Career Counselling Workshop at TEVTA, Murree

In Murree, a two days (August 28 – August 29, 2021) Career Counselling workshop was held by Murree Development Forum (MDF) in collaboration with National Incubation Center (NIC) and Teamup (Islamabad). Career Counselling Cell of Lawrence College also attended and participated in the workshop. The event was led by Mr. Pervaiz Abbasi who is founder of NIC, trainer, counsellor and entrepreneur expert hailing from Murree. He kept interacting with all the participants on the growing need of entrepreneurship and social welfare. Mr. Nauman Abid Abbasi, former Gallian, is one of the founding members of MDF and is determined to uplift the educational and social status of people in Murree. Mr. Azam Jamil, a well known hotelier, trainer, life coach and senior advisor also enlightened the audience with his magnificent and practical knowledge. The faculty members, engaged in counselling venture at LCGG, found this workshop a very significant step by MDF and resolved to work with them in the domains of education and counselling in the time to come.

A Two-Day Workshop on “How to be Assertive and Confident”

A two-day workshop (August 27 – August 28, 2021) on “How to be Assertive and Confident” was conducted at Lawrence College for VIII and IX grade students by “Innovative Research Universities, Australia” in collaboration with “Initiate Learning” represented by Ms. Sabeeh Qayyum (Country Director IRU) and Ms. Uroos Nasir respectively. They talked about the significance of social skill of behavioral management and communication that will play a pivotal role in students’ lives in the time to come.
The topic was very much relevant to the students’ context. Students learnt about different communication styles. They were guided about aggressive, passive and passive-aggressive communication styles and how these styles of communication can have a negative impression. Students performed activities to understand these communication styles to have thorough understanding of the negativities involved in the said communication styles. The focus of the training remained on developing ‘assertive behavior’ and communication.
The students were introduced to the assertive style of communication. The trainers guided the students on how to remain assertive while respecting the rights of others. The trainers emphasized on the power of saying “No” to any wrong or unseemly demands.
The participation of students during the session was commendable. They asked pertinent questions from the guest speakers. The trainers kept the students engaged in different activities to keep them focused in the session.
Overall, it was a good session for the students as it intrigued their mind to think and behave assertively.

LCGG & ROZAN join hands for Child Protection Project

LCGG is committed to provide a safe and secure environment for all its students. As a responsible organization, we actively seek to promote the welfare of every student in our charge and ensure that they are protected from any harm (emotional, physical, or sexual). To raise awareness about this subject, LCGG collaborated with ROZAN to train the teaching and non-teaching staff on how to safeguard children’s basic rights, guide students to protect themselves, and build a strong communication bridge with the caretakers.

On 23rd August, 2021, training session was conducted with the child protection officers by the ROZAN facilitators Mrs. Zehra Kamal, a renowned psychologist, and Mr. Babar Bashir Managing Director, who effectively highlighted the theme and its significance in today’s world. Three interactive orientation sessions were also conducted with the different groups of students of Senior School, and it was a pleasure to see their active participation and positive response. Students’ feedback clearly reflects that they have ample background information and now the only need is to channelize it properly. For building blocks on this prior knowledge trainers are planning to hold such sessions for both Prep and Junior school boys in near future.

We hope that with this training session we have successfully achieved our objective to create awareness regarding this topic ensuring that our students now will feel more secure and confident. We will continue with this collaboration in future too to strengthen the skills of teaching and non-teaching staff along with the young Gallians for this particular subject. Three more sessions are planned with ROZAN during September/October 2021.

Training Workshop by Ms. Zehra Kamal Alam

Teaching training is an integral part of the educational development. With the same spirit, the administration at LCGG is keen to look for opportunities where professional skills of teachers could be improved.

One such workshop has been conducted by Ms. Zehra Kamal Alam. Ms. Zehra is a seasoned clinical psychologist. She has done masters in clinical psychologist from the University of Karachi and masters in Psychology of Education from the University of Columbia USA. She has also specialized in global mental health and trauma. She has been working on mental health and violence and rights issues for the past twenty two years. She is currently having her private practice where she treats clients and offer services to school systems and various NGOs.

The workshop aimed at discussing different issues regarding the emotional health of students and devising plans to resolve such issues. The sessions were attended by housemasters/housemistresses, AHMs and other faculty members. The problems were highlighted and measures to handle such issues were also discussed. Ms. Zehra Kamal conducted these sessions in an extremely efficient manner where everyone could discuss the problems openly and Ms. Zehra came up with pertinent measures to handle different situations regarding mental and emotional health of students.

All the faculty members found the sessions very useful which gave them knowledge and awareness regarding certain issues. The Principal and faculty thanked Ms. Zehra Kamal Alam for sparing time from her busy schedule and organizing such wonderful training programme.

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Workshop on Cyber Safety

Cyber safety is a very sensitive issue and it’s the need of the hour to sensitize our young generation about the significance of digital safety and adopting appropriate online behaviours.

Keeping these objectives in mind, LCGG collaborated with ITA to conduct the orientation sessions for our young learners.

A team of three trainers shared their experience about cyber safety, guided the students about threats of the digital world today and how to be resilient as well as cyber safe on 30th of June, 2021. Children enjoyed the discussion thoroughly and resolved to be digitally more literate. They played online game to assess their own learning about cyber safety.

We at LCGG are extremely thankful to (ITA &Telenor) for providing this much needed learning opportunity for the mutual benefit of students and teachers on campus.

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Faculty, Admin Staff, Matrons’ & PTIs’ Training Programme (15th of February to 27th of February, 2021)

Lawrence College is precisely focused on high quality professional growth of its faculty through extensive on-the-job training to enhance and enrich professional standards for better academic output of our students in all the three schools.

It’s a two-fold training programme in which external and internal trainers are invited to guide the faculty members of Junior, Prep and Senior Schools. It’s an utmost desire of the Principal to equip the faculty with the latest and student-centred pedagogical methods, strategies and techniques, so that the faculty may fully activate the potential of the students and the Gallians may not only excel in academics, but also in character and conduct.

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