Raja Zahur Khan Academic Excellence Award

Under the Raja Zahur Khan Academic Excellence Award Programme, the donors would like to primarily concentrate on four major areas:

Financial Award for High Achievers

Whereby the student who:

  • will score the highest percentage(minimum 80%) in H.S.S.C Part II i.e. Grade 12 final exam.
  • will have immaculate disciplinary record.
  • will have the record of achievement in extra and co-curricular activities will be awarded.

The prize under this category will include a total sum of PKR 200,000/-

Scholarship for studying Abroad
  • Whereby the high achiever in academics for consecutive four years(from grade 8-12) having an immaculate disciplinary record and achievements in extra/co-curricular activities will be fully sponsored (tuition fee only) under Raja Zahur Khan Academic Excellence Award for an undergraduate degree program in any of the top league universities specified by the Executive Committee.
  • Such students shall be selected/nominated by the Academic Council of Lawrence College.
Student Counseling Program

The donors shall not only grant scholarships, but will also arrange career counseling sessions for the students by arranging workshops and seminars every quarter in close coordination with the Career Counseling Cell of Lawrence College. The main purpose of these workshops/seminars will be to:

  • Administer students’ personalities and interest to align them with their career objectives.
  • Use Achievement and aptitudes tests to help students get a better idea of what they are good at.
  • Advise students about what courses and educational programs they need for particular careers.
  • Help students select the right schools or programs for their needs.
  • Updated information on the selection and admission criteria of the specified universities.
  • Assist students in securing placements at higher education institutes.
Teachers Training Cell

Since the success of graduates at any university institutes is directly aligned to the quality of education they receive, therefore, the donors for Raja Zahur Khan Academic Excellence Award would like to initiate a program to equip Lawrence College teachers with the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills required to effectively manage students, class and college as per Internationally Certified Standards.