Academic Resources

Academic Block

Senior School in Lawrence College has a purpose-built academic block with spacious class-rooms and allied facilities. State of the art buildings of the academic blocks make the studies comfortable and enjoyable.

Hamid Library

The Senior School Library has more than 16000 books on different subjects, which provide ample opportunities to the students for study and research. The senior school library also has an Information & Research Centre that provides the students and teachers with internet facility to search material related to different fields of study.

Anderson Science Block

LCGG has well-equipped science labs which provide the students with an opportunity to have practical work in different faculties of science. All the laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and relevant scientific material.

Language Lab

The Senior School provides the students with a purpose-built language lab equipped with modern audio and visual equipment that helps the pupils improve their communication skills, especially their speaking skill.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab in the Senior School provides the students with the IT facilities for Computer Science students. It has around 50 PCs in use. The internet is provided through a fast broadband network.

Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall in Senior School is primarily used for public presentations and lectures.

Prep Halls

The Prep Halls are comfortable place where pupils can study in peace and without interference. Importantly, staff are always available to help and guide the students of the house in their curricular & co-curricular activities, and regularly liaise with the boarders to make sure that they are working to their full potential.

Sports Resources

Playing Fields

The Senior School has many playing fields which include an athletic field, a hockey and football stadium as well as four basketball courts and two squash courts.


Gallians are provided with plenty of opportunities for indoor games and exercise.

The College Gymnasium has the capacity of a full-size basketball court. It also provides the students with facility of playing badminton and table tennis. The Gymnasium also has a well-equipped exercise room that helps the students strengthen and shape up their bodies.


Common/TV Rooms

For leisure time facilities, there is a common room attached to every house which has TV and music facilities.

Hamid Hall

The Hamid Hall is a College auditorium that provides the students with a full-size screen to watch movies, documentaries, etc. It is also used for drama presentation and other variety shows as well as for guest speakers.

Cafeteria and Shop

To facilitate its pupils, Senior School has a cafeteria and a shop. Cold and hot drinks and meals are available here. The students can buy the items of daily need and can have a food of their choice from there.

Dining Halls

Our Dining Halls provide a pleasant and spacious environment in which our pupils can enjoy their mealtimes.  All our food is cooked and prepared in our own kitchens from fresh ingredients each day and our catering team actively promotes healthy choices.


Sports and Games

Organized games play an important role in the life of the College at all levels. Inter-house competitions are held in cricket, football, hockey, athletics, squash, tennis, marathon, PT and gymnastics. They lead to the Quaid-e-Azam Shield.

Clubs and Societies

Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Fine Arts and Photography, Drama and Debates are organized, which function throughout the year. Thus, a real effort is made to encourage healthy trends in pupils to ensure the multidimensional development of their personalities.

Religious Guidance

Islamiat Department teaches rudiments of tafseer through regular classes. There are two mosques in the College where regular prayers are conducted by Khateebs. Attendance at Zohar, Maghrib and Jummah prayers is ensured. Adequate arrangements for Nazira Quran are available for lateral entries. Husn-e-Qirat competitions are a part of the Inter-House competitions.

Academic Resources

Munir Library

The Prep School library is located just above the science lab with a wide range of books of different genre for varying age groups of students. English as well as Urdu storybooks, reference and many general knowledge books and encyclopedias are part of the library, which we are constantly striving to improve. Prep school aims at imparting quality education to the young Gallians with the sole purpose to equip them with better abilities and qualities of wisdom and making them a success in their practical life by bringing the abstractions into action.

Science Laboratory

Prep school has a well equipped lab which helps in understanding basic concepts of physics, chemistry and biology through practical learning.

Computer Laboratory

With over 30 computers, computer lab helps the students to increase their knowledge about information technology. Students are imparted good knowledge for the usage of basic applications of the computer.

Video Room

Video Room provides the facility of showing motivational movies with a healthy entertainment content for the students, mostly on the weekends. By providing the cable facility specifically for international or national news channels, students are kept up-to date with the outside environment and happenings.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular activities play a vital role in the overall confidence building and performance of a student in practical life at all levels. This also has a positive impact on character building and well groomed personality. Gallians of Prep School are very well provided with sports facilities on Inter-House Competition level. These play a very important role in building the sportsmanship spirit in the students. The list of Co-Curricular activities remains incomplete without mentioning different societies including dramatics in Prep School. The students keep an active interest in societies especially when it is for the Annual Exhibition that takes place on the Founder’s Day of the College, normally celebrated in the last week of September.


Teenagers of Prep School take part in different societies which help them learn the qualities and skills of team work. The projects made during the society days are projected in the exhibitions on Founders Day Annually. The societies in Prep School are:

  • Computer
  • Science
  • Arts
  • Music
  • Dramatics
  • Adventure Club
  • Riding Club
  • Hiking/Trekking Club

Games and Sports

By keeping the students engaged in various sports activities, Prep School aims at keeping students physically fit and inculcating sportsmanship in the personalities of students. Physical instructors are present for their training and supervising the activity. The sports facilities include:

  • Physical Training
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics, includes relay races, hurdles, discuss throw, ball throw, long jump and high jump.


Academic Resources

Junior School is equipped with latest teaching and learning resources like smart boards, computers, multimedia training aids and a variety of recreational facilities including TV/ Video/Music & indoor games equipment. There is a ‘resource room’ containing training aids and Montessori material.

Reading books is a regular practice and students are provided with story books of their interest as a supplementary learning material from the collection maintained at the campus.

Excursions and study tours are organized every year in order to give exposure to the students of the world outside the school to the places of their interest and of academic relevance.

Co-Curricular activities

As part of the Co-academics, various Clubs & Societies have also been formed in order to keep the students busy with healthy and constructive activities. These are:

  • Reading Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Science Club
  • Art Club
  • Adventure & Hiking Club
  • Debating Society
  • Islamic Society
  • Music Club
  • IT Club
  • Dramatics Club

The year-long activities of the clubs and inter-house competitions culminate at the Founders Day, celebrated in the last week of September. Students are awarded with cups and trophies for their individual as well as house achievements.

Games & Sports

Students are kept engaged in regular sports in the evening on the basis of their interest or potential in a particular activity. There are physical training instructors for coaching, training and maintaining discipline among the boys. The sports activities include:

  • Physical Training
  • Drill
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Karate
  • Indoor Games
  • Table Tennis
  • Athletics (Races, Ball Throw, Hurdles)
  • Handball
  • Cricket
  • Hiking/climbing
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastics

Instructions for the parents of new entrants

Admissions are taken on annual basis in all the classes of junior school. Admission tests are held in the month of December for the new entry of the next session which begins in March. The admission procedure is as follows:

Phase 1

Candidates will appear for the written test in the subjects of English, Urdu and Mathematics at the designated centers in or outside Pakistan. The tests will be skill based and broad based in nature, as per the requirement of that particular grade /age level.

Phase 2

The candidates clearing phase 1 will provide the necessary medical clearance certificates and will also go through medical examination by the college hospital team.

Phase 3

The candidates clearing phase 2 will appear for T.P.F (Test of physical fitness) at the school campus.

Phase 4

The candidates clearing phase 3 will appear for the final interview along with the parent/guardian.

Parents or guardians are advised to keep the following things in mind while planning to get their wards admitted in the Junior School of Lawrence College:

  • Pre-schooling is a must in case of admissions in all Junior School Grades. As we begin from class one, hence a boy coming in class one must have passed prep/KG from an English medium school.
  • The boy must be toilet trained and must be able to express himself clearly for daily routine chores.