Mr Aurangzeb Abbasi, Former Accounts Officer, Leaves this Abode

Aurangzeb sbAurangzeb Abbasi, Former Accounts Officer (1972-2013) passed away on 15th of April, 2019. The Principal, staff and students express their heartfelt condolence to the family of Mr Aurangzeb. He served Lawrence College for forty-one years with dedication and devotion. May Allah forgive him and grant him high rank in Jannah.

Mr M Rashid Ahmad, Former Bursar LCGG, Passes Away

Former Bursar Mr Abdul Rashid

Mr M Rashid Ahmad, Bursar LCGG (1956-1996) passed away on 12th of April, 2019. The Principal, staff and  Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the bereaved family. He rendered forty long years meritoriously with spotless service to the institute with great devotion and zeal. May Allah bless his soul and grant him high rank in Jannah.

Welcome Party Junior School

Newness or novelty has been intriguing and fascinating the man since Neanderthal times. The year 2019 Welcome Party for the fresh entrants was organized on 28th of March. Principal Lawrence College, Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd) was the chief guest of the colourful gathering. All the faculty members of the Junior School participated in organization of the function. The highlights of the event included recitation and translation of the holy verses of Holy Quran, a welcome speech, a warm welcome performance for the new Gallians, exciting and fun oriented games which really amused the boys, poems and melodious songs by young stars, funny potato quotations with cute potato and kind witch. The newly admitted boys were presented friendship bands by their seniors and sweet and delicious goodies by the Principal.

In his speech, the Principal assured all the new boys that they will be looked after by everyone around them and encouraged them to openly share all their problems with the staff which is there to look after them round the clock. He advised them to consider this place as their second home and make new friends.

After Principal’s speech, all the worthy guests, respected faculty members and students proceeded to Prep School ground for tea.

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Class VIII Welcome Party - Senior School

Class VIII, including the newly admitted students, was welcomed to the Senior School on 27th of March, 2019. The Principal, heads of the schools, faculty members of Senior School and prefects were present on the occasion.

The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran and translation by Talha Abbasi and Ehtisham Ali from Class VIII. The headboy, Oasaja Hassan Zaidi, in his welcome note, advised the boys to concentrate on studies and utilize their time in the best possible way. He assured them that they would be looked after and guided by them. He told them to have no worry about their stay at the College. Yahya Khalid and Sameer Ali from Class VIII shared their feelings about their experience of early days at the Senior School. They said that the teachers and seniors had warmly welcomed them to Senior School. The teachers were treating them as their sons and the seniors treated them as their younger brothers; that’s why they feel comfortable and are learning in a free environment.

Addressing the young entrants of Class VIII, the Principal welcomed them to Senior School. He assured them that the Principal himself and everybody at Senior School is there to facilitate and guide them. He said that all of them are his sons and will be treated the same way.

The students and faculty were served with a sumptuous tea on the occasion.

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Warm Welcome to Newcomers at Prep School

On Tuesday, 26 March, 2019, Prep School welcomed the newcomers. The Principal Lawrence College graced the occasion as the chief guest.

Mustafa Chaudhry of Class VII was the stage secretary. He was supported by three comperes for different segments of the ceremony and the whole event was conducted in a dignified way. Hamza Manzar of Class VI recited a few verses from the Holy Quran translated by Muneeb Haider of Class VI. Saad Shahzad of Class VII, in his welcome speech, formally welcomed all the newcomers. He, on behalf of the Principal and Prep School, assured the newcomers of his full support in academics, co-curricular and boarding-related activities.

Ali Qadir of Class VII spoke on behalf of the newcomers. He promised, on behalf of the newcomers, to try their best to meet the standard of the College in academics and co-curricular activities. He also appreciated the buddy system which helps the new boys in settling in the hostel life.

At this stage, three newly admitted students shared their initial experiences and views on different aspects of boarding life. Samiullah of Class VI disclosed his classroom experience followed by Irtaza Hussain of Class VI who appreciated the positive role of Sports Department. Muhammad Naziat Ali, from Class VI, shared his views on buddy system which helped him a lot to adjust himself in the new stream.

Different games had been arranged for the students which filled the hall with smiles and cheers. Games were followed by ‘Dosti song.’

 The Principal, in his brief address, welcomed the newcomers with a hope that they would try their best to take active part in classroom and field activities. He appreciated the delivery, matter, style and confidence of the speakers and comperes. He also extended his sincere thanks to the Headmaster Prep School, members of the faculty and junior staff for arranging such a graceful function.

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A Warm Send off to Hafiz Zafar Hayat, Head of Islamic Studies Department

It’s not the days in life we remember, rather the moments. Following the same spirit, in a simple but graceful ceremony, the Staff Club members said goodbye to Hafiz Zafar Hayat, Head of Islamic Studies Department, who got retired after serving the College in a dignified manner for about 21 years.

Hafiz Zafar Hayat holds master’s degrees in Islamic Studies and Geology. Before joining Lawrence College, he taught for almost 13 years at Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad. During his distinguished career, he taught with great care, devotion and keenness. He was an eloquent multilingual orator and a profound scholar. His students respect and remember him for his scholarly discussions and deep insight into religious affairs.

In his talk to the gathering on the occasion, Hafiz Zafar Hayat said that it was a wonderful experience for him to be a part of Lawrence College where he had a rewarding stay. He advised his colleagues to admire any good idea shared by others.

The Principal, in his parting note, highly appreciated the commitment, honesty and uprightness shown by Hafiz Zafar Hayat. He conveyed his best wishes for the future life and family of Hafiz Zafar Hayat. 

It’s sad, but sometimes moving on with the rest of your life, starts with a goodbye.

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Pakistan Day, 2019

Pakistan Day is an occasion when we recall the great contribution of our ancestors in creation of Pakistan and pledge to do our best in order to make our motherland prosperous and peaceful.

The celebrations for Pakistan Day at Lawrence College started with combined assembly in the Senior School lawn. Students and faculty from the three schools attended the assembly. The Principal hoisted the national flag. Naa’ra-e-Pakistan was raised by the students and faculty. Du’a was offered for prosperity of the country, peace and progress by Maulana Abdul Majid, lecturer Islamic Studies.

The formal function was held in Hamid Hall. Syed Wiqar Ali Shah, Dean Faculty of Social Sciences, Quaid-e-Azam University graced the function as the chief guest. The proceedings started with recitation from the Holy Quran by Muhammad Ali Waqar from Class VIII and translation by Ahmed Ali Qamar from Class VIII. Muhammad Uzair Baig of Class II from Junior School expressed his views about the importance of the day. It was followed by a national song by Junior School boys. Saad Amjad of Class VI from Prep School involved the whole gathering in making a pledge to be devoted and sacrifice everything for prosperity of Pakistan. After his speech, a medley was played by the Junior School students. Abdullah Tariq of Class XI from the Senior School talked about the sacrifices made during the Pakistan movement. Followed by this was a presentation titled ‘Qayaam-e-Pakistan, Tasawwar se Haqeeqat tak’ shown by Pakistan Studies Department, Senior School.

The chief guest, in his speech, dilated upon the historical development of the Ideology of Pakistan. He discussed the role of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in enlightening the Muslims of the Subcontinent by establishing educational institutions for them. It was Sir Syed who made the Muslims realise that seeking modern education was the need of the hour. After that he discussed the creation of Muslim League at the start of the Twentieth Century as the Muslims needed an organisation that would serve as a symbol of identity and would fight for their rights. He also talked about the role of other Muslim leaders in Pakistan movement. In the second part of his speech, he dilated upon some of the events that took place after the creation of Pakistan including relations with the neighbouring countries like Afghanistan and India.

The profound and informative talk by the chief guest was followed by a lively question-answer session. The students asked very pertinent and interesting questions which were answered by the chief guest in a precise and frank manner.

The Principal expressed his sincere thanks and pleasure for such a valuable talk by the chief guest. He further said that we need to recall the purpose behind celebration of the day and reflect upon our actions so that we could contribute to our nation in a positive way.

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International Women’s Day observed at Lawrence College

International Women’s Day is observed throughout the world to recognize the roles women are playing in every field of life. It aims at realising the need of care and affection towards the women in every society.

 A cheerful event was organised in this regard at LCGG on 8th March, 2019, for all the female staff including the junior staff and matrons as a token of appreciation to their valuable contribution. The ladies gathered over tea to celebrate Women’s Day and received chocolates and cards as a token to appreciate their sweet contribution in the upbringing of young Gallians. They shared their perspectives of womanhood and the significant part women play in society.

The Principal, Brig Mujahid Alam (Retd) also shared his thoughts and how proud he felt was to see female staff performing effectively in steering the students and the College towards a positive direction.

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Extension in Winter Vacation

Dear Parents,

This is to inform you that due to severe weather conditions winter vacation is being extended for classes II – VII, IX, O-II & O-III.
The students will report back on Sunday, 10th March, 2019.

Lawrence College Murree.

Daud Bukhari Leaves us Grieved and Shocked

The tragic and sad news of the death of former science teacher Prep School, Syed Daud Bukhari left the students, staff and Principal deeply shocked and grieved.

Daud Bukhari joined the Prep School of Lawrence College on 2nd July, 2015 and left on 15th August, 2017 for China for his PhD programme. He was a very talented teacher and an excellent human being. Though his stay at GG was short, but his students have a lot of fond memories about him and regard him as an outstanding teacher.

The Principal, staff and students express their sincere concern and condolence to the family of Daud Bukhari. We pray for his forgiveness and high rank in Jannah.

Ussayed Shakeel brings Laurels to the College in ESU Public Speaking Contest

The English Speaking Union is an international charity which was founded on June 28, 1918 on the initiative of an international writer and journalist Sir Evelyn Wrench. During its long history, the ESU has played an important part in fostering cultural ties between public of different nationalities. Every Year, the English Speaking Union holds an international public speaking competition where bright young students of Pakistani origin participate at the national level and the winner student is sent to U.K. for participation in final round.

The English Speaking Union Islamabad Chapter held the city round of this year’s speech contest in Islamabad on 11th February 2019 at Islamabad Model College for Women F 7/2. 17 participants from more than 12 institutions contested in the public speaking competition. Ussayed Shakeel Abbasi and Saad Sakhawat, Class XI, participated in the contest. Both the students delivered very good speeches. Ussayed Shakeel, speaking in a marvellous way, remained runner up in the contest and qualified for the national round to be held on 28th of February, 2019. We wish him the best of luck for the next round.

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A Senior Old Gallian Passes Away

Mr. Gul Muhammad Khan, old Gallian and life member of OGAP Karachi Chapter, passed away on 24th of January, 2019. Mr. Gul Muhammad joined Lawrence College in Class VI in 1935 in Dane House and left the College after Inter in 1941. He was the oldest and seniormost  Gallian till his demise. Mr. Gul Muhammad Khan served in Pakistan Navy with great distinction and was highly respected by everyone. He looked after his extended family with great care and compassion and lived a very dignified life. The Principal, faculty and Gallians express their sincere condolence to the bereaved family and friends of Mr. Gul Muhammad Khan. May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace and grant him high rank in Jannah.