence College bore witness to an extraordinary Thanksgiving Lunch on the 1st of November, 2023. This grand event was a profound gesture, a testament to our appreciation for the dedicated support staff.

The event was organized by the Intermediate Class under the guidance of the Vice Principal/Headmaster and the Housemasters.  The lunch was held in the Senior School Hall.

Present on the occasion, were the Senior School janitors, peons, gardeners, mess and dormitory attendants, sanitary caretakers, runners, drivers, security sentinels, and all the unheralded attendants who toil tirelessly to create an environment conducive to learning.

Our principal graced the occasion with his presence. His personal attention to the comfort and well-being of our cherished support staff was a testament to his visionary leadership and commitment to fostering an inclusive and harmonious atmosphere within our institution.

The students of the Inter 2023-24 class, along with   prefects, undertook the noble task of serving the support staff with warm smiles and an empathetic attitude. Their actions breathed life into the principal’s philosophy of humanism and goodwill, turning it into an inspiring reality.

This momentous day left an indelible mark on our support staff, filling their hearts with joy, respect, and a sense of fulfilment that remains an unfulfilled dream for many underprivileged workers across the globe.

The support staff were treated to a symphony of flavours – an experience of fine cuisine and delectable desserts. In a touching moment, our principal expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the junior staff for their unwavering dedication and expressed hope for their continued commitment in the years to come. 

Through this historic ceremony, our principal imparted a profound lesson to our students – the importance of noble human values that seamlessly align with our Islamic heritage. He demonstrated that our administrative approach transcends convention, embracing inclusivity and fostering a natural sense of community. Education at Lawrence College is not a privilege for the select few; it extends its benevolent arms to train and nurture all who contribute to our educational tapestry. This, indeed, is the essence of education that our students will cherish and embody throughout their lives.

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Founders' Day, 2023

We are delighted to share the highlights of our 163rd Founders’ Day, which took place in Jamali Stadium on September 28, 2023. This grand event showcased the exceptional talent of our young Gallians and received tremendous appreciation from our esteemed guests.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was GOC 12 Division, Major General Muhammad Irfan.

A large number of guests, including revered Old Gallians and proud parents, graced this auspicious occasion with their presence. The event was marked by captivating spectacles, including a majestic march past, awe-inspiring PT display, breathtaking gymnastics, and precision archery.

The Principal, Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd), presented the Annual Report of the College. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Chief Guest and other guests for gracing the occasion. He reaffirmed our commitment to nurturing and training our students for a promising future.

During his address, the Chief Guest congratulated all the houses for their commendable performances, with special recognition for Walker House on winning the Cock House Shield and Peake House as Runners-up. He also stressed the importance of understanding and following the College motto. Furthermore, he commended the efforts of the College management, faculty, and students for their significant contribution to various aspects of the College life.

The event concluded with a delightful spread of refreshments for our honoured guests.

Prior to the Founders’ Day, the College hosted a three-day Annual Performing Arts Show. Dr.Najeeba Arif, Chairperson Pakistan Academy of Letters, was the Chief Guest of the show.

It showcased a spectacular array of talents, including mesmerizing songs, captivating dances, and riveting English and Urdu plays. The students of all three schools poured their heart and soul into making this a truly spectacular and unforgettable activity.

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Defence Day, 2023

The commemoration of Pakistan’s Defence Day at Lawrence was a vivid illustration of unwavering patriotism and enthusiasm. Gathered at Yadgar-e-Shuhada in the morning of September 6th. Students and faculty from three schools stood together in unity. Principal LCGG, accompanied by the Head Boy of the College, on his own behalf, on behalf of the faculty, Gallians and old Gallians, laid wreath at Yadgar-e-Shuhada. The resonance of “Naara-e-Pakistan” echoed; a heartfelt expression of love for our cherished homeland.

After the wreath-laying, the function started with recitation from the Holy Quran by M. Abu Bakar from Class XI and translation by M. Usman from Class lX. The ceremony was conducted by Abdullah Shams Abbasi, Prefect Peake House.

In an address brimming with poignant sentiment, the Principal paid heartfelt tribute to the martyrs. These selfless individuals had made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of their motherland. He implored the assembly to observe one minute’s silence, a profound gesture of respect to the Shuhada. The Principal highlighted the importance of preserving the memory of their sacrifices, emphasizing that this day serves as a poignant reminder and a solemn recommitment to our sacred Pakistan. Quoting Napoleon, he evoked the notion that the boundaries of a nation’s greatness are etched in the graves of its martyrs and soldiers. These brave Shuhada, he asserted, are the stalwarts of our safety and protection. It was a day of introspection, a day for collective identification of weaknesses and a resolute commitment to rectify them.

He extended his tribute not just to Gallians but to all who had made the ultimate sacrifice, transcending the boundaries of caste, region, and religion. In the spirit of inclusivity, the Principal acknowledged the sacrifices of the people of occupied Kashmir, the valiant Kashmiri leaders who dedicated their lives to the cause of Kashmir’s freedom and displayed profound love for Pakistan.

The ceremony reached its poignant conclusion with a du’a, an earnest prayer for the protection and prosperity of Pakistan. This prayer, offered by Hafiz Atta-ur-Rehman, the Khateeb of the Senior School Mosque, resonated deeply with all present. As the strains of the national anthem filled the air, the gathering dispersed, their hearts rekindled with a profound sense of commitment and gratitude for the sacrifices of the Shuhada and a renewed and enduring love for their cherished homeland, Pakistan.

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Independence Day, 2023

Every year, Lawrence College celebrates Independence Day with great enthusiasm and traditional spirit of patriotism. This year was no different as all students were eager to take part in the festivities.

The function started with the arrival of the Principal to the Senior School lawn. The celebrations began with a joint assembly of the three schools. The national flag was hoisted, Naa’ra e Pakistan was raised and dua was offered for the progress and prosperity of the country.

During his address, the Principal emphasized the significance of the day, highlighting the preciousness of freedom. He expressed gratitude towards the founding figures of the Pakistan Movement, starting from Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his companions, as well as the common people who made sacrifices for the nation’s freedom. He urged everyone to acknowledge this gift without hesitation. The Principal also praised Mr. Jinnah’s integrity and character, acknowledged even by his political opponents. The Principal reminded all to embrace the contemplative spirit of the day; a call to collective introspection. As the echoes of his words linger, they paint an indelible picture of a day not just of celebration but of remembrance, gratitude, and profound self-discovery.

After the flag hoisting in the lawn, the students and staff proceeded to Hamid Hall for the main function. The event commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran by Umar Roshan from Class XI, followed by its translation by Abdul Rahman from Class X. Umer Maqsood from Class XI delivered a speech emphasizing the sacrifices and struggle of our forefathers in the creation of Pakistan.

The ceremony’s esteemed chief guest was Mr. Mohammad Mohsin Nawaz, a Pakistani FM RJ, Motivational Speaker, Radio, and TV Celebrity. Despite being afflicted with polio at the age of 2 and losing his eyesight at 13, he has become a role model for individuals with special needs and a global inspiration. He holds a prominent position as a mentor among physically challenged people in Pakistan and has been honoured with the Chairmanship of the Voice Society.

Mr. Mohsin Nawaz was the perfect choice as the chief guest and his speech revolved around the inaugural announcement of Pakistan’s existence on August 14th over the radio. He touched on the sacrifices and the indomitable spirit of the people of the Subcontinent that led to the nation’s establishment. Additionally, he shared his personal success story, underscoring his diligent efforts and unwavering determination. He motivated students to cultivate qualities like leadership, empathy, hard work, resilience, communication, and discipline. He particularly emphasized inculcating the quality of gratitude and gratefulness towards Allah for all his blessings.

He humbly attributed his achievements to Allah’s kindness and blessings, advising students to always pray and seek guidance from Him. Students also posed relevant questions to the guest speaker, and he responded patiently.

 In the end, the principal expressed gratitude to the chief guest and encouraged students to seek guidance from Moshin Nawaz on how he triumphed over the challenges of life, despite being affected by polio and losing his eyesight.

After function in Hamid Hall, all the four houses in Senior School held functions in their respective common rooms in order to ensure maximum participation of students. Junior and Prep schools also held separate functions related to the day in their respective schools with the same objective.

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Sports Day, 2023

On the eventful day of July 27, 2023, the Annual Sports Day was meticulously organized, showcasing the result of extensive planning, rigorous practice, and unyielding dedication. The presence of parents, students, and esteemed guests added to the jubilant occasion. Col. Mumtaz Khan (Retd), an illustrious old Gallian, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, making it an even more remarkable and memorable celebration.

Young athletes of the three schools put up a spectacular show in athletics and gymnastics. They received a big round of applause from the spectators. After the athletics competition, the chief guest, accompanied by the Principal, gave away the prizes. Wightwick House won Raza Shah Shaheed Trophy for the best house in athletics while Walker House won the Marching Cup. Saif Ullah Achakzai and Abdul Raffay Butt were declared the best athletes in the Senior and Junior divisions, respectively.

The Principal, in his address on the occasion, thanked the chief guest, parents and other guests for sparing time to attend the function. He appreciated Gallians for the spirit of healthy competition and comradeship. He said that co-curricular activities have always remained a major segment of the wholesome grooming of the young Gallians at Lawrence College. Physical training and sports form an integral part of the daily routine of students.  It enables a young Gallian to develop endurance, stamina, skills, confidence and, above all, a healthy competition.

He thanked the Heads of the three Schools, Faculty members and Administrative Staff who are working with full dedication and interest in raising the standards of the College.  In the end, the Principal, once again, thanked the chief guest and parents for gracing the occasion.

The Chief Guest, in his address, thanked the Principal, staff and students for inviting him as the chief guest. He appreciated the excellent performance of Gallians. He congratulated Wightwick House for winning the coveted Athletics Cup for the year 2023, and Walker House for winning the Marching Cup 2023. He recalled the days when he was in Peake House. He commended the efforts of the present and past generations of great Gallians, the management, and staff for achieving and maintaining high standards in academics and co-curricular activities.

All the guests were served with refreshments after the function.

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Investiture Ceremony, 2023

On 7th of July, 2023, a simple yet dignified ceremony marked the inauguration of the prefectorial board for the academic year 2023. As in previous years, the announcement of the prefectorial board generated much excitement and anticipation among the Senior School students. The selection process involved a thorough evaluation of candidates’ academic records, performance in co-curricular activities, and, most importantly, their conduct. Personal interviews with the Principal were also conducted to assess the candidates’ suitability for the roles.

The investiture ceremony took place in Hamid Hall and commenced with recitation from the Holy Quran by Rohan Abdullah and its translation by Ahmer Mahmood. Abdul Rafay, a student from Class XI conducted the ceremony. Following the recitation, the Vice Principal made an official announcement of the prefectorial board. The Vice Principal then administered oath to the Head Boy who in turn administered the oath to the Deputy Head Boy and the prefects.

The newly appointed members of the prefectorial board for the academic year 2023-24 are as follows:

Head Boy: Badar Ali Sami

Deputy Head Boy: Abdul Hadi

College Sports Prefect: Muhammad Saddique 

Prefect Day Boys: Saif Ullah Abbasi

Prefects Peake House: Ali Hamza, Abdullah Shams Abbasi

Prefects Walker House:

Shahzaib Sarwar, Moaahad Ali

Prefects Wightwick House:

Muhammad Mursaleen, Abdul Wahab

Prefects Wright House:

Malik Taj Muhammad, Talha Nawaz

The Principal in his address extended heartfelt congratulations to the new prefectorial board for embracing their newfound responsibilities. He emphasized the importance of mutual respect among the student body; urging the juniors to honour and appreciate their senior counterparts. In turn, he called upon the senior students to solemn a sense of responsibility towards their younger peers while treating them as their own brothers.

The Principal emphasized the value of humility and cautioned against any display of arrogance or insolence. He encouraged the students to recognize and appreciate the strengths and talents of their fellow classmates thus fostering an environment of support and encouragement.

He also highlighted the importance of following the teachings and traits of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He firmly stated that we should impart fairness, politeness, and justice in our interactions with fellow human beings.

The Principal also reminded the students of the significance of self-esteem and the necessity to respect others. He also emphasized on the need of enhancing their communication skills, particularly in spoken English. He clarified that the emphasis on learning English was not driven by a love for the language but rather by the demand of the current era.

Concluding the speech, the Principal congratulated the prefectorial board for their new assignments and expressed appreciation to the organizers for hosting the event in an elegant manner.

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Arts Extravaganza, 2023

Since 2016, Lawrence College has been organising Arts Extravaganza, each year with a specific theme. This year, the event was held with the theme “Our Children – The Agents of Change”. The chief guest of the event was Mrs Nigar Nazar, an internationally renowned cartoonist, author and presenter. In 2023, she was awarded with Tamgha-i- Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan.

Arts Extravaganza provides children with a forum to express their creativity, imagination and interaction with each other in a friendly and constructive way, realizing themselves as guardians of Planet Earth and finding ways to safeguard its future.  This year, 18 schools participated in nine different events, exhibited their talent in all given fields of arts and received laurels from the respected judges and the audiences. The winners shield of the Arts Extravaganza was grabbed by Silver Oaks Schools and College, Rawalpindi.

At the end, the chief guest, Mrs Nigar Nazar, appreciated all the participants for their outstanding and mesmerizing performance. She also commended the administration of Lawrence College for providing a platform to other institutes to show their exceptional art skills in different fields of performing arts. The Principal, Brig. Mujahid Alam (Rtd.), thanked the chief guest for sparing special time for Arts Extravaganza and presented her College souvenir as a token of gratefulness.

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Pakistan Day, 2023

Pakistan Day was celebrated at Lawrence College with the usual fervour and renewed spirit in order to pay homage to the great leaders and their continuous struggle in achieving our beloved homeland. The function was held in Hamid Hall. Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd), Principal Lawrence College, graced the occasion as the chief guest. The function was conducted by the Deputy Head Boy, Muhammad Shaheer. The proceedings started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Hafiz Hashim and translation by M. Muzammil from Class VIII. Arij Ahmed of Class O-I and Atif Zardari of Class O-ll expressed their views about the importance of the day. To express the emotion of love for their motherland, beautiful national song was sung by Waqar Ali of Class IX and Jawad Akbar of Class VIII. 

After this, a documentary was presented by Mr. Ahmed Yar on Pakistan Movement. This was followed by an energetic speech by HoD Pakistan Studies, Mr. Basharat Hussain. He talked about the determination of Muslim leaders who fought day and night for gaining a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent. He briefly talked about the bravery of the Muslim leaders, and among them, a prominent name was Quaid-e-Azam. He also tried to give solutions to the current political problems in Pakistan.  

Junior and Prep schools also held separate functions related to the day in their respective schools in order to ensure maximum participation of students from the three schools.

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