Brig. Rao Abid Hameed (Retd) Passes Away

Brig. Rao Abid Hameed (Retd) former president (OGAP) passed away on 07-12-18. He joined Lawrence College in 1949 (Walker House) and got his Intermediate Certificate in 1956. He was an excellent human being, a thorough gentleman and a great cavalry soldier. He took part in two wars of 1965 and 1971. He also served the nation as a highly respected Human Rights Activist. The Principal, Staff and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Brig. Rao Abid (Retd). May Allah bless him in eternity and grant him highest ranks in Jannat.

Golden Lunch Junior School

It is an old custom to celebrate Golden Lunch annually in LCGG. The ceremony was held on 20th of November, 2018 in TV room at junior school. The event was celebrated with great enthusiasm over the past years. The Principal Lawrence College, Brig (Rtd) MujahidAlam, was the chief guest of the ceremony.

After recitation and translation, Rai Talal from grade 4 presented a stunning speech. He shared his feelings and experiences. He appreciated the efforts by teachers and all staff in their grooming. He cherished the memories of their stay in JS and thanked everybody for their contribution in making their life prosperous and successful, during their stay in junior school.

The certificates and prizes were awarded by the Principal to those young Gillian’s who performed well in curricular and co-curricular activities throughout the year. The medals and badges were given to the student who participated in IKSC. Jawad Akbar from grade 3 got the gold medal in IKSC 2018. The faculty members of junior School were also given away the participation certificates for attending Teachers’ Training Workshop in Feb-Mar-2018.

The Principal, in his address, appreciated the untiring efforts; put by the Headmistress Junior School, Madam Naheed Nadeem along with her team, for elevating the standards of the young boys up in academic and co-academic activities.

He appreciated the boys of junior school for improving their speaking skills, good discipline, hard work and significant improvement in their studies and confidence level.

He particularly advised the boys to pay respect to their parents when they would go home in the coming winter vacation and pay full attention to their studies including completion of their homework.

Golden Lunch is one of the marvellous traditions of GG which is held in recognition of the attainments of students in examinations, sports and co-curricular activities.

At the end, sumptuous and splendid lunch was served to all the faculty members, students and guests.

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Eid Milad-un-Nabi, 2018

The Junior School LCGG celebrated Eid Milad-un-Nabi with great fervour and enthusiasm on 16th November, 2018.The occasion started with recitation of the Holy Quran. The students of Junior School whole heartedly presented Qaseeda Burda Shareef which was so breathtaking that it touched the depth of the hearts. The students and teachers recited different naats along with Ahadis and Hikayas which explicit their deep love and extreme devotion towards Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H.). The chief guest of this occasion was Mrs. Humaira Mujahid.

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Dr Qibla Ayaz talks to Gallians

Realising the importance of character building, Principal Lawrence College invited Dr Qibla Ayaz, an eminent scholar, who talked to the Gallians and faculty on 13th of November, 2018. Dr Qibla Ayaz, former vice chancellor University of Peshawar and Islamia College University Peshawar, is the Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology.

Talking to the boys regarding different aspects of character building, Dr. Qibla Ayaz started with one of the most crucial element of social life, i.e., forgiveness. He said that we need to develop a culture of mutual respect, toleration, harmony and unity. We may have different point of view, but we need to understand and respect different arguments. He said that one of the most important things in life is to develop credibility. Giving example of one of the sayings of great Chinese philosopher Confucius, he said that you may gain power and wealth if you have credibility, but power and wealth can’t ensure credibility. He said that these students can prove the agents for change if they carry the good qualities of character to their homes and towns. He expressed his pleasure about visiting the Quaid and Iqbal Galleries in the Senior School Library where rare pictures of our role models were displayed. He advised the students to follow these role models, Quaid-e Azam and Allama Iqbal. Dr Qibla Ayaz highlighted that the perfect model for us to follow in all spheres of life is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW).

In the end, Principal thanked the guest for his valuable lecture and the precious time that he spared for the young Gallians. The guest was presented college souvenir by the Principal.

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Shaukat Nawaz Raja, an Eminent Old Gallian, Passes Away

Mr. Shaukat Nawaz Raja, SC 63 Walker House, an Eminent Architect, passed away on 13th of November, 2018. The Principal, staff and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Mr. Shaukat. May Allah bless his soul and grant him highest rank in Jannah.

Thanksgiving Lunch Senior School

The Senior School hosted a sumptuous Thanksgiving Lunch to recognize the tireless and most valuable services of the support-staff in the Senior School Mess on November 10, 2018. This golden tradition of Lawrence College was set by our worthy Principal four years back. The event was organized by the Intermediate Class under the guidance of the Vice Principal/Headmaster and the Housemasters.  The lunch was held in the Senior School Hall.

Present on the occasion, were the Senior School janitors, peons, gardeners, mess & dorm-bearers, sanitary staff, runners, drivers, security guards, and other on-call attendants. The worthy Principal brought rosy smiles to the worked-out faces of his guests by personally ensuring their comfort and happiness throughout the lunch. He had already directed the conveners to make apt arrangements for the attendees. The Gallians of Inter-19, including all the prefects, took pride in serving the support-staff with smiles and caring attitude; translating their worthy Principal’s sublime philosophy of humanism and goodwill into a sound reality.

It was a unique enactment of the maxim ‘Love Begets Love’– which resultantly, begets respect that further cements bond between the served and the service-givers; bringing homely harmony to the institutional environment. For the support-staff, it was a very happy occasion; full of cheers, respect, and care that usually remains an unfulfilled dream of the under-privileged staff in any part of the world. They were served with fine quality cuisines, drinks and desserts. The Principal thanked the junior staff for their devoted services and expressed his hope that they would continue with the same spirit next year. The support staff also thanked the Principal for encouraging them in such a nice way and recognizing their services.

Through this historic ceremony, the Principal also endeavoured to inculcate into the students, the worth of noble human and Islamic values that go hand in hand. Brushing aside sternly conventional administrative work-ways, the worthy Principal has always advocated and practiced a more embracing and natural administrative panache and aura, where education must not only remain a prerogative of the privileged class, but it must expand its wings also to accommodate, train and refine other people, working side by side with students and teachers at an educational institution. This is the true essence of education that the student community at Lawrence College will stash away as an asset to live a decent life.

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Iqbal Day

Iqbal is rightly known as the Poet of the East. No philosopher had a greater impact on any nation in the East, in at least last two centuries, than Iqbal who lit the fire for freedom in the hearts of the Muslims of the Subcontinent. Lawrence College administration has always endeavoured to familiarise the students with the message and philosophy of Iqbal. It is evident in the form of Bazm-e-Iqbal, Gosha-e-Iqbal, Iqbal Gallery and Qandeel-e-Iqbal (A course on Iqbaliat). Iqbal Day, 9th of November is also celebrated with great zeal and zest in order to recall the outstanding contribution of our great national leader and poet.

This year, we were fortunate to have Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali as the chief guest on Iqbal Day as nobody else could have been a better choice for this occasion than him whose days and nights pass in spreading the message of Iqbal. Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali is from the tenth line among the descendent of Hazrat Sultan Bahoo, an eminent Sufi Saint of the sub-continent. He is Chairman of the MUSLIM Institute working for Mission of Unity, Stability and Leadership in Muslims, Chief Editor of monthly magazine Mirrat-ul-Arifeen International”, Chairman of Al-Arifeen Group of Publications & Al-Arifeen Digital Production. He has visited many countries with delegations representing Pakistan. He is a well-read person who is also quite active in writing on variety of issues from reformation of humanity, stability of Pakistan to unity of Muslim Ummah, etc.

The proceedings started with the National Anthem. It was followed by recitation from the Holy Quran and translation by Mir Talha Sohaib  and Muhammad Shaheer. The Junior School students presented Kalam-e-Iqbal in their melodious voice. The Prep School students also entertained the audience with Kalam-e-Iqbal in a magnificent way.

The chief guest Sahibzada Sultan Ahmad Ali, in his moving address, highlighted the important aspects of the philosophy in the poetry of Allama Iqbal and impact of that philosophy, all over the world. He said that we should be proud of being the nation of Iqbal. He discussed the universality of the message of Iqbal and said that the philosophy of Iqbal is as inspiring today as it was eighty years back. Iqbal advised us to be united and being polite even if we have a difference of opinion. He advised the students to shun any negative thoughts and focus on positivity. In this regard, he gave the example of honey bee and other bees, differentiating that the honey bee extracts nectar from the flowers and benefits the humanity with the honey produced in this way. On the other hand, other flies sit on the garbage and are a source of spreading diseases. The chief guest appreciated the administration of the College for attaching great importance to the thoughts of Iqbal in an effort to groom our generations in the right way.

At the end of the address, the students asked a number of thought-provoking questions which were answered by the guest speaker in a pertinent way.

The Principal, in his closing remarks, thanked the chief guest for such an exceptional talk. He said that we would like to have him again here for some talk whenever possible. He also presented the College souvenir to the guest.

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All Pakistan Inter-Collegiate Bilingual Declamation Contest, 2018

All Pakistan Inter-Collegiate Bilingual Declamation Contest was held at Lawrence College on 28th of October, 2018. The audience had the opportunity to enjoy powerful speeches of best orators from all over Pakistan. Teams from different educational institutions including Aitchison College Lahore, Government College University Lahore, FC College University Lahore, Government College University Faisalabad, Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad, Military College Sui, Government College for Women Murree, Beaconhouse School Lahore, Beaconhouse School Sargodha and Presentation Convent Murree visited Lawrence College.

The purpose of this competition was to provide the students of participating schools and colleges a forum to express their novel ideas, gain recognition and confidence. It also provided the students and teachers of these institutions an opportunity to come closer, understand each other and learn from each other’s’ experiences. Principal Lawrence College Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd) was the chief guest on the occasion.

Addressing the audience, the Chief Guest, at the very outset thanked all the guest teams for gracing the APDC. He said that he was very happy to be there and listen to such fine speeches delivered by the talented young speakers. He stated that it was not an easy task to face a large number of audience and present one’s ideas in a logical, coherent and convincing manner. He specially congratulated the position holders for showing outstanding performance. He felicitated the team of Military College Sui for being the overall winners. He appreciated the standard of the declamation contest and commended the efforts of the organisers for arranging a wonderful contest.

In the end, the guests were served a sumptuous lunch.

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Former HMPS, Mr. Yousaf Qureshi, Passes Away

Mr. Yousaf Qureshi, Former Headmaster Prep School, passed away on 29th of October, 2018.  Mr. Qureshi joined Lawrence College in 1955 and worked as a teacher,  housemaster and as Headmaster Prep School (1987–1989). His wife, Helen Qureshi, also worked as a teacher for quite some time.

The Principal, staff and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Mr. Yousaf Qureshi. May Allah bless his soul and grant him highest rank in Jannah.

HSSC Part-I Result 2018

Gallians proved their mettle once again with good result in HSSC Part 1 examination of BISE Rawalpindi. 62 students appeared for HSSC Part-I Examination 2018. 32 students passed their examination by securing A+ Grade, 17 students got A Grade, 10 students passed in Grade B while 3 students got C Grade. Ehtisham Jadoon remained at the top by securing 91.29% marks. Aimal Khan remained second by obtaining 90.96% marks while Waseem Sajjad secured third position by obtaining 90.50% marks.

Students’ hard work and dedication of the teachers paid and they showed such wonderful result. The result not only showcases the talent of the students   but is an outcome of the able guidance of the Headmaster Senior School and envisioned patronage of the Principal.

We hope and pray that Gallians continue to produce such wonderful results in the years to come.

Sports Fixture – LC vs AC

The Annual Sports Fixture between the senior teams Aitchison College and Lawrence College was played from 25-28 of October, 2018. The Lawrence College teams visited Aitchison College. Gallians put up an excellent show in the field. Aitchisonians won basketball and cricket. We won athletics, while football and hockey ended in a draw. Gallians played all the matches with great spirit.

The basketball match was played in the morning of 26th of October. The Gallians played well, but Aitchisonians won the opening match by 36 to 21. It was followed by 800 metre race. Gallians prevailed the victory stand. Talha Qureshi, Hassam Siddique and Suleman Khan remained victorious with first, second and third position respectively. The hockey match was played in the evening of 26th of October. This was one of the most exciting games of the whole fixture. The match ended in a draw with no goal on the score board. Shehryar Abbasi, Husnain Babar and Rana Mateen put up an excellent show.

The remaining athletics events were held in the morning of 27th of October. Gallians dominated in track and field events with outstanding performance of Osaja, Zulfiqar, Kamran, Anees, Talha and Noor. They won 4 X 100 Metre Relay, 200 Metre and Discus Throw. The cricket match was played in the afternoon of 27th of October. Aitchisonians kept up their tradition of being dominant in the cricket field. Gallians set a target of 77 runs which Aitchisonians met in 13 overs. The performance of AC captain Nail Dar was commendable.

Football match was played in the morning of 28th of October. It was a very close game and both the teams played equally good. On the final whistle, the honours were even, with each team scoring two goal. From Gallians’ side, Saad Shafqat and Sabuktageen scored spectacular goals. Performance of Asghar Khan and Junaid Iqbal is also worth mentioning.

Earlier on, a formal dinner was served in the honour of Gallians in the evening of 27th of October. The Principal of Aitchison College appreciated the spirit and conduct of Gallians. Souvenirs were exchanged on the occasion. Gallians commended the Principal, staff and students of Aitchison College for looking after our teams so well.

We appreciate our teams and coaches for exhibiting sportsmanship and congratulate Aitchison College teams for winning the fixture.

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Sports Fixture Colts

The Sports Fixture between the junior teams of Lawrence College Murree and Aitchison College Lahore was played at Lawrence College from 26th-28th of October, 2018.

On 26th of October, 2018, the fixture started with the hockey match. Although the hockey team of Aitchison College played very well, yet couldn’t succeed in scoring any goal against the host team and Lawrence College won the match by 2-0.

On 27th October, 2018, the cricket match was played between both the sister-institutions. The opening batsmen of the guest team performed very well and made more than 100 runs. Aitchison team gave a target of 150 to win. Gallians played equally well and lost the match by 4 runs only.

Athletics was held on 26th and 27th of October. Five events were held and Gallians athletes outshone Aitchisonians in almost all the events. The position in Athletics is as follows: 

Event Event Won by Overall Winner
100 Metre Race AC  


Lawrence College


200 Metre Race LC
4*100  Metre Relay LC
Discus Throw LC
Long Jump AC

 On 27th of October, a formal dinner was served in honour of the young Aitchisonians. The Principal Lawrence College, Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam, graced the ceremony as the chief guest. Mr Jonathan Wright, the Director Cricket Aitchison College, thanked the College administration for such a caring, loving and professional environment they were given at the Lawrence College.

In his address, Principal Lawrence College highly appreciated the sportsmanship of the guest teams as well as their grooming. He added that the colts of Aitchison were also like his sons and the future of this nation. The Principal further said that these events gave the students, from both the Colleges, an opportunity to develop friendship, share experiences, exchange views and strengthen bonds of friendship between them. He wished the best of luck to both the contingents for the upcoming football match next morning. He gave away tokens of love to Aitchisonians and souvenirs to their chaperons.

On the last day of the fixture, 28th of October, the football match was played. Aitchisonians also played well, but the day of departure resulted in win of Gallians by 2-0.. After a warm farewell, the Aitchisonians left for Lahore. Gallians won the fixture by 3 to 1.

Career Counseling Conference at Agha Khan University

Mrs Uzma Afzal, Mr Amir Ali Asad and Mr Sajjad Satti, College career counselors, got an opportunity to attend the AKU Career Counseling conference on 25th October, 2018. It provided an opportunity to have an insight at what AKU, as a world renowned higher educational platform with diverse disciplines offers to the young intermediate graduates including medical, social sciences and various short courses. It also proved to be a great experience regarding interaction with other counselors from across the country, visiting Habib University, Institute of Educational Development and AK School and College.

The highlights of the programme are as follows:

  • Admission Process for AKU and its Criterion, interview Skills
  • Contribution in the Society
  • Academic Scholarships Programs

Students’ programmes, types, importance, and methods of Counseling, AKU Curriculum and Philosophy, Teachers’ Training, Conferences and short courses are offered at AKU in Karachi. Gallians can benefit from all this by considering AKU also while opting for their careers and making decisions about their academic future. It would be a seamless transition between two prestigious educational platforms where Gallians would get a chance to share all their positive learning at their alma mater and inculcate, into their peers in future, the values and beliefs they had been practicing at LCGG, raising its flag higher than ever.

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A Clean Sweep in Annual Sports Fixture against APS

The Abbottabad Public School sports contingent reached Ghora Gali in the evening of 18th of October, 2018 to play the Annual Sports Fixture. The fixture was played from 19t  to 20th October, 2018. After a wonderful show in the field, Gallians had a clean sweep and won the fixtures by remaining victorious in basketball, hockey and cricket while football was drawn.

The fixture started in the morning of 19th of October with the basketball match. Gallians outdid Abbottonians in the match and won it by 50 to 22. The hockey match was played in the evening of 19th of October. Gallians dominated the field and won the match by 5 to 1.

The cricket match was played in the morning of 20th of October. Abbottonians set a target of 114 runs. Gallians met the target in the 19th over. The football match was played in the evening of 20th of October. Both the teams displayed marvellous skills and the match ended in a draw as each team had two goals in its account

Earlier, a formal dinner was served in honour of the guest teams in the evening of 19th of October. Souvenirs were exchanged on the occasion. Principal Lawrence College, while addressing the gathering, said that the purpose of these traditional fixtures is to develop friendship and sportsman spirit. We play with our sister institutions and not against them. Principal Abbottabad Public School, a Gallian himself, said he was very happy to be there as it was after 51 years that he was visiting his first alma mater. He recalled the days when he was in the Junior School almost 53 years back. He appreciated both the schools for showing a splendid performance in the matches and expressed his hope that the students from both the sister institutions would exhibit true sportsman spirit.

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Gallians Visit Special Education Centre Murree

Selfless and supportive acts for the suffering humanity leave everlasting impact on the mind and soul. They also make us realize the worth of Allah’s blessings on us. Keeping in view the significance of such activities, we hereby proposed “A Day among Special Children”. 19 students from Intermediate Part-II, accompanied by five faculty members, visited Special Education Centre, Murree. The day spent with those humble and tender creatures had certain objectives like dignity of blessed children, empathy and thankfulness feelings in our students.

Apart from a welfare activity, this visit aimed at certain other assignments regarding their language – report writing, article writing and also diverse topics for their public speaking sessions based on their first-hand information and experience. The activities included distribution of gifts, toys and learning articles; painting and discussion sessions with the students of SEC Murree. It inspired and motivated our students to work with more devotion and honesty to contribute to the nation as healthy and blessed human beings.

We are sure, the belief and contribution in such activities will encourage our students to undertake these activities as a regular feature of our annual activity calendar. In the second phase, we shall invite those kids to LC for various healthy activities (Sports, Art, Music, IT, Iqbal Day, Performing Arts, etc.) and to spend time with us to make them realize that they are as important for the country as other kids around them are.  

May Allah help and support us in our efforts to support the special people among us.

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White Cane Safety Day Observed at Senior School

White Cane Safety Day is observed annually on October 15 to appreciate the contribution of visually impaired citizens and the white cane as a tool promoting independent travel.

The day was observed at Senior School on 15th of October, 2018. In a combined morning assembly, Saad Sakhawat from Peake House highlighted the purpose and importance of the day. He said that we need to recognize the fact that visually impaired people have always contributed to their nation and country as good as those who could see. Those who can’t see have stronger observation than those who can see with their eyes.  He quoted Helen Keller who said that the seeing see little. It means that those who can’t see, observe the things more deeply as compared to those who can see with their eyes.

The purpose of observing this day was to make ourselves realise that we need to take care of the visually impaired people and should never consider them inferior to us in any way.

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Morning Assembly on Dignity

Dignity Day is celebrated to make everyone realise that each citizen living in this world has the rights and deserves respect. Dignity means the state of being worthy of honour and respect or human rights.

Dignity was observed on 13th October, 2018 at LCGG Junior School.

The Wightwick house gave a tribute to all the custodian staff by conducting a morning assembly on the theme of’ Dignity’. The students collected their pocket money and gave gifts to all the custodian staff as a token of love. Abdul Nafay from grade 4 delivered the marvelous speech on the importance of Dignity.

‘When it comes to human dignity, we cannot make compromises’.

Old Gallians’ Reunion

Since 2014, old Gallians’ gathering has been institutionalized by the Principal LC and is held once a year. It not only gives the old students of this great institution a chance to recall their memories of the stay here, but it also gives the College administration a chance to have the views of the old students who always show great concern and interest in the College affairs.

Alumni Reunion was held at LCGG on Sunday, 7th of October, 2018. A large number of old students attended the reunion. The meeting was held in Hamid Hall. Mr. Farooq Meyer, President of OGAP 2016-2019, welcomed all the old Gallians and appreciated the College Administration for the great achievements GG had in academics and overall grooming of the students.

After address by the President OGAP, Patron–in-Chief of OGAP, Principal Lawrence College Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd), briefed the alumni about the progress and development at the College. After the Principal’s speech, the house was open for the old Gallians for their questions, suggestions and views.

The old Gallians thanked the Principal for facilitating the Reunion and providing the alumni a platform for their gathering. The meeting was followed by a sumptuous lunch.

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Gallians of Prep School Observe Teachers’ Day

Teachers’ Day was observed by the young Gallians of Prep School on 5th of October, 2018. A special assembly was held to honour the contributions and untiring efforts of the teachers in academic excellence, character building and enlightening the hearts of the boys.

After recitation by Zaid Ahmed, a speech on Teachers’ Day was delivered by M. Ali Waqar, Class -7, to pay homage to the teachers. He shared, ‘Teachers are reshaping our future and kindling the fire of knowledge.’

On behalf of the Principal Lawrence College, appreciation cards were given away by the Headmaster Prep School, Mr. Imtiaz Akhtar Ranjha, to the teachers as a token of recognition of their unbeaten efforts in the field of education.

The Headmaster added that services of the teachers to step the nation up were matchless. He thanked all members of the faculty for their contributions. Hi-tea was served in honour of the teachers during the break.

Teacher's Day observed at Junior School, 2018

The influence of a good teacher can never be erased.

Teacher’s Day is a day for celebrating and thanking teachers for their hard work and dedication. It is celebrated by many countries since 19th century to commemorate the contribution of teachers to the society and nation. The motive of celebration is to honour the Teachers.Teacher’s Day was also celebrated on 5th October 2018, at LCGG. It was organized to show gratitude towards teachers. All the staff and teachers were enthusiastic and excited for the celebration. They all gathered for the cake cutting ceremony. Later on the cards were given to all the teachers as a token of love by the Prinicipal Brig. (Retd) Mujahid Alam.

A Teacher plays great role in the student’s lives.

A good teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others.

Founders’ Day, 2018

158th Founders’ Day was held in Jamali Stadium on Thursday, 27th September, 2018 where the young Gallians put up an excellent show and received great appreciation from the spectators. The chief guest was an illustrious old Gallian Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad Sahibzada. He held a number of prestigious posts in the civil service of Pakistan including Chief Secretary, Managing Director Federal Bank for Cooperatives, the Cabinet Secretary, Chairman of the Federal Land Commission (with the status of a Federal Minister) and Ombudsman (Provincial Mohtasib) of Pakistan.

A large number of guests, Old Gallians and parents attended the function, March Past, PT Display, Gymnastics and Martial Arts Show were the main features of the Founders’ Day proceedings.

The Principal Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd) presented the Annual Report of the College. He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Chief Guest and other guests for gracing the occasion. He said that the College administration is doing its best for grooming and training of the students.

The Chief Guest, while addressing the gathering, recalled the days when he studied here. He congratulated all the houses for their commendable performance. He reminded the young Gallians that the motto of every house is purposeful and we need to understand and follow the meanings. He also appreciated the efforts of the College management, faculty and Gallians for the significant development in all spheres of life.

The guests were served with refreshments at the end of the function.

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Tennis and Badminton Courts

Principal LCGG, realizing the fact that tennis is a world famous game and is a game of physical strength, has reintroduced tennis for Senior School boys. The infrastructure for these courts was there but had been dormant for about a decade. The revival of tennis is a treat for the Gallians of Senior School.

The Principal LCGG, knowing the fact that a boy enters his teenage before entering Senior School and it is essential that his physical training starts before he joins Senior School, has introduced three new badminton courts in Prep School and got two old courts renovated. This effort will contribute to the physical growth of the students of Prep School.

Defence of Pakistan Day

Defence Day of Pakistan was celebrated at Lawrence with traditional fervour and enthusiasm. Students and faculty of the three schools assembled at the Yadgar-e-Shuhada in the morning of 6th of September. Principal LCGG was the chief guest of the ceremony. He, on his own behalf, on behalf of the faculty and Gallians laid wreath at the Yadgar-e-Shuhada. Naara-e-Pakistan was raised as an expression of love for our sweet homeland.

After the wreath-laying, the function started with recitation from the Holy Quran. The Principal, in his speech paid tribute to the martyrs, whether they were army personnel, civilians or policemen, who laid their lives in defence of their motherland. He said that these shuhada sacrificed their lives for Pakistan without keeping any prejudice of religion, caste, religion or sect in their mind. He urged the gathering to observe one minute’s silence in the honour of Shuhada. 

Du’a for the protection and prosperity of Pakistan was offered by Hafiz Zafar Hayat, Head of Islamic Studies Department. The ceremony concluded with national anthem.

After the wreath-laying ceremony at Yadgar-e-Shuhada, a seminar with the title “Reigniting the National Spirit” was held in Hamid Hall by CGSS (Centre for Global Strategic Studies).  A panel of highly experienced officials talked to the boys regarding different aspects of 1965 War and paid tribute to all the Shuhada of Pakistan.

Following the welcome address by Principal Lawrence College Brigadier Mujahid Alam (Retd), Air Marshal Waseem-ud-Din, HI (M), S. Bt, (Retd) highlighted the role of Pakistan Air Force in 1965 War. Brigadier Akhtar Nawaz Janjua, (Retd) discussed the role of youth in nation building. Mr. Amer Hashmi, President Nust Global Think Tank Network, talked to the boys about 21st Century Vision of Pakistan; An Era of Technological Advancements. Mr. Tauqir Ahmed, member Advisory Board – CGSS, recounted the important events and dilated upon the significance of September 1965 in the life of Pakistanis. Major General (Retd) Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery, HI (M), President CGSS, told the audience what CGSS is and how does it help various stakeholders in formulating policies.

In his concluding address, Lieutenant General Muhammad Zahir ul Islam, HI (M), (Retd), Chairman CGSS, discussed how armed forces and nation stood together to defend the Motherland in September 1965. He paid tribute to all Shuhada, whether they were from armed forces, police or civilians.

After speeches by the members of the esteemed panel, Gallians asked some very pertinent questions from different speakers in the question-answer session. The knowledgeable speakers answered every question in detail and the students were able to clear many confusions that they had in their minds.

The seminar concluded with national anthem.

Lawrence College Model United Nations 2018

The Second Edition of Lawrence College Model United Nations was held from 1st September to 3rd September, 2018. LCMUN was a simulation of four Committees: United Nations Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Human Rights Council and National Assembly of Pakistan.

On 1st September 112 delegates, chaperones and chairpersons arrived to be the part of this mega event. The Principal Lawrence College and Secretary General LCMUN welcomed the participants in their opening address. Moreover, Asmar Peerzada a young singer entertained the audience with his enchanting voice.

On 2nd September three debating sessions were organized in all the committees of LCMUN. The topics discussed in the committees included: water crisis in Pakistan, credibility of Pakistan’s General elections, right to freedom of opinion and expression, equitable access to safe drinking water as a human right, use of chemical weapons in conflict zones, situation in the Middle East revolving around Israel Palestine conflict, elimination of racism and xenophobia from society. A bonfire event was arranged in the evening where delegates and Gallians displayed their talents of singing and dancing. Boys amused the audience with their amazingly superb skill of singing.

On the final day of LCMUN, all the committees came up with solutions to the issues under discussion. Active participation of all the delegates in the debates was truly commendable. The closing ceremony of LCMUN was held in the afternoon. A distinguished old Gallian and former Ambassador Afrasiab Mehdi was the guest of honour. The best and outstanding delegates and chairpersons were awarded with shields and certificates.

Mr. Afrasiab, the chief Guest of the occasion, congratulated the delegates and management of LCGG for arranging such a great event where students could explore their talent and know about the real functions on UN.

Finally, after a farewell dinner for the delegates, a musical concert was arranged. The young singers Zuha Zuberi, Asmar Peerzada and Soch band entertained the audience with their splendid performance.

LCMUN provided the students with the opportunity to improve their knowledge and awareness of the most relevant international issues and come up with advanced, feasible and innovative proposals for action.

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Young Gallians of Prep School Participate in Inter-House Spellathon Competition

Inter-House Spellathon Competition was held in Prep School Movie Hall on Friday 31st August, 2018. This was the first time, Prep School Gallians experienced internal spelling competition. The Principal Lawrence College, Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam, graced the occasion as the chief guest.

The contest started with recitation and translation of the Holy Qur’an. In this Inter-House Spellathon Competition, nine boys took part from grade 5, 6 and 7 each and the total number of the participants in this maiden contest was thirty-six. A word bank was given to all contestants according to their grades.  The contest was not only informative but interesting also. The spelling competition grabbed the attention of the audience.

The Headmaster Prep School, Mr Imtiaz Akhtar Ranjha, declared the house-wise result and expressed his views in a very short and brief way. Walker House secured first position followed by Wright House.

Principal Lawrence College, in his address, appreciated the confidence, active participation, pronunciation and skill of the participants in Individual, Discussion and Rapid Fire Round.  He also commended the efforts of the Headmaster, housemasters, English Department and all the staff for making ‘Spellathon’ a successful event.

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Orientation Session by Red Crescent Society

Orientation session and Oath-Taking Ceremony of Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) was recently held on Wednesday, 29th August at Hamid Hall. Red Crescent is an international organization which aims to protect human life and health. It helps people who are in a situation of crises and trouble because of some natural disaster, calamity or war. It provides temporary shelter, food, water, blood and other medical help to the victims or sufferers.

An inspiring speech was given by Rohail Abbas, dilating upon the set-up, working and importance of volunteers in the organization. He said volunteers are the backbone of Red Crescent Movement. According to him, all the volunteers, including himself, are dedicated, motivated and committed people in making a difference, in the lives of those who are in need of it. It was also highlighted during the programme that First Aid Programme has been the flagship programme of PRCS.

First Aid Training is the strength of Pakistan Red Crescent Society. It was also told that PRCS Blood Transfusion Service embodies the spirit of ‘altruism’ and believes in the principle of voluntary unpaid blood donation to save humanity.

Following were honoured with various designations on the roll by the PRCS team:

President: Principal, Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd.)
Chairman: Mr. Ahmed Yar (Lecturer, Senior School)
Vice Chairman: Mr. Ijaz Ahmed (Lecturer, Senior School)
Secretary: Osaja Hassan (Head Boy)
Deputy Secretary: Arbab Rizwan (Deputy Head Boy)
Treasurer: Jawad Shafqat (Prefect PK House)

The session was concluded with the oath-taking of the young Gallians by the PRCS team, pledging “First to reach and last to leave,” in times of any natural calamity or disaster.

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Open House at Principal’s Residence on Eid-ul-Azha

Eid-ul-Azha or the Festival of Sacrifice is celebrated by the Muslims all over the world to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Ibrahim (AS). The festival was celebrated in the College with traditional joy and fervour on 22nd August, 2018. It was an open house at the Principal’s residence. Although, all the students and most faculty members were on Eid leave, yet a large number of admin staff and some faculty members along with their families visited the Principal’s residence. It also included many junior staff such as sanitary workers, gardeners, guards, bearers, etc.

The guests were greeted by Begum Principal and the Principal himself. The guests were served with many traditional dishes. It provided the staff an opportunity to exchange Eid greetings with the Principal and also with each other. Such invitations of the Principal have always encouraged the staff and have helped in developing a cordial working relationship among all staff members.

Another Excellent Result Shown by Gallians

Our students have made us all proud yet again by showcasing a stellar result. This type of result is always the outcome of strenuous efforts by the students under the envisioned patronage of the Principal.

45 students appeared for SSC Part-I Examination 2018. 38 students passed their examination by securing A+ Grade while 7 students got A Grade. Tashfeen Bin Ahmed stood first by securing 489 marks. Muhammad Usama Tahir remained second by obtaining 484 marks while Ali Haider secured third position by obtaining 477 marks.

This result is not only a reflection of the talent shown by the students, but it also speaks volumes about the hard work put in by the teachers.

Independence Day, 2018

Independence Day is celebrated every year at Lawrence College with great verve and enthusiasm. This year too, all the students were eager to participate in the Independence Day celebrations. They started decorating their dorms and houses passionately with flags, buntings and lights in the evening of 13th August.

The Chief Guest of the Independence Day celebrations was Principal Lawrence College Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam. The celebrations started with combined assembly in the Senior School lawn. National flag was hoisted, naa’ra-e-Pakistan was raised and du’a was offered for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.

After the flag hoisting in the lawn, the students and staff moved to Hamid Hall where the main function was held. The chief Guest on the occasion was Professor Dr. Minhaj-ul-Hassan from the University of Peshawar. The Director General of Rescue 1122 Service, Dr. Rizwan Naseer, had also been invited as a special guest. The function started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Waqas Khan of Class V and its translation by Shahraiz Bhatti of Class VI. After the recitation, Adeel Achakzai of Class I from Junior School, Yahya Khalid of Class VII from Prep School and Usman Abro of Class X from Senior School highlighted the sacrifices and struggle of our forefathers in creation of Pakistan. The headboy Osaja Hassan Zaidi also shared his views on this auspicious occasion. The Junior School students presented a tableau depicting some aspects of the culture of Pakistan. A milli naghama was presented by Junior and Prep School students.

The chief guest, Dr. Minhaj-ul-Hassan, in an exquisite manner, highlighted the important aspects of the journey of Pakistan movement and development of the ideology of Pakistan through different phases. He said that the Muslims of the Subcontinent and Hindus, despite living together for centuries, couldn’t amalgamate with each other. Their religion, their culture and their values are different. That was the reason that the leaders of the Pakistan Movement, from Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to Allama Iqbal, who initially believed in the unity of Hindus and Muslims, were forced to reach the conclusion that Hindus and Muslims can’t work together. That’s why, these leaders struggled for an independent state where Muslims could live freely according to their own culture and civilization.

The Principal, at the very outset of his address, thanked the honourable guests of honour for gracing the function with their presence. He thanked Dr. Minhaj-ul-Hassan for such an insightful talk and said that he left us some very important points, food for thought, so that we must seriously consider. On the occasion, the Principal said, “There is no doubt that it is the day of joy and celebrations because the gift of the freedom of liberty is the most precious gift that a nation or people can have. We should be eternally grateful to the founding fathers of the Pakistan Movement, starting from Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to Muhammad Ali Jinnah and all his colleagues, to the millions of common people who gave the ultimate sacrifice with their life and with their blood, so that today we are living in a free country and this is what we must acknowledge without any hesitation. He also said that it is also a day of refraction and introspection. In the end, he appreciated the concerned faculty members, staff and students for arranging such a dignified function 

The function concluded with national anthem and refreshments.

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Special Assembly in Honour of High Achievers in SSC Part-II Examination 2018

A special assembly was held in the Senior School on 12th August, 2018 to honour and appreciate the students for producing record-breaking result in SSC Part-II Examination, 2018.

Principal Lawrence College was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He shook hands with the high achievers and the teachers of SSC Class. Top three students have been awarded full scholarship on showing excellent performance in SSC Part-II Examination. Eighteen students were awarded cash prizes under Raja Zahur Khan Academic Excellence Award whereas twenty one high achievers in academics, who got A+ grade, were awarded Principal’s Honour Badges.

The Principal, in his speech on the occasion, highly commended the hard work of the students who had scored high grades with their dedication and honest genuine efforts. He also appreciated the sincere efforts of the Vice Principal and Headmaster Senior School M Arshad Iqbal Ch., Deputy Headmaster Mr. M. Ishaque Khan, housemasters and teachers who remain busy with the boys and without whose hard work this success would not have been possible.

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Prep School Gallians Participate in Poster Making Under the Umbrella of WWF

In an effort to raise awareness of wildlife conservation particularly the challenges facing some protected species and to inspire young Gallians of Prep School to add their voices and to use their artistic talents, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Islamabad, launched on 3rd of August, 2018, a contest of poster designs to illustrate the themes of Climate Change, Water Conservation and Alternate Renewable Energy Sources.

The aim of this Poster Making Competition was urging Gallians to play their role in protecting the amazing wild animals and plants which share the Blue Planet with us. Habitat loss, climate change and energy sources are among the most alarming challenges faced by wildlife today.

The Gallians, with the help of posters, tried to send the message that human beings hold the future of all wildlife in their hands. Failure to take actions now will have immediate consequences to the whole life on the earth.

‘Together Possible,’ was their joint theme as the generations of the 21st Century. We, either as mankind in a collective sense, or as an individual, all have a role to play. Everyone can give a hand. Everyone can help spread the words and ‘Together,’ we can make everything ‘Possible.’

They transformed their collective ideas into concrete form on white sheets with a wide range of colours. The selection of colour, contrast, background and messages of their posters were unique but linked with the themes. Group leaders also gave presentations on their work by their concerned groups.

They exhibited their creativity and innovation through the poster making activity and sent a positive message of saving environment.

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Astronomy Club Explores the Space

The longest total lunar eclipse of 21st Century took place on Friday, July 27, 2018. The total phase of the Blood Moon eclipse lasted for 1 hour and 43 minutes, during which Earth’s natural satellite turned a spectacular red or ruddy-brown colour. From start to end, the entire celestial event lasted for nearly 4 hours. The Astronomy Club made this event more special by setting the telescope. Senior School students enjoyed view of the Blood Moon.

On 31st July, 2018, Mars and Earth got closer than ever since 2003. Mars came closer to Earth in 2003 in some 60,000 years, and it’s now only slightly farther from Earth. It’s about 35.78 million miles (57.59 million km) away at its closest point to Earth, on July 31 at 08:00 UTC (Universal Time Coordinated). This time, the encounter between the Earth and Mars was the closest ever. This encounter is likely to take place again on September 15, 2035. To view this historical event of the century, Astronomy Club Physic Dept. arranged a beautiful show for the Prep and the Junior School students in the Prep School field. Not only the students but families also enjoyed the show.

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Career Counselling Sessions by Mr. Raza Abbas

Mr. Raza Abbas is a well-known career counselor as well as researcher in the field and has been working with international organizations including the World Bank. There are a number of researches in the field of career counseling to his credit and he is one of the pioneers in the domain in Pakistan.

He reached LC on 21st July, Saturday and was welcomed by Career Counselling Cell of the college. The very evening he conducted a profound seminar in Hamid Hall for students. He detailed the significance and scope of career counselling and also answered keen questions of the students at the end of the discussion. His discussion centered on the importance of self-awareness and future planning.

Even more important was his individual sessions with the boys in the senior school library which continued till afternoon of 24th July, Tuesday. He spent a valuable time with the Gallians and left no stone unturned in guiding them in their pursuit of future planning and career selection. He had his own way of interacting with the boys. He was so keen and sincere in his job that the students felt no reluctance in opening up their hearts to him. He advised them in the most appropriate and professional way.

These steps by the Principal will strengthen the idea of career guidance and will prove to be an important part of the efforts for academic excellence in the institution. Gallians expressed their satisfaction on such programmes and thanked the management for inviting seasoned professional like Mr. Raza Abbas to LCGG.

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Ahmad Sohail Raises the Benchmark Higher

Ahmad Sohail

Lawrence College attained third position in SSC Part-II Rawalpindi Board Exam 2018. Ahmad Sohail secured third position in BISE Rawalpindi by securing 1078/1100 marks, highest marks scored by any Gallian in SSC. He belongs to the city of Liaqatpur, District Rahim Yar Khan, in the southern Punjab. He has been studying and residing in the College for the last four years. Ahmad Sohail earned recognition of an assiduous student who is confident and equally diligent in co-curricular activities. He ascribes his achievement to his parents and teachers whom he rates as source of inspiration for him. In practical life, Ahmad aspires to be a CSP officer.

Gallians Prove their Mettle in SSC Examination

The inspirational guidance of the Principal to the students has finally brought the best ever result in history of the College. It is the outcome of untiring efforts and round the clock interest of the Vice Principal and Headmaster Senior School Mr. Arshad Iqbal Chaudhry. Continuous guidance and supervision of the teachers also played the pivotal role in bringing such an extraordinary improvement as they never relaxed in expending efforts to raise the benchmarks which are synonymous with the College motto ‘Never give In’.

38 out of 41 students who appeared in the examination got A+ grade while three students secured A grade. Ahmed Sohail attained third position  in SSC Part II Rawalpindi Board Exam 2018 and stood first in the College by scoring 1078 marks while Shahzad Ahmad with 1059 and Muhammad Musawer Khan with 1057 marks got second and third positions respectively.

Result Synopsis:

A+: (80% and above): 38 Students

A: (70% to 79.9%): 03 Students

Above 90%: 25 Students

Overall GPA: 5.93 (at the scale of 6)

Overall Class Percentage (Marks obtained): 90.25%

Book Festival in Collaboration with NBF

To promote the habit of reading among our students, a book fair was held at Lawrence College from 13th to 15th July, 2018 in collaboration with NBF (National Book Foundation). The fair brought along a wide treasure trove of age- appropriate books that empowered the children of all ages to select the books they would like to read; thus igniting a passion for reading in them. The three-day fair included activities like Mushaira, book launch, lucky book draws, quiz competition and book reading. The students’ excitement and enthusiasm for the book fair was once again very high. The fair was inaugurated by Barrister Syed Ali Zafar, caretaker Minister for information, National History and literary heritage.

Wide range of books of all literary genres was displayed at the book fair. Children and the staff members enjoyed the fair and selected the books of their choice. The opportunity to browse books of so many varieties and in a large number at a time was a wonderful experience for the students and other guests who had come to attend the book fair.

In order to preserve the rich literary composite and cultural heritage of Urdu language, Mushaira was organized on 14th of July. Urdu poetry stood tall with all its glory, majesty and melody. The packed auditorium reverberated with thunderous applause and traditional wah wah for the poets’ presentations on stage. Hosts of the evening, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Sajjad and Mr. Mehboob Zafar, attracted the audience with their exquisite expression of Urdu. They introduced the renowned poets to the audience and invited them on stage amid thunderous ovation. Special guests on the occasion were Mr. Abbas Tabish and Mr. Sarfaraz Shahid. Dr Ehsan Akbar presided the splendid function.

The Principal, talking to the august gathering on the occasion, thanked the worthy poets for such a wonderful evening. He said that it will be a permanent feature of the College calendar. He also thanked the administration of NBF for a well-organized Book Festival.

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Sports Day 2018

The Annual Sports Day was held on July 12, 2018. As usual, a great deal of planning, practising and hard work went into organizing this eventful day. The event was attended by parents of the students and other guests from different walks of life. Mr Anis Khan Satti, an illustrious old Gallian, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the Sports Day function could not be held in the open ground. The prize-giving ceremony was held in Hamid Hall. The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Mir Talha Shoaib and translation by Faizan Rasheed from Class – VIII. The Prep and Junior School students presented a national song

The Principal, in his speech on the occasion, welcomed the Chief Guest, all the parents and local guests. He highlighted the importance of games and sports in the overall physical development of young boys at the College, as well as inculcating a healthy competitive spirit among them. He also mentioned some of the important steps taken for improvement in the College standards.

After the speech by the Principal, the Chief Guest gave away prizes to the winners. Raza Shah Shaheed Trophy for Athletics was won by Walker House. Talha Hassan was declared the best athlete.

The Chief Guest, in his address, shared his memories of staying at GG. He said when he was a student back in 1950s, there were no facilities. There were no places like Quaid Gallery or Iqbal Gallery and there was hardly a library. He said that with the efforts of Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd.), the students have unparalleled facilities. He reiterated that Gallians were fortunate to be living in this paradise, the most wonderful place in Pakistan. He told them that it is a perfect environment for them to excel. The chief guest mentioned the great affiliation and attachment that Gallians and old Gallians have with their alma mater and emphasized that we should continue with the same spirit. He advised the students to take full advantages of the facilities and opportunities they are being provided at Lawrence College.

The ceremony culminated with National Anthem. All the guests were served with refreshments after the function.

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No Religion is Higher than Humanity

A special assembly was organized on July 09, 2018 at Senior School to pay homage to great Abdul Sattar Edhi. Edhi is known to be among the great philanthropists of the time who spent his whole life in serving the humanity. His life was a true depiction of selflessness, generosity and humility. He served the people without any bias and prejudice as he believed no religion is greater than humanity. With the same spirit, he always preached unity and was a strong opponent of religious or social discrimination.

The Assembly started with recitation from the Holy Quran and translation by Salman Javed Malik and Abdul Rahim Goraya from Class VIII. Muhammad Ramish from Class VIII highlighted different aspects of Adul Sattar Edhi’s personality and discussed the great role that he played to comfort his fellow beings. Muhammad Abu Huraira from Class XII discussed how millions of distressed people could benefit from the parental love and attention of Adul Sattar Edhi. After that, Mr Ahmed Yar from the Pakistan Studies Department threw light upon the life of  Mr. Edhi. The assembly concluded with National Anthem.

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Meeting of the Board of Governors held at GG

Honourable Governor of the Punjab, Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana chaired the Board of Governors’ meeting on 6th July, 2018 to discuss performance and functioning of Lawrence College. The meeting was attended by the following respectable members of the Board:

  • Honourable Governor of the Punjab, Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, Chairman Board of Governors
  • Gen. Azhar Abbas, GOC 12 Division, Chairman Executive Committee
  • Mariam Kayani, Additional Secretary Academic, Rep of Secretary Higher Education, Punjab
  • Zeeshan Haider, Deputy Director Audit, Rep of Secretary Finance, Punjab
  • Noreen Bashir, Director Development & Finance, Rep of Commissioner Rawalpindi Division
  • Raja Ashfaq Sarwar
  • Anis Khan Satti
  • Ikram-ul-Majeed Sehgal
  • Khalil Abbas
  • Col. Mumtaz Khan (Retd)
  • Saadia Abbasi
  • Mehwish Sultana
  • Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd), Principal, Lawrence College, Secretary Board of Governors

The Principal briefed the members about the development at the campus and the projects in the pipeline. He shared details of the overall improvements in the College standards including progress in academics, establishment of the Career Counseling Cell and welfare of the support staff.

The Chairman BOGs and members highly commended and expressed satisfaction over the significant improvement at GG during the past five years.

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Welcome Party Intermediate Part - I

Providing a congenial environment to the pupils, where they could acquire knowledge and receive training without having any tension, is one of the priorities of any educational institution. At Lawrence College, we try our level best to make the students feel at home, so that their creative potentials are exploited for maximum output.

Welcoming the new students and new classes has become a tradition at LC. This year, there has been an addition in this regard and for the first time a welcome party was arranged for Class XI on 4th of July, 2018. The function started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Muhammad Qasim. It was followed by a welcome note by the Headboy.

Ussayed Shakeel Abbasi, a new entrant, expressed his thanks for such a warm welcome. He thanked his seniors for being cooperative and helping them settling down. Saad Sakhawat from Class XI also shared his feelings on the occasion. He said they were glad on being among senior boys of the School in Class XI. 

The Principal welcomed the class, specially the 24 newly admitted students. He said that they should have no worry or fear at all and should remain focused on their goals. He advised them to excel through the strength of their character. The Principal thanked the Headboy for organising and conducting a simple but graceful function. He appreciated Ussayed and Saad for their excellent remarks and expressed his hope that other students will also strive for significant improvement in their communication skills.  He assured them of his full support and that of the faculty.

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Oath-taking Ceremony 2018

In a simple and dignified ceremony, the Prefectorial Board 2018-19 was sworn in on July 03, 2018. Like every year, the process of Prefects selection remained an exciting and most awaited activity of the senior school. The prefects were selected through proper screening and evaluation of the candidates’ academic records, performance in co-curricular activities, sports and most important, their conduct followed by personal interviews with the Principal.

The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Muhammad Ibrahim and translation by Abdul Raheem of Class VIII. After the recitation, the Vice Principal announced the Prefectorial Board 2018-19. The oath of the Headboy was administered by the Vice Principal. The Headboy administered the oath to the Deputy Headboy and Prefects.

The new appointment holders are as under:


Deputy Headboy

Academics Prefect

Sports Prefect

Prefect Day Boys

Syed Oasaja Hassan Zaidi (Wright House)

Arbab Rizwan (Walker House)

Zabi Ullah Khan (Wright House)

Basit Khan (Peake House)

Fawaz Ahmed Dar (Peake House)

Prefects Peake House Makhdoom Shahmeer Hashmi
M. Jawad Shafqat
Prefects Walker House Asfeer Sohail Khan
Zulfiqar Ahmed
Prefects Wightwick House Anees Shehryar Ranjha
Muhammad Uzair
Prefects Wright House Aimal Khan
Abdul Rehman

The Principal, at the very outset of his address congratulated the newly selected Prefectoral Board of the College for the year 2018. He expressed his feelings of satisfaction and also hope for the selected members to perform their duties with integrity and sense of responsibility to contribute to GG in the most constructive and positive way. “All the members of Prefectoral Board have been selected purely on merit keeping in view their contribution in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, their discipline and conduct and their academic performance above all”, asserted the Principal. He assured that all the students of intermediate class are responsible to be a role model for their young juniors and have the same responsibility as that of the selected prefects. He said that the prefects are going to play a very significant role through a great deal of dignity, respect and strength of their character to make Lawrence College a better place. “You have got this golden and historic opportunity to make improvements so that the future generations will remember you, Inter- 2018, as one of the best classes in the history of GG”, exclaimed the Principal while addressing the prefects.

In addition, he very emphatically reminded the students to adhere to the moral values. He said that he wanted to highlight the aspect of character building because it is his foremost priority after academics. He advised the boys to eschew bias and prejudice at any level and live together like brothers with unity and mutual respect. Moreover, he asserted that character is all about integrity and honesty in everything we do. According to him, we should follow the role model of the greatest personality of the universe, our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in every field of life. He affirmed that we should be fair, polite and just in our dealings with our fellow human beings because that is the real message of our religion Islam. He told the students how our Holy Prophet (PBUH) spent his life and proved himself a role model not only for the Muslims but also for non-Muslims equally. Towards the conclusion of his address he highlighted the importance of self control especially with reference to our use of language, anger and eating habit. In a very simple way elaborated his point giving reference from the verses of Holy Quran. He said that we should follow the teachings of Quran and Sunnah in letter and spirit because Islam is the most practical of all religions.

In the end, the Principal once again felicitated the Prefectorial Board and the whole Inter Class in their new responsibility. He assured them of his full support and that of the faculty in whatever way they need for making improvements in their alma mater.

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Career Advisory Team of LCGG Addresses the Gallians

Career Counseling department held an informative and interactive session with the students of intermediate class of the college here on Monday 2nd July, 2018. Career advisor, Aamir Ali Asad commenced the session and highlighted the diverse aspects of studies, character building, career and importance of planning in framing their future course of action. Later, career counselor Muhammad Sajjad talked to the students about the role of passion and eagerness in career selection and its achievement. The Deputy Headmaster, Muhammad Ishaq Khan picked the discussion and threw light on the varying fields related to biological sciences. He revealed that MBBS is not the only choice after F. Sc. There are a number of emerging fields which can be highly promising for the youngsters. The Assistant Controller of examination and Housemaster, Muhammad Altaf took the rest of the discussion to the conclusion by elaborating the variety of fields for the students studying the combination of general science and statistics. His discussion gave the students an idea of the significance of programs with Statistics. The students felt highly enlightened by the session which lasted for about 90 minutes followed by questions from the audience.

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The Team of ‘Emerging Vision’ visits Lawrence College

Mrs. Rizwana, a seasoned career advisor and CEO of one of the leading immigration consultant organizations in Islamabad, visited LCGG on Saturday, 30th June 2018. She revealed to Gallians, the significance of career counseling in modern times. In her address to the students, she described in detail the process of admission in the preferred and most appropriate fields as per the requirement of the students. Later during the session Business Development Manager of the organization, Muhammad Ali threw light on some of the ongoing trends in education as far foreign universities are concerned. As a whole, the session was highly fruitful for the students of intermediate class of the college. The event was also followed by the queries session from the students which showed their interest and keenness in such informative lectures regarding their future career plans. The event was organized by Career Counseling Cell of the college.

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Eid Millan and Send off to Maj Ayaz Mahmud

On 26th June, Tuesday, just after return of staff from Eid-ul-Fitr holidays, a simple but graceful Eid Millan party was arranged at the Senior School. The purpose of the gathering was to share the feelings of happiness on the auspicious occasion of Eid. The party was followed by the farewell of college security officer Major Ayaz Mahmud (Retd). The Principal welcomed all the staff members and felicitated them on the occasion. He also acknowledged the services of Major Ayaz Mahmud (Retd) for the institution and wished him and his family all the happiness and success for the future. A sumptuous lunch was also served at the end of the party.

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Lt Col. (Retd) Hamid Jan Passes Away

Lt Col. (Retd) Hamid Jan, old Gallian SC 66, passed away in Peshawar on 23 June, 2018.  Col. Hamid belonged to Charsadda District. His friends remember him as an efficient cavalry officer and a thorough gentleman.

The Principal, staff and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Col. (Retd) Hamid Jan. May the departed soul rest in peace.

Open House at Principal’s Residence

Eid-ul-Fitr was celebrated in the College with joy and fervor on 16th June, 2018. In keeping with the tradition set by the Principal on his arrival in 2013, it was an open house at the Principal’s residence. Although, all the students and most faculty members were on Eid leave, yet a large number of admin staff and some faculty members along with their families visited the Principal’s residence. It was heartening that this included many junior staff such as sanitary workers, gardeners, guards, bearers, etc.

They were greeted by Begum Principal and the Principal himself. The guests were served with many traditional dishes. It provided the staff an opportunity to exchange Eid greetings with the Principal and also with each other. Such invitations of the Principal have always encouraged the staff and have helped in developing a cordial working relationship among all staff members.

Celebrating Ramadan and Eid together

LCGG families share the values of empathy and make an effort to gel each member in acts of kindness. The ladies club took the lead this time to multiply the happiness of eid and make it sweeter for the custodian staff at LCGG as well. A handsome amount, contributed by the ladies club members, was collected to purchase 208 kg of sugar, and was distributed among 104 custodian staff. 

Mr. Nouman Yousaf, an old Gallian, and Gallian Welfare trust of inter 1988, also donated generously an amount of Rs. 150,000 which was distributed among 106 custodian staff equally  as Eidi. 

This showed his love to his alma mater and the life skills he learned as a true Gallian.

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Parents-Teacher Meeting

A child’s success is determined not only by the teacher’s input but also by the parents’ interest and concern about his academic life. Effective coordination between the parents and teachers lead the child smoothly in a positive direction. Parents-teacher meetings are the best platform to enhance this mutual cooperation and make the whole learning process productive. To strengthen the Parents-Teacher-Child trio, a PTM was held at LCGG on 13th June, 2018 in the three schools. Parents and Teachers optimally utilized the opportunity to confer with each other about the problems faced by various students regarding academics and devised strategies to resolve the issues. Academic records and students’ first term result were kept on hand so that parents could get an insight into their children’s progress.

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Mr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Wamiq Passes Away

Mr Qamar Zaman WamiqMr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Wamiq, former Urdu teacher Senior School passed away on 2nd of June, 2018. He taught at the Senior School from 1966 to 1984.

Mr. Qamar Wamiq was an excellent poet and his students regard him as one of the best Urdu teachers who nourished the students around him with faith and love. His pupils still cherish his poem about the College, published in the Gallian 1971, with the title ‘Tarana-e-College’ that starts as ‘Akash pe teri shama jali, Ae Lawrence College Ghora Gali’.

The Principal, faculty and Gallians are saddened to hear the news of the death of Mr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Wamiq and express their sincere condolence to the bereaved family for the great loss. We pray for his forgiveness and high rank in Jannah. May his soul rest in peace.

For it is in Giving that we Receive

Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need. Following this golden principle, many of the old Gallians have been frequently contributing to their alma mater through different acts of generosity.

One such old Gallian was Dr Abdul Qadir Khan (late) who has been benevolent by giving generous donations for the junior staff of the College in his life, and now his spouse has continued that noble gesture initiated by him. She contributes an amount of Rs. 20000 (Rupees twenty thousand) every month to the welfare fund for support of the junior staff of the College. In this way, the family has, till now, contributed a sum of Rs. 1,120,000 (Rupees 1.12 million) to the fund. Apart from this, she has also gifted 79 suits for the junior staff this year.

Mrs. Abdul Qadir never desired this fact to be highlighted on the website, but the College administration and faculty could not resist themselves in bringing this act of kindness to the knowledge of our readers. We believe it would encourage Gallians and old Gallians to be as generous as they can with their donations for the poor and needy.

Empathy; the most radical of human emotions

Empathy is one of the foremost values and soft skills needed to be inculcated in youth to make them succeed in life as a positive member of the society.  At LCGG, great emphasis is laid on teaching this value to young Gallians and staff, and the best way to do so is always through being a role model. The Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd) took an important initiative to educate the young Gallians on how to be aware of one’s surrounding and play a profound role through measures to comfort people with acts of empathy and compassion.

Within College premises, we have a branch of National Bank, the only one in the vicinity. It provides services not only to the College employees but also to a large number of local people, including old pensioners who come to collect their pension mostly in the first week of every month. The Principal noticed that these senior citizens had to wait, standing in long queues, even in extreme weather. Although, these pensioners are not responsibility of the College, but it was felt, purely on humanitarian basis, to treat these elderly pensioners with respect, dignity and compassion. Instructions were issued to the concerned College staff to ensure provision of chairs along with water, tea and snacks for these pensioners, in the first week of every month.

This wonderful initiative by the Principal sets an example for the students and staff to get empathy and compassion instilled as an integral part of their personality to achieve real success in life and bring a positive improvement in the society.

Young Gallians visit Wild Life Park with WWF Team

The Gallians of Junior School & Prep School visited Wild Life Park Bansara Gali on May 16, 2018. Senior Programme Officer from World Wildlife Fund Islamabad, Mr Hamza Butt, guided the students about the procedure of the activity of watching the birds. Four instructors also accompanied the programme officer for guidance of the students.

The students were given worksheets and were divided into mixed-ability groups of tens. The boys were very enthusiastic about watching the birds, getting and sharing information and having it in black and white.

The boys dispersed into their groups in different parts of the Wild Life Park and completed their task within the given time. The boys enjoyed the activity a lot. The activity also helped them to polish their analytical and coordination skills including strengthening of their friendship bonds.

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Farewell Dinner in the Honour of Intermediate and SCF 2018

Farewell, more than saying goodbye to anyone, is a time to encourage and give your best wishes to someone for their new journey and is an opportunity to bring forth your emotions. With the same spirit, a farewell dinner was held in honour of the Intermediate and SCF 2018 on 15th of May, 2018. Brig. (Retd) Mujahid Alam, Principal Lawrence College, was the chief guest on the occasion.

Asfeer Sohail and Syed Osaja Hassan from Class XI conducted the function in a very nice manner. The function started with recitation from the Holy Quran and translation by Faiz Farid and Salman Javed Malik from Class VIII respectively. After the recitation, Syed Osaja Hassan, in his farewell note, counted the days they had spent with the outgoing Intermediate class. He said they were a source of motivation and inspiration for them in every field.

The College Head Boy Rizwan Haider shared his feelings with the audience. He recalled the days they spent at Junior School, Prep School and then at Senior School. He said that it is difficult for them to think of leaving this great and unique institution and they would always find GG close to their heart and can never forget this great institution. He further said that whatever they are today, it is because of this great institution.

After speech by the Head Boy, the SCF & Intermediate students were awarded shields as a token of memory. On special instructions of the Principal, the students were also presented translation of Surah Al-Falaq and Surah An-Naas with best wishes and prayers for their protection and success.

Then Principal, in his speech, wished the best of luck to the students for their better future. He also expressed his hope that students will continue giving their best to the nation. He advised them to reflect at the end of every day and take stock of what good they have done. He advised them to leave no opportunity to help the poor and needy in whatever way they can. He said that all the students will always be welcomed whenever they find time to visit their alma mater.

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Sports Event at Junior School

All work and no play makes a jack a dull boy. This proverbs highlights the importance of playful activities in our life. Keeping this in mind, Junior School arranged a sports event on 10th May, 2018. On this occasion, the school grounds were nicely decorated. A week of preparation preceded the day. First of all, the athletes taking part in different events staged a march past along with their teachers. The flame was lighted and the Principal, Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd), inaugurated the event. The competitions started thereafter.

The students enthusiastically took part in various games. The competitions included hurdle race, rabbit race, aerobics, Karate, PT, balance race, 3-legged race, sack race and wheel barrow race.  The teachers, PTIs and all the Junior staff were involved in conducting the entire show.

The Principal, in his speech on the occasion, welcomed all the parents and local guests. He highlighted the importance of games and sports in the overall physical development of the young boys at the junior level, as well as inculcating a healthy competitive spirit among them. He also emphasized that sports and games play a great role in improving and maintaining health and fitness, and also in improvement of mental skills and concentration. He also appreciated the efforts of entire Junior School’s management and staff. The event was closed with prize giving ceremony. At the end, the tea and refreshment was served to guests.

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Certificates Distribution Ceremony for IKLC and IKMC Participants

On 4th of May, 2018, a certificate distribution and badge pinning ceremony was held in Prep School Movie Hall. The Principal Lawrence College, Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd), graced the occasion as the chief guest.

The students of grade V, VI and VII appeared in International Kangaroo Linguistics Contest (IKLC) and International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest (IKMC)-2017. In both the contests, 103 students took part out of which 92 appeared in IKLC and 11 in IKMC. All the participants received certificates of participation. In IKLC, Muhammad Zayd and Muhammad Hussain Ehsan secured Bronze Medals and remained at the top at institutional level. Muhammad Hussain Ehsan from Wright House secured 13th position out of 5802 contestants in Pakistan and was awarded Bronze Medal including 3 In 1 magnetic data cable for such outstanding results in IKLC-2017. Muhammad Zayd from Peake House grabbed 4th Position out of 4778 participants from all over Pakistan and was awarded Bronze Medal and 3 In 1 Magnetic Data Cable in IKLC-2017. 

The Principal, in his address, showed his complete satisfaction for the output the boys produced in these standard international contests. He hoped that the boys of Prep School would perform even better in the coming years in these contests. He winded his speech up by thanking the Headmaster Prep School and his staff for guiding the students properly in every field.

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Participants of Young Ulema Leadership Programme visit LCGG

On 30th April, 2018, Maulana Jahangir Mahmud, Director Society for Educational Research, a teacher trainer, motivational speaker, Islamic research scholar and educationist, visited Lawrence College with a group of eighty young Ulemas. They were warmly received by the HoD Islamic Studies Mr. Zafar Hayat and Mr. Atta-ur-Rehman (Khateeb Senior School). The visit was a part of an effort, Maulana Jahangir Mahmud had been making for the last five years across the country, through his programme YULP (Young Ulema Leadership Programme) to build a strong bridge of inter faith harmony.

Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd) addressed the young learners in the Seminar Room. He enlightened the young visitors about Lawrence College, its history, traditions and the academics. He also briefed them about the focus laid on character building of Gallians through meaningful assemblies, activities, talks, daily conversation, healthy competitions and events in mosques. The Principal stressed on the need that the ulemas must prove themselves as the catalyst of positive change and the ones who can make people around them realize the significance of Haqooq-Ul-Ibad which lay the foundation of a strong community and a nation at large. Recognizing one’s responsibilities towards others and executing them diligently will transform every individual into a better Muslim and a dependable human. He also emphasized that by understanding the true meanings of Islam and practicing it in the true spirit; we can make our lives easier and better.

The participants were served with scrumptious tea and a delicious lunch. After enjoying a beautiful day in Murree they left the campus with unforgettable memories.

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Prize Distribution Ceremony – Raja Zahur Khan Academic Excellence Award

Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give and some Gallians have proved equal to this saying with their frequent acts of benevolence. Gallians have always taken GG as their second home and many of them have sometimes contributed for their alma mater. Raja Zahur Khan Academic Excellence Award, instituted by Raja Asad Zahur (old Gallian) in memory of his late father Colonel Raja Zahur Khan (old Gallian 1949 – 1952), is one such glorious example.

Prize distribution ceremony of Raja Zahur Khan Academic Excellence Award was held on 25th of April, 2018. The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran and translation by Mir Talha Shoaib and Muhammad Ibrahim from Class VIII. It was followed by a presentation by Mrs. Nasreen Iqbal (wife of Col. Raja Muhammad Iqbal, old Gallian and younger brother of late Raja Zahur Khan) which depicted different glorious aspects of the life of Raja Zahur Khan. After the presentation, cash prizes, certificates and medals were distributed among 21 students by the Principal, Col. Raja Muhammad Iqbal and Mrs. Nasreen Iqbal.

In the end, the Principal thanked the family of Raja Zahur for gracing the awards distribution ceremony. He said that such a manifestation of affiliation and generosity by the old Gallians to their alma mater is a great source of motivation for the young Gallians.  

The guests, prize winners and faculty were served with refreshments at the end of the ceremony.

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Senior Faculty Promoted

Inspirational educational leadership and effective human-resource management only, make an institution worth living for its staff, which in turn, makes it a memorable alma-mater for its future alumni. The Lawrence College leadership lives the phenomenon that there is a lot beyond monumental buildings and physical grandeur of an educational institution. To give an impetus to career progression and stability, the Principal promoted a batch of five senior lecturers to BPS-18 on sheer merit and professional excellence, w.e.f 20th of April, 2018. The members of faculty promoted were:

Mr Mansoor Malik – Department of English

Mr Mansoor Malik


Mr Shafiq Imran – Department of Physics

Mr Shafiq Imran


Mr. Noor Ghulam – Department of Physics

Mr Noor Ghulam


Mr. Riaz Ahmed Khan – Department of Urdu

Mr Riaz Ahmad Khan


Mr. Muhammad Arif Khan – Department of Urdu

Mr M. Arif Khan


This is viewed as a significant gesture to transfigure Lawrence College into an even more dynamic organization and to attract new talent to this glorious seat of learning, where a careerist professional finds enough room for self-development and brighter future.

The Principal warmly felicitated the promoted faculty; with the hope that our human-resource will undauntedly meet the challenges ahead of them to make Lawrence College, a residential institution of the highest cadre in the country.

Arts Extravaganza, 2018

Arts has always been considered at LCGG as an essential element of a complete and balanced education, unfolding the aesthetic talents of the young Gallians. 
Junior and Prep Schools continued the tradition of organizing Arts Extravaganza, for the third consecutive year, held on 12th April, 2018, with the campus full of colours and zeal. Young participants from 15 renowned schools, eager and enthusiastic to display their talents, with their chaperons enjoyed each moment of this mega event. The array of activities at different venues arranged by the adept college team, comprised of Dough Modeling, Poster Making, Essay writing, Calligraphy and Declamation. Our esteemed judges, each one with an expertise in the respective category, appreciated the amount of hard work the young participants put into the competitions. Mushaira proved to be a thrilling event with students mesmerizing the whole environment with their stylistic recitation of poetic pieces.
After lunch, the most awaited solo singing and dance performances had an enchanted impression on the audience. Special song performances of Ms. Kanwal Suleiman (BLL) and Ms. Farwa Batool (LCGG) enthralled everyone. Mrs. Shazia Akbar, a well-known poetess and an artist shared the beautiful poetry with the audience who relished every word of it. Prof Dr.Tariq Hashmi (GCUF), Prof Dr. Mehmood Raza (GCUF), Ms. Aneela Sehrish (GCM), Ms Amna Fareed (GCM), Mr. Ibrahim (MCS) and Mrs. Ann Kim (MCS) graced the event with their esteemed presence as judges.
Our worthy Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd.) honoured the prize winners with certificates and shields. He also presented souvenirs to the chaperons of 15 participating schools and the honourable judges. He appreciated and thanked the participating schools who turned this mega event into a success. He admired the talent reflected by the young artists on the grand platform and emphasized the significance of such activities in character building.
The beautiful event concluded with a scrumptious tea in the evening at the college lawn. All the guests praised and complemented on the extremely well-organized event, generous hospitality of the college staff, discipline of Gallians and pristine surroundings of the college.

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A Workshop on Phonics

Reading is essential for a child’s success. Since the beginning of childhood parents and teachers start to train their children to read. All too often, the barriers faced by children, who find difficulty in reading, prove a hurdle in their desire to read and, without proper guidance; they can never overcome this hesitation.

Learning to read is a sequential process; each new skill builds on the mastery of previously learned skills. To build a strong base in reading, Jolly Phonics is a highly successful and effective method of early years. Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centered approach for teaching literacy through synthetic phonics.

In order to equip our teachers at Lawrence College, with this multisensory approach we invited a professional trainer Mrs. Sadaf Asif from Islamabad. She conducted a three days’ workshop from 6th to 8th of April 2018. All the teachers of Junior School and English teachers of Prep School attended the workshop. These sessions were very colourful, interactive and lively. Our teachers lauded the new technique and the comfortable style of the resource person.

Easter Service at LCGG

Easter (also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday) is a Christian festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial after his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c.30 AD.

Mr. Simon Malik, Director of Murree Christian School, contacted the Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd.), requesting to use the beautiful College Chapel for Easter Service. The Principal wholeheartedly welcomed and readily agreed to facilitate our Christian brothers and sisters to utilize our chapel. He also instructed the College administration to provide maximum assistance.

Easter service was conducted in the bright morning of 1st April, 2018 and was attended by the Christian community with their faces gleaming with joy. The service was led by Mr. Simon J. Malik himself. The event included reading chapters from Bible, singing beautiful hymns and special prayers for all. Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd.), along with few staff members, attended the event. The guests were delighted to see the immaculate church and beautiful facilities provided by the college.

The Principal, in his speech, warmly welcomed the Christian community to Lawrence College and threw light on the need of the hour to work together for brotherhood and harmony across different religious communities. He emphasized the common bond of humanity, irrespective of religious affiliations. He extended his best wishes for the day and ensured the availability of the church whenever required.

The ceremony ended with a lavish tea and refreshments.

Earth Hour

Preserving the natural heritage of our planet is what ‘Earth Hour’ is all about. It aims to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment. Reducing the carbon foot print both in your personal lives and in the work place, is essential in order to create a robust and environmentally safe world. People are encouraged to turn their lights off for one hour to draw attention to the global sustainability issues.

The tradition of celebrating ‘Earth Hour’ started in 2007 in Australia. Every year, this day is celebrated globally on the last Saturday of March. For one hour, lights are turned off to contribute to energy conservation and sustainability of earth.

 LC students celebrated the day with the true spirit in the evening of 28th March, 2018. All three schools gathered in the Prep School field, where schools sang the earth hour song. Junior and Prep School boys highlighted the importance of celebrating the day, particularly mentioning their roles at this point of age.

During the lights off time, children made use of torch lights instead and enjoyed speeches, national songs and the beautiful night at the campus. School heads, in their speeches, highlighted the importance of the preservation of natural resources (the vital resources) and the vital role everyone can play because each drop counts.

Welfare of the Custodian Staff

Power has only one duty – to secure the social welfare of people. Lawrence College has always considered its staff like a family bonded with the heritage of this place and the traditions followed through generations. The Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd.) strengthened this bond further by taking the initiative of providing a bursary of Rs. 1000 per child to the wards of  the college employees in grade 1-10. This applies to both residential and nonresidential staff and will help them at the start of the academic year for provision of course books, uniform, etc. A sum of Rs.338000 (three hundred and thirty eight thousand Rupees) has been paid till date for 338 children of 139 employees.

Furthermore, the bus fare for these wards has also been reduced to a minimal amount as another measure of staff welfare. This reduction in the bus fares (originally Rs. 400/month) has been made effective from 1st March, 2018.

The detail of grade wise bus fare for different pay scales is as follows:

For employees of scale 1-10                                                 Rs.100 per child

For employees of scale 11-15                                              Rs.200 per child

For employees of scale 16 & above                                    Rs.400 per child

The basic purpose of these measures is to support and encourage children of our custodian staff to acquire education. These steps will certainly work as a catalyst to engage the LCGG family more heartwarmingly to grow as a strong team working for improvement in the standards of learning.

Class VIII Welcomed to Senior School

Continuing with tradition of the College, Senior School extended a warm welcome to the students of Class VIII on 27th of March, 2017. The Class was gleaming with fresh faces that came to start their new life in the Senior School. The Principal, heads of the schools and faculty members of Senior School were present on the occasion.
The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Khaleeq-ur-Rehman from Class VIII. Taha Hussain from Class O-I and Abdul Hadi from Class IX, in their short speeches, welcomed the newcomers and assured them of their support and cooperation. After the welcome note by senior students, Zain Ali, Khaleeq-ur-Rehman, Ammar Bin Naghman and Saifullah Abbasi from Class VIII shared their feelings about their start at the Senior School. They said that the teachers and seniors had welcomed them to Senior School with open arms which helped them feel comfortable and at home. They said they were excited at joining the Senior School as the faculty and senior students generously extended their help and guidance.
The Principal greeted the students and expressed his best wishes for their bright future. He assured them that the Principal himself and everybody at Senior School was there for their support and guidance and that they should have no worry and confusion. He advised them to focus on their studies as that is the prime objective of their presence at the College.

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British Council held Conference

British Council held Conference on English Language and Digital Blended Learning with Social Capital in Organizational Culture. It was held on
27-03-18 at Ramada Hotel Islamabad. It was attended by the English faculty members of all the three schools led by:
1- Mrs. Uzma Afzal      DOS
2- Mr. Asghar Malik     HOD English Department Senior School
3- Mr. Mansoor Malik  Senior School
4- Mrs. Noreen Tufail   Prep School
5- Mrs. Bushra Rizwan  Prep School
6- Mrs Faiza Kibrya        Junior School
7- Mrs. Bushra Sajjad    Junior School
The Conference aimed to draw together the researchers in the field of English Language providing an interdisciplinary forum to share their findings in the field of socio-political contents of language acquisition and its impact and influence on power structures and social structures and language as means of developing social capital. Proficiency in English Language heightens the sense of self-esteem, confidence and improvement in relationships with colleagues and seniors. So highlighting the value of fluency and literacy in English Language in any organization was the sole purpose of the conference.

Pakistan Day, 2018

The nation celebrated Pakistan Day with a pledge to make the country stronger by wiping out the menace of terrorism and extremism, and achieving sustainable development and progress.

The celebrations for Pakistan Day at Lawrence College started with combined assembly in the Senior School lawn. Students and faculty from the three schools attended the assembly. The Principal, accompanied by heads of the schools, hoisted the national flag. Naa’ra-e-Pakistan was raised by the students and faculty. At the end of the assembly, du’a was offered for prosperity of Pakistan by Hafiz Zafar Hayat.

The formal function was held in Hamid Hall. The Head Boy, Rizwan Haider, conducted the function. It started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Ahmed Dawa from Class VIII and translation by Luqman Amin from Class VIII. Mustafa Chaudhry of Class VI from Prep School expressed his views about Pakistan Day. After his speech, a tableau was presented by the Junior School students. The wonderful performance was enjoyed by everyone. After the presentation, Usman Abro of Class IX from the Senior School elaborated the efforts of the heroes of Pakistan Movement in creation of a separate homeland for Muslims of the Subcontinent. After that, a milli naghma was presented by Junior and Prep School boys. Followed by this was a presentation titled ‘History of Pakistan Movement’ shown by the Pakistan Studies Department, Senior School..

The Principal, at the outset of his address on the occasion, appreciated and thanked all the organizers for a simple but graceful function. He said that we rightly observe the day with happiness and joy, but it’s time to realize the message and purpose behind these celebrations; to rededicate ourselves to the cause of Pakistan and to be grateful to Allah Almighty for the biggest blessing that is Pakistan. He stressed upon the need of rekindling the spirit of patriotism and being free from the prejudices of caste, colour or creed. He referred to Quaid-e-Azam’s presidential address to the Constituent Assembly on 11th of August, 1947 where Quaid said, “You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State.” He also referred to Quaid’s speech on 23rd of March, 1940, in which he highlighted the role of women in society and made it clear that without their participation, we could not have been successful. The Principal advised the students to always take care of the honour and respect of women. He told the audience that it was a woman, Amjadi Bano (wife of Maulana M. Ali Johar) who first used the word ‘Pakistan’ in her speech on 23rd of March, 1940. He said that Quaid’s vision of a modern welfare state was in absolute conformity with the golden principle of humanity which Islam teaches us. He elaborated that being a modern welfare state doesn’t mean blind following of the west as we have our own distinct culture, ethos and traditions of which we should be proud. We have to build a nation that excels in science, technology and education combined with the moral and ethical values. He said that following Quaid’s motto ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’, we must promote unity, tolerance and love as these are the prime needs of the hour. He said that we need to face the challenges and advised the students to contribute to nation-building by focusing on studies, acquiring maximum knowledge and acquiring an excellent character. He said we also need to focus on self-accountability instead of being judgmental and finding faults with others, because Jihad-e-Akbar is reforming ourselves, not damaging others. He, once again, emphasized upon the importance of ethics of disagreement. At the end of his speech, he advised the audience to always think positively and shunning any negative tendency as he wanted them to be incorrigible optimists.

The concluding talk by the Principal left the audience with a new spirit of patriotism and optimism.

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Prep School Welcomes Newcomers in a Vibrant Way

On 20th of March, 2018, the Gallians of Prep School welcomed newcomers and Class-V. Principal Lawrence College, Brig. Mujahid Alam ( Retd ),  graced the occasion as the Chief Guest.

Ghilman Khan, the stage secretary, was supported by three comperes Afaq Hussain, M. Saad Shahzad and Haider Ali for different segments of the ceremony. Mahateer Hussain recited Sura-al-Naas in his fascinating tone and translated by a promoted young Gallian Muhammad Huzaifa. Shawaiz Ahmed formally welcomed all the new entrants and Class-V in a charming way. He, on behalf of the Principal and Prep School, assured the newcomers and Class-V of his full support in curricular, co-curricular and other boarding activities.

Yahya, who joined the College this month, delivered his responding speech in a very decent way and made promise on behalf of the new entrants and Class -V to exercise their best to meet the educational goals of the College in collaboration with their peers. He pledged to present quality work in inter-school and intra-school competitions. He appreciated the buddy system, which helped him and other new boarders to settle down in hostel life. Shehryar Chaudhry of class-VII shared his views about the benefits of buddy system, followed by Dawood Meyer of Class-VI, who talked on sports at Prep School while M. Huzaifa and Aayan Qamar of Class-VII opened their hearts about studies and appreciated the efforts of the faculty and junior staff in settling the new boys down.

After ‘Dosti Song’ by Abdul Rafay and Afaq Hussain, the Principal welcomed the newcomers and promoted Class-V with a hope that they would try their best to take active part in all activities with a special focus on character building.  

The Principal, particularly, appreciated the delivery, matter, style and confidence of the new speakers. He expressed his satisfaction for appearance of a number of new faces on the stage. In the end, he extended his sincere thanks to the Headmaster Prep School, faculty and non-teaching staff for arranging such a graceful ceremony.

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Workshop on Teaching of Chemistry by OUP

Oxford University Press organized a workshop on GCE O level and IGCSE Chemistry on 24th of February, 2018. Mrs. Nadia Zulfiqar from the Department of Chemistry attended the workshop. The workshop comprised of two sessions which were conducted by Mr. Aamir Umair Kayani, an experienced Cambridge teacher.

The first session focused on syllabus content, scheme of work, assessment components and objectives. Session two aimed at finding authentic resources and planning an effective lesson to ensure active learning. The importance of examiners’ report published by Cambridge was also highlighted for the evaluation of teaching learning process.

The workshop was very useful as it provided an opportunity to listen to experienced professionals who shared different techniques to cover various aspects of Cambridge syllabus effectively.

Intermediate students attend DAWN Education Expo

Seven students of Intermediate class, accompanied by Mr. Raza ul Haq (HOD Computer) attended, the DAWN Education Expo which was held in Islamabad on Feb. 10, 2018, providing college and university representatives the opportunity to meet some of the brightest students from the country’s most progressive and prestigious schools for one-on-one discussions between college representatives and potential students as well as their parents.

The chance to interact with universities and colleges, their official representatives and alumni, is a key benefit of educational expo. Students spoke about the appeal of getting immediate personalized responses to questions, finding out more about the programs and funding opportunities on offer, and getting an idea of the application process – all reasons to attend in person, rather than just stick to online research.

The Exhibitors included renowned and mainstream higher education institutes from Pakistan, North America and the UK along with the ones emerging in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Northern Cyprus, Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey & the UAE.

LCGG and OUP sign MOU for Oxford Quality Programme

2nd February, 2018 marked another historical day in the life of Lawrence College Ghora Gali as the Principal, Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam, signed an MOU with Oxford University Press for their Oxford Quality programme.

Oxford Quality is a collaboration between Oxford University Press and selected institutions worldwide to deliver the highest quality educational solutions and support the institutional goals in the pursuit of educational excellence.

The MOU sets out the principle areas of proposed collaboration between OUP and LCGG as part of the Oxford Quality to be delivered by OUP over the next year and extendable by mutual consent. OUP intends to provide a range of products and services aimed at further developing the skills and strategies for teaching of English and other subjects. These services include:

  • Course materials and teachers’ support
  • Teachers’ training and professional development
  • Consultation
  • Oxford Quality Rewards 

We hope this collaboration will go a long way and help in bringing the desired enhancement in different areas of learning at the College.

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Young Gallians attend a splendid event of CARMA at LUMS

Innovation, creativity and critical thinking are a few of many skills the learners get equipped with while seeking knowledge beyond boundaries.

Our young Gallians Muhammad Ubaid ur Rahman, Bazil Ali Qazi, Mutahir Abbass and Faisal Farooq Khokhar of XII attended a splendid event in LUMS at CARMA 9 held from 17th till 20th January 2018. Accompanied by the Director of Studies, Ms. Uzma Afzal, students recognized the significance of media and strengths of media related employment opportunities through different activities like shoot out, snap it, discover the difference and public service video messages.

Our brilliant students collaborated with students from more than 100 schools nationwide and gained an experience of working with peers having diverse learning styles. This platform also proved to be an opportunity for them to attain global competence and generate out of the box ideas.

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