Lawrence College Library (LC Library) is vital to the education mission of the Lawrence College Murree. Overall objective of the library is to select, organize, and maintain print and electronic resources that support the curriculum and information needs of LCGG academic community.

Working in partnership with faculty, staff and students, library provides convenient access to quality information resources, and an environment that encourages study and personal growth. Library also provides information services which are customized to individual needs and which recognize their information requirements.

Library’s colorful interior and innovative furniture makes it stunning and provide refreshing and rejoicing environment, which attracts users and compel them to spend time and study in relaxing and conducive environment. Research cubicles, study carrels provide excellent environment for individual and group study.

This is a lending library and is playing a vital role in increasing research output of LCGG by helping faculty and students in their research work through its organized information resources.

Gathering information, organizing it in such a way that it can be retrieved effectively, making it accessible, and disseminating this information to the relevant users are the major functions of the library.

  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of library resources.
  • Reservation of library material.
  • HEC Digital Library.
  • Audio/Visual facilities.
  • Dedicated computer systems for research and use for digital and electronic resources.
  • Wireless internet connection.


The library aims to support the academic work by providing right information to the right people at right time including students, faculty and staff of Lawrence College Murree.


  • To serve the advancement of teaching, learning and research within the institution by providing solutions to the information needs of our clients through efficient, effective and innovative services.
  • To bring the much dreamed advancement in our society through information technology, which will change the lives of our people for ever.
  • Let’s grow together. Let’s learn, teach, share and support each other.

Library intends to achieve this by;

  • Equipping our students with ideas and skills for making a difference in our society and becoming the real agent of change.
  • Bringing novel ideas, unmatchable products and unsurpassable services to set standards for others.
  • Strategic partnership with knowledge organizations in general and industry in particular.
  • Providing a supporting and enabling environment to the talented faculty and outstanding students. who can distinguish themselves by their professional competence, humanistic outlook, ethical rectitude, pragmatic approach to problem solving, and other organizational and managerial skills.


The library, using its allocated resources accomplices as its mission through its following activities;

  • To encourage learning by creating learning community and promoting information competency in its constituency by
    • Creating a learning environment and experiences that produce competency in the use of resources and in research methodologies.
    • Designing instructional services and programs that foster learning and collaboration with faculty in other academic units of Lawrence College.
    • Offering customer oriented assistance in selecting, locating and using resources.
    • Providing appropriate access to resources by all of its patrons.
  • To provide access to recorded knowledge and information resources by
    • Acquiring balanced information and knowledge resources to support Lawrence College academic programs.
    • Providing fast and timely access to local and international books and information resources.
    • Participating in resource sharing programs, including cooperative purchasing for all the Lawrence College libraries such as Junior school and Prep school also, mutual library use, inter library loan, and document delivery services.
  • To provide infrastructure for supporting information needs of the users by
    • Providing books, and journals and magazines using information to meet changing information needs of the users.
    • Providing well-equipped and secure facilities that encourage study and learning.
    • Marinating suitable number of workstations to support the use of IT services like computing, printing, scanning, photocopying and internet etc.
    • Developing a consistent, easy to use and identifiable interface to library resources for use through internet.
  • As a dynamic organization that evolves to meet changing needs by
    • Assessing its effectiveness in a variety of ways including periodic user’s needs and satisfaction surveys.
    • Encouraging professional growth and career development of its staff.

Brig Mujahid Alam - PrincipalThere is no substitute for books in the life of a student. Books and libraries have great importance in an educational institution because reading is to mind what exercise is to body.

A library is like an oasis in the middle of a vast desert of ignorance. Whenever someone reads a good book, it opens a door to allow more light in. Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better. Being conscious of the importance of books and book reading, here at Lawrence College, in the recent years, a lot of developments have taken place in the libraries, specially the main library in Senior School.

A modern Information & Resources Center has been established that provides the students and teachers an opportunity for academic research and development. The whole record of the Library has been computerized. An efficient ‘Online Public Access Catalog’ (OPAC) is in use for students and faculty for easy access, even when they are away from the college. For the first time, the students and teachers have access to HEC Digital Library that holds more than 50,000 e-books and 25,000 research articles, case studies and conference proceedings. A computerized book-search system and advance book reservation service has been active. A detailed Bibliographic Service is also active and the readers can have instant information about any book-title, author, publisher, and publication date etc. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) for the faculty to explore newly published books, catalogs of various publishers is also in use. Addition of valuable books to the library is now a continual process.

Although, we have made a lot of progress in our libraries, yet we are not satisfied. There are many plans in the pipeline. It includes installation of the Detection Security Gates, which will help  to keep books secured and no reader will be able to take a book away without getting it properly issued. Installation of central heating system has also been planned. In short, every possible measure is being taken to provide the students with state of the art facilities for reading and research.

I wish to see our libraries as models of excellence befitting a great institution like Lawrence College.

Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd)


Mr Naveed AhmadI welcome you on behalf of the Library, the nucleus of research, a place for lifelong learning and discovery. Offering unencumbered access to the intellectual records, library aspires to provide high quality services to the educational community of Lawrence College Library.

Our priorities include development of interactive learning spaces and expansion of physical facilities, progression in services, and development of collections vital for learning and research.

Lawrence College Library, located at the heart of campus is a center of learning. Lawrence College and library management is doing its best to provide updated resources, innovative services and exceptional facilities to the educational community of Lawrence College and making sure that student, academic staff and researchers find themselves in a modern library.

Our ultimate goal is to create library services that are convenient and efficient for students and academic staff, enrich students learning experience and enable research and scholarship, in traditional and ‘e’ forms.

We want to help you meet your research and learning goals, and trust that the resources, facilities and services we provide will prove helpful to you.

I urge you to visit and use library and hope that you will consider it your educational partner and source of quality learning during your time at Lawrence College.

Naveed Ahmed 

College Librarian

Users are expected to observe the following rules while using the library services; any violation of these rules will incur appropriate disciplinary action.

• Leave your personal belongings such as handbags, briefcases, etc., outside the library entrance, on your own responsibility. The library disclaims any liability for loss or damage.
• Submit any book or object for inspection, when requested by the library staff.
• Do not write, underline or mark any book. Library books are carefully examined on return and the borrower will be held responsible for the damage
• After reading, leave books on the table or on the book trolley. Please do not shelve the books.
• Complete silence should be observed except for brief and subdued talk with the library staff.
• Drinks and eatables are not allowed in the library.
• Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the library.
• Keep your mobiles off within the library premises.
• Make sure you have provided correct e-mail address while filling your library membership form.
• In case you are not receiving any types of system generated notices i.e. Review notices, Overdue notices, please report it immediately to the circulation staff or circulation librarian at circulation desk.
• Report lost books or other materials to the Library immediately personally at circulation desk to stop overdue fines.
• In case of lost Library Card, please immediately report to the circulation staff so that your membership is temporarily blocked to prevent misuse of the Library Card. Once you get a replacement, please inform circulation staff so that your memberships can be re-activated.
• Ask for help from library staff if you are unable to find your required material.
• Make sure that you know the due dates when you check out material. It will help you in renewing your book(s) online timely if it is not requested by any other member and avoiding overdue fines.
• While returning library books or other materials at the circulation desk please ensure that the circulation staff has returned the book(s).
• Don’t give your Library card to others.

  • Printed Resources (Books)
  • Material on CDs
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Electronic Resources
  • New Arrivals

The library has processed more than 13000 printed volumes. The collection covers all the major subjects i.e. Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Management Sciences, Urdu, Social Sciences, General books, Fictions, Pakistan Study and Reference books. In the reference section Lawrence College Library has Encyclopedia Britannica, World Book, Encyclopedia Americana, famous Dictionaries and reference materials.

Approaching the College Central Library in Senior School, you see a plaque with Cicero’s quote that reads: “A house without books, is like a body without a soul.” We are greatly conscious of this fact at Lawrence College. And in view of this phenomenon, the worthy Principal has allocated a special budget to bring the library up to the modern standards. In this endeavor, he is being assisted by the veteran librarian, Mr. Naveed Ahmed, who is an adept and a highly motivated professional.

The following measures have so far been taken to give the library a new aura for the convenience of the students and the faculty.

  • An efficient ‘Online Public Access Catalogue’ (OPAC) has been set for students and faculty for easy access even when they are away from the college.
  • A state-of-the-art Information & Resource Centre is already functional, separately inside the library building. This provides ample opportunities to students and faculty for academic research and development. Teachers have been using this center for resource developing and making presentations for students to keep abreast with the world and updated on their respective subjects.
  • The library also facilitates the College Website Office within the library building. The Website Office works on the college website to keep the world updated about events and news of all the three schools.
  • Lawrence College Library, for the first time in its history, has got access to HEC Digital Library that holds more than 50,000 e-books and 25,000 research articles, case studies and conference proceedings. This is over and above a collection of 15,000+ printed books in the library.
  • A computerized book-search system has also been introduced for the students and the staff.
  • Advance book reservation service is now active wherein the system automatically indicates name of the reader who needs the book next.
  • A detailed Bibliographic Service is also active and the readers can have instant information about any book-title, author, publisher, and publication date etc.
  • Selection Dissemination of Information (SDI) for the faculty by exploring newly published books, catalogues of various publishers is also in now.
  • Provision of Reference & Readers’ Advisory Services is active now.
  • Orientation sessions will be held by the College Librarian at the start of every new session for the newly admitted students so they could effectively and comfortably use the college library.
  • Since the library is regularly visited by external visitors, like the British Council, and other such bodies, and old Gallians, the College librarian keeps briefing them all about the library and the College History Museum.
  • A proper and complete record of newspapers, journal and magazines is kept for any future reference and information of staff and students.
  • In the near future (QRC) Quick Respose Code will also be introduced. It’s a matrix barcode readable via smart-phones with cameras. The QR Code typically appears as a small white square with black geometric shapes.
    For the safety and good upkeep of student-cards, lamination machines will be kept in the library in the near future.
  • Another important feature of the library system will be the Detection Security Gates which will help keep books secured and no reader will be able to take a book away without getting it properly issued.

To make the library environment balm and comfortable for the students, central heating system will be installed soon and more furniture will be kept in the library to accommodate more students. Every possible measure is being taken to make the college life and environment conducive for maxim output as we endeavor to produce an excellent generation of future Gallians.

In order to introduce Gallians to different aspects of the glorious lives of our great leaders Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Quaid Gallery and Iqbal Gallery has been established in the Senior School Library. Since their inception, the Galleries have charmed the students and visitors with their magnificent display of huge and rare collection of wonderful photographs.

The establishment of these Galleries is with the purpose to develop patriotism, motivate the students to work selflessly and sacrifice for their motherland, in order to produce accomplished citizens who are ready to serve the nation preferring national interest to their individual interests.

Lawrence College is a hub of lingual diversity as it admits students from all four provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Principal LCGG realising the driving force of languages towards national integration, as enshrined in article 28 of constitution of Pakistan, has developed a corner in the library wherein books of regional languages have been shelved.

The books contain the historical, cultural and poetical perspective and variety of regional languages. Dictionaries have also been placed there for those who intend to learn and improve their skills in the regional languages.

The number of books is as below:

  • Pushto 105 books.
  • Punjabi 104 books.
  • Balochi 70 books.
  • Sindhi 101 books.

Duke University Press

  • Duke University Press publishes more than thirty periodicals that span a range of disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. Disciplines within the humanities and sciences: from East Asian cultural studies to French history, from lesbian and gay studies to mathematics and the history of economic thought, from feminism, culture and media studies to medieval and early modern studies.


  • ebrary offers a wide variety of multidisciplinary content. It acquires large number of titles from leading academic publishers.
  • It will be able to access Freedom Subject Collection from ebrary. (More Info…)

IET Digital library

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  • The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) is the largest professional society in the world for professionals in the field of operations research (O.R.).
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  • Project MUSE provides access to 430 full-text journals from 108 publishers in humanities and social science. MUSE pricing meets library needs around the world.(More Info…)


  • SpringerLink provides access to 503 full-text Springer-Verlag Journals and 738 full-text journals formerly published by Kluwer Academic Publishing.
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  • Taylor & Francis has grown rapidly over the last two decades to become a leading international academic publisher.
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  • Founded in 1891, the University of Chicago Press was conceived by President William Rainey Harper as an “organic part” of the University, extending the influence of Chicago scholars around the world.
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World Bank e-library

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  • Since the Blackwell-Synergy merger with Wiley-Interscience, all the journals available to HEC consortium are now available through Wiley-Interscience.
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OPAC is an acronym for “On-line Public Access Catalogue”.

It is an access tool and resource guide to the collection of a library or libraries.

Use the following link to access LC Library OPAC.

For any query/help related to Lawrence College Library, please contact to the College Librarian.

Mr Naveed Ahmed

Tel: +92 (51)3751014 (Ext. 215) | Fax: +92 (51) 3751005