Senior School Sports Fixtures Results 2016
Sports Event v Aitchison College v Abbotabad Public School
HockeyHockey Won by Lawrence College 3-0 Won by Lawrence College 4-1
CricketCricket Won by Aitchison College Won by APS
FootballFootball Draw 0-0 Won by APS 3-1
BasketballBasketball Won by Aitchison College 37-29 N/A
AthleticsAthletics Won by Lawrence College 5-0 N/A
TrophyRUBBER WINNER Lawrence College APS
Prep School Colts Sports Fixtures Results 2016
Sports Event v Aitchison College
HockeyHockey Won by Lawrence College Colts 2-0
CricketCricket Won by Aitchison College Colts by 5 wickets
FootballFootball Won by Lawrence College Colts 1-0
AthleticsAthletics Won by Lawrence College Colts
TrophyRUBBER WINNER Lawrence College Colts

Sports Fixture against Aitchisonians

Keeping up with the wonderful tradition of Annual Sports Fixture between Aitchison College and Lawrence College, this year the fixtures were played from 16-18 of October, 2016. The senior teams of Lawrence College visited Aitchison College while Aitchisonian Colts visited Lawrence College.

The Gallians put up an excellent show in the field. It was after a long gap that fixture against Aitchisonians at their home ground ended in a draw. Our seniors won hockey and athletics, while football was a draw and Aitchisonians won basketball and the cricket match. Gallians played all the matches with Great Spirit, but their outstanding performance in athletics was matchless. They had a clean sweep in athletics and won it with a score of 43 to only 03.

We warmly congratulate our teams, coaches and staff for putting up such splendid display of sporting prowess. We also congratulate Aitchison College teams for winning cricket and basketball. We also appreciate their sportsman spirit.


The basketball match was played in the morning of 16th of October. It was an exciting match of the fixture. The Gallians played well, but Aitchisonians won the opening match of the fixture with 37 to 29.


The hockey match was played in the evening of 16th of October. This was one of the most exciting games of the whole fixture. We took an early lead with a good goal scored by Shehryar Abbasi. Anees Ranjha doubled the lead and Suleman Amin confirmed Gallians’ victory by scoring the third goal. The Aitchisonians also played very enthusiastically but failed to score any goal, the final result being 3-0.


In cricket, Aitchisonians kept up their tradition of having a very good team.

Aitchisonians set a target of 253 runs by scoring 252 in 35 overs. Gallians did their effort, but they couldn’t build the innings and Aitchisonians had a convincing victory in the cricket field.


This game was very close and the result, a draw, was a fair reflection of the balance of power. Aitchisonians were fast and clever and caused us much trouble. The Gallians put up a good display and the defence held. On the final whistle, the honours were even, with no score.


Here was a clean-sweep for Gallians in the five events being contested. We clinched first three positions in all the events, including long jump, relay race, 200 metre and 800 metre, except the second position in the discus throw. The detailed result is as follows:

Sports Event First Position School
800m800m Abdul Basit Lawrence College
200m200m Tariq Ahmed Lawrence College
Long JumpLong Jump Ashab Muhammad Lawrence College
DiscusDiscus Throw Rizwan Haider Lawrence College
Relay RaceRelay Race - Lawrence College


Principal Lawrence College highly appreciated the sports contingent, Mr. Ata-ur-Rehman (Games Master), coaches and teachers concerned for an excellent show in the field.

We appreciate the Principal, staff and students of Aitchison College for hosting our teams and looking after them so well.

Sports Fixture against APS

Lawrence College hosted the sports fixture with APS this year from 5th to 7th of October, 2016. This was the event where both the colleges tested their mettle.

This was indeed a nostalgic moment; seeing them again this year Abbottonians reached Lawrence College at 4:30pm on 5th of October.


Cricket match was played in the morning of 6th of October. The toss went to Gallians and they chose to bat first. The captain Tariq and Ehsan Ullah went as the openers. Gallians fought well but only managed to set a target of 71. Abbottonians won the match by 7 wickets.


In the evening of 6th of October, hockey match was played. Abbottonians scored an early goal which shook the spectators, but the captain Waqar Bugti bucked the Gallians up and kept their spirit high. After constant attempts at the opponant’s goal, we managed to equalize when Suleiman Amin converted the deflection of Anees Ranjha into a goal.

The first half ended 1-1. In the second half, Gallians took the lead due to the brace of Shehryar Abbasi. The match ended in favour of LC with 1 to 4.


The decisive match of football played the next morning at 9:30am. The Abbottonians won the match by 3-1.

Abbottonians won the fixture and were escorted to the car park where they were bid farewell.

Annual Inter-School Sports Fixture was held at Lawrence College Murree between Prep Schools of both Colleges from 16th -18th of October 2016.

Interschool sport fixtures provide students with the opportunity to participate in a structured sport competition which is played between schools. Sport is the first and foremost to be participated in, and enjoyed by all those who wish to. It provides great health benefits and other sources like pleasure, sense of healthy competition, sportsman spirit and discipline including social interaction and establishing friendships.

Mr. Asghar Ali Chaudhary, the Games Master Prep School, along with his ground staff, organized the whole event of Annual Inter-School Sports Fixture which was held at Lawrence College Murree between Prep Schools of both the Colleges (Lawrence College, Murree and Aitchison College, Lahore).

On 15th of October, when the sun was winding its golden rays up, the sports contingent of Aitchison College, along with their chaperons, entered the College gate and was warmly welcomed by the Deputy Headmaster Prep School with his staff members.

The three-day fixture, which was due from 16th to 18th of October, 2016, comprised the following events:

1. 16th Oct, 2016 Hockey and Athletics
2. 16th, 17th Oct, 2016 Cricket and Athletics
3. 18th Oct, 2016 Football

Young but valorous Gallians of Prep School showed excellent skills and true sportsmanship in all the four events against Prep School of Aitchison College. The colts of Prep School used professional approach in almost every event to have an upper hand. Aitchisonians also played well. The results of the events are as under:

Date=16th October
Lawrence College (Goals/Scores)=02
Aitchison College (Goals/Scores)=Zero
Won By=Gallians

Date=17th October
Lawrence College (Goals/Scores)= –
Aitchison College (Goals/Scores)=Won by 5 wickets
Won By=Aitchisonians

Date=16th & 17th October
Lawrence College (Goals/Scores)= –
Aitchison College (Goals/Scores)= –
Won By=Gallians

Date=18th October
Lawrence College (Goals/Scores)=01
Aitchison College (Goals/Scores)=Zero
Won By=Gallians

On the sunny day of 16th of October, 2016, the fixture was kicked off with hockey match. The young Gallians played in a very professional way with full coordination, significant touch of best team work and resultantly won the match.
Hammad Hassan from Lawrence College, in the first half, made a beautiful move and dispatched the ball into goal of the opposite team while Zakir Dilawar Khan scored a precious goal against guest team in the second half of the match. His goal further strengthened the team position and pushed it to the victory stand.
Although, the hockey contingent of Aitchison College played very well yet, couldn’t succeed in scoring any goal against host team and the match was won by Lawrence College team by 2-0.

On 17th October, 2016, the cricket match was played between both the sister institutions. The toss was won by Aitchisonians and they decided to bat first. The opening batsmen of the guest team couldn’t perform well and became the victim of the Gallian bowlers and just at 18 runs, they had lost their three wickets. Two wickets were grabbed by Hadeed Babar at the cost of 6 runs only. However their middle order batting line played very well and the cricketers Muhammad Ibrahim, Muhammad Muneeb and Raza Khichee added 88 runs on the score board and pushed their team to victory stand with the help of a sensible game and gave the crutches to their staggering team.

They hit some beautiful boundaries and also lifted the morale of their team up. The Principal Lawrence College, Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam, also witnessed the match with Mr Muhammad Usman (the Manager of the Aitchison team). At this occasion, the Headmaster Prep School, along with his staff, was also present to capture the beautiful moments.

The guest team made 127 runs at the loss of 5 wickets in 20 overs. The-Gallians-spectators also appreciated the high standard of batting and boundaries of the guest Aitchisonians. They also bucked up their own bowlers for fine deliveries.

Himayat Ullah, the captain of Lawrence College cricket team, organized his cricket contingent in a very professional way to chase 127 runs however, they were beaten by the Aitchison Team by 5 wickets.

Athletics was held on 16th and 17th of October. Five events were held and young Gallians athletes outshone Aitchisonians in almost all the events.

In case of 50 Metre Sprint, second, third and fourth positions were clinched by Gallians Mustafa Dilawar Khan, Talhaa Hassan and Zakir Dilawar Khan respectively. Talha Hassan, Zain Pervaiz and Azmeer Jan of Lawrence College also grabbed second, third and fourth positions respectively in 200 Meter Race.
The same situation was witnessed in Long Jump event in which first, second and fourth positions were pocketed by Talha Hassan, Mustafa Dilawar Khan and Zakir Dilawar Khan of Lawrence College respectively.

In 400 Metre Relay, colts of Lawrence College stood first. In Discus Throw, first, third and sixth positions were got by Gallians.

The position table of Athletics, on 16th and 17th of October, is as under:

Athletics Results
Top Positions-Individuals
Event=50 Metre Race
Athlete=Haider Saleem
Event won by=AC

Event=200 Metre Race
Athlete=Haider Saleem
Event won by=AC

Event=400 Metre Relay
Athlete=Talha Hassan,Zakir Dilawar Khan,Hammad Hassan,Mustafa Dilawar Khan
Event won by=LC

Event=Discus Throw
Athlete=Abdul Razaq Afridi
Event won by=LC

Event=Long Jump
Athlete=Talha Hassan
Event won by=LC

Overall winner=Prep School, Lawrence College

On 17th of October, a formal dinner was served in honour of the young Aitchisonians. The Principal Lawrence College graced the ceremony as chief guest. Mr Muhammad Usman, the Manager of the contingent, made a moving speech thanking the top as well as lower level administrative staff for such a caring, loving and professional honour they were given at Lawrence College.
In his address, the Principal Lawrence College highly appreciated the sportsman spirit of the guest team as well as their grooming. He further added that the colts of Aitchison were also like his sons and the future of this nation. He gave away ‘Token of Love’ to the Aitchisonians and ‘Token of Honour’ to their chaperons. Souvenirs were also exchanged at this occasion. The Principal further added that these events gave both the Colleges the opportunity to develop friendship, share experiences, exchange views and strengthen bonds of friendship between them. He wished the best of luck for both the contingents for the upcoming football match on 18th of October.

In the last phase of the fixture, a football match was played on 18th of October, the day of departure, resulted in winning of Gallians by 1-0. The only goal was scored by Naseeb Khan Achakzai at the very moment when he got the golden opportunity to hit the ball passed on to him by his team-mate at the 35th minute of the match during second half.

Aitchison College footballers also played well and, in the second half they made a number of beautiful moves to send the ball into goal, however couldn’t succeed in their attempts to make goal.

Both the colts of Aitchison College as well as Lawrence College played well with a professional approach and all were witnessed of quality play, matches and performances in the fixture.

The fixture ended on 18th October with better ties between these sister-institutions.