First Education and Career Expo at LCGG, 2019

Farewell in Honour of Inter’ 19

A Remedial Session with Differently Abled Children, 2019

Welcome Party Class XI, 2019

Oath-taking Ceremony of the Prefectorial Board, 2019

Sardar Masood Khan, President of Azad Kashmir, talks to Gallians, 2019

A life lived for others is a life worthwhile, 2019

Mathematics Workshop, 2019

Special Assembly in Honour of Aziz Jahan Begum Trust for The Blind, 2019

Welfare of the Support Staff, 2019

SMI Foreign Officers visited Lawrence College, 2019

Participants of Young Ulema Leadership Programme visit LCGG, 2019

Earth Day, 2019

Art Extravaganza, 2019

Seminar by National Highways and Motorway Police on the topic “Driver a Saviour”, 2019

We Rise by Lifting Others, 2019

Welcome Party Junior School, 2019

Class VIII Welcome Party – Senior School, 2019

Warm Welcome to Newcomers at Prep School, 2019

A Warm Send off to Hafiz Zafar Hayat, Head of Islamic Studies Department, 2019

Pakistan Day, 2019

International Women’s Day observed at Lawrence College, 2019

Ussayed Shakeel brings Laurels to the College in ESU Public Speaking Contest, 2019