SSC Part - II Result, 2022

We feel immense pleasure in sharing this year’s SSC Part-II result, which is again remarkable and better than ever. The result is the outcome of the motivational  guidance of the Principal, Brig Mujahid Alam  (Retd), untiring efforts and round the clock interest of the Vice Principal and Headmaster Senior School, M. Arshad Iqbal Chaudhry. Continuous guidance and supervision of the teachers also played the pivotal role in bringing such extraordinary improvement as they never relaxed in expending efforts to raise the benchmarks which are synonymous with the College motto ‘Never Give In’.

This year, 51 students appeared for SSC Part-II Examination 2022. 48 students passed their examination by securing A+ Grade, 2 students got A Grade while 1 student secured B Grade. Muhammad Mehdi Zaman stood first by securing 1075 marks with a percentage of 97.73, Muhammad Ali Waqar remained second by obtaining 1067 marks while Badar Ali Sami secured third position by securing 1065 marks.

We present our heartiest congratulations to the high achievers and their proud parents. We wish them the very best of luck for their future endeavours.

Cambridge O' Levels Result, 2022

Performance of our students in Cambridge O’ Levels Examination 2022 proved to be a pride for the staff and students of LCGG. Nine students appeared in the exam and all of them passed with good grades. Talha Muddassar and Muwahid Salman stood first with 89.4%. Sameer Ali Bhatti secured 3rd position with 87.22%.

Continuous support by the Principal and guidance of the Vice Principal played a key role in producing such a good result and no doubt the hard work done by the teachers and students has paid them back.

The Principal commended the faculty and students of the Senior School on the result which is the best in the last five years. The Principal pinned his hope on the faculty for a par excellence performance in the years to come.