MUN is the abbreviation of Model United Nations; it is the most advanced learning technique which is adopted worldwide for the exposure and confidence building of students.

The concept of Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agendas.

MUN’s main objectives are:

  • Awareness of national and international affairs.
  • Confidence building.
  • Competitive spirit.
  • Improvement in communication skills.Awareness of management skills.
  • Introduction of the college as a model institute within the region.
  • Parliamentary discussion.


Lawrence College Model United Nations Society aims at bringing to you 3 days (September 15, 2017 to September 18, 2017) of ardent debate and inspiring Committee Agendas which are of significance to the responsible citizens across the world.

LCMUN’17 will be a simulation of three Committees:

  • Pakistan National Assembly
  • UN Security Council
  • Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee.

LCMUN’17 is an extraordinary intellectual and social conference that brings together an amazing assortment of young minds from across Pakistan to engage in cultural exchange and gain first-hand experience of negotiating processes by playing the role of diplomats for a period of three days.

LCMUN’17 will provide students and young professionals with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and awareness of the most relevant international issues and contribute to advance feasible and innovative proposals for action.

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DAY-1 (Friday, 15th of September, 2017)

  • Arrival:  1100 hours
  • Inauguration and Welcome Note by the Principal: 1130 hours.
  • Departure for Hiking to Mukshpuri Top: 1200 hours (with packed lunch)
  • Return from Mukshpuri: 1800 hours
  • Supper:  2000 hours

DAY-2 (Saturday, 16th of September, 2017)

  • Rising: 0730 hours
  • Breakfast: 0800 hours.
  • Debate (1st Session): 0900 hours to 1230 hours.
  • Break for Lunch: 1230 hours to 1330 hours
  • Debate (2nd Session): 1400 hours to 1630 hours.
  • Friendly Match (Football/Basketball): 1700 hours
  • Supper: 2000 hours.
  • Musical Concert: 2100 hours.

DAY-3 (Sunday, 17th of September, 2017)

  • Rising: 0730 hours
  • Breakfast: 0800 hours.
  • Debate (3rd Session): 0900 hours to 1230 hours.
  • Break for Lunch: 1230 hours to 1330 hours
  • Debate (4th Session): 1400 hours to 1630 hours
  • Closing Speech by the SG & Distribution of Prizes: 1640 hours to 1730 hours
  • Farewell Dinner: 2000 hours.
  • Movie at Hamid Hall: 2030 hours

 DAY-4 (Monday, 18th of September, 2017)

  • Rising: 0730 hours
  • Breakfast: 0800 hours.
  • Departure: 0830 hours

The delegations/delegate desiring to participate need to consider the following:

  1. Participation will be on individual or delegation basis.
  2. A delegation will comprise of three. There is no limit on how many delegations an institution may send.
  3. Registration fee per delegate is Rs. 3000.
  4. Outstation delegates will pay Rs. 5000/per person for boarding and lodging in addition to the registration fee.
  5. The MUN fee is non-refundable.
  6. If a chaperone is accompanying the team, a fee of Rs. 2500 will be charged per chaperone for food and accommodation.
  7. There is no delegation fee for first ten teams. Any team registering after first ten will have to pay a delegation fee of Rs. 1000.
  8. Payment will be made through demand draft in favour of Principal Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree to be drawn at National Bank Ghora Gali Branch.
  9. The delegates are expected to follow the Code of Conduct in the real spirit.
  10. There will be three committees of LCMUN’17:
  11. Pakistan National Assembly
  12. UN Security Council
  13. Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
  14. After registration, the delegates will be assigned the countries and the personalities.

Note: Registration will be on first come first served basis and on receipt of registration form along with demand draft.

Payment Method 1:

Payment will be made through demand draft in favour of Principal Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree to be drawn at National Bank Ghora Gali Branch. The demand draft, along with the registration form should be sent to the following address:

Arshad Iqbal Ch,
Vice Principal,
Lawrence College Ghora Gali, Murree.

Payment Method 2:

In case of online submission of the form, a scanned copy of the demand draft must be sent at You must also bring the original demand draft upon your arrival at Lawrence College on 15th of September, 2017.


Topics for LCMUN’17 Committees

 Topics for UN Security Council (UNSC)

  1. Killings of Muslims in Myanmar
  2. Combating international terrorism: measures to undermine its recruiting, training and funding systems

Topics for Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee (SOCHUM)

  1. Adulteration
  2. Drug addiction among youth

Topics for Pakistan National Assembly (PNA)

  1. Civil Military Relations
  2. Pak-America Relations

Lawrence College, under the patronage of the Principal, made a historic move by holding the first ever MUN (Model United Nations) at its campus from 15th to 17th of September, 2017. The Lawrence College Model United Nations was a three day conference, aimed at emulating  the environment to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations , diplomacy and the United Nations’ agendas.

The three day debating event started with a colourful opening ceremony, in the morning of 15th of September, which introduced the directorate and secretariat for the event. This was followed by speeches by the Secretary General Makhdoom Danial of Class XII and the Principal Lawrence College. The whole event was organized in an excellent manner by the committee of students very ably, helped and guided by the committee of faculty.

Debates in the different committees of the MUN started in the morning of 16th of September and continued in four long sessions which concluded in the evening of 17th of September. All the outstation delegates and Gallians actively participated in all the three committees including UNSC (United Nations Security Council), SOCHUM (Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee) and PNA (Pakistan National Assembly). The participants discussed various issues very enthusiastically and the chairpersons conducted the debates with such commitment that no body lost interest in the debates for a single moment.

After immense hard work and enthusiasm shown on behalf of the participating delegates on the third day, they enjoyed a much needed respite from the intense debating sessions with a variety of different activities. These included hiking and a concert by Mustafa Zahid which was thoroughly enjoyed by delegates, faculty, families and the students.

The event wrapped up in the evening of 17th of September, with a stupendous closing ceremony presided over by an illustrious old Gallian Mr. Anis Khan Satti. Special guest on the occasion was Mr. Arshad Abbassi who secured eleventh position in the CSS examination despite being visually impaired and is serving in the Foreign Office. He is currently proceeding on a foreign posting to Pretoria, South Africa as third secretary .He praised the MUN event organized by the Lawrence College and appreciated the Principal’s vision of promoting co-curricular activities.

 On the occasion Principal Lawrence College, in his speech, commended the interest and devotion with which delegates had participated in MUN. He thanked all the chairpersons who conducted different committees and judged the performance of the delegates in an efficient manner. He also appreciated the efforts of the team of faculty and students involved in the organization of the MUN. After Principal’s address, the participants were awarded certificates and shields in recognition of their remarkable performance in the MUN.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Anis Khan Satti, in his address, appreciated the efforts of Principal and Vice Principal for the overall uplift of the College, especially academics. He expressed his great pleasure that Gallians were now producing excellent results in Board examinations. He congratulated all those who distinguished themselves with various awards.

All the participants were served a sumptuous farewell dinner in the evening of 17th of September. It was followed by a documentary of the event and movie in Hamid Hall.

In the end, we acknowledge the fact that without continuous support of the Vice Principal, M. Arshad Iqbal Chaudhry and College administration, the functioning of the LCMUN would not have been so smooth.

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