Prep School English Speech Competition 2022

Prep School English Speech Competition, 2022
Individual Positions

Class V

Name of Student



Aarish Ahmed Khan



M Abdul Hadi

2nd Walker
Bilawal Khan 3rd


Class VI

Name of Student



M Shaheer Khan

1st Peake

Laraib Ali



Mian Mazhar Shah 3rd


Class VII

Name of Student



Sahibzada Dawood Anwar

1st Peake

M Hassan Iqbal



M Raahim Khan Kakar 3rd


House Positions
1st Peake House
2nd Walker House
3rd Wright House
Best Speaker English
Sahibzada Dawood Anwar Peake House

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Colts of Army Burn Hall College Visit Prep School

The prevalent concept about sports being considered only a co-curricular activity has been reinstated with the theory that sports is not just a co-curricular activity but indeed an integral part of modern curriculum which helps in the holistic development of a child.

The colts of Army Burn Hall College Abbottabad visited Lawrence College, Ghora Gali, Murree, on Saturday 3 July, 2022. Hallians and Gallians of Prep School played football and basketball matches.

Mr Imtiaz Akhtar Ranjha, the Headmaster Prep School, staff and prefects received the guests. The caravan of sixty colts from ABHC was headed by the Principal, Brig Dr Muhammad Naveed, along with his staff.

After enjoying refreshments at the Staff Club, the guests were taken to Hamid Library in Senior School. They also visited Quaid and Iqbal Galleries in the Senior School library. They took keen interest in state-of-the-art library and highly motivating galleries.

The guests visited Senior School Gym and enjoyed different exercise equipment. After spending a happy half an hour at Clock Tower followed by a photo session, the guests went to the College Chapel.

At 4.30 pm, the colts of both schools were ready to face each other in the grassy field of Prep School to play a football match because there was nothing like a friendly match to liven up a day. The teams of grade-6, with unbeaten energy, made a number of beautiful moves to send the ball into the goal but both teams couldn’t succeed in their attempts. The audience witnessed a quality but drawn match. The mesmerizing weather made the whole environment dream like.

After a sumptuous tea break in honour of the guests, the Green (ABHC) and Yellow Shirts (PS) were ready to challenge each other in basketball court. From end to end, the skillful play kept the audience spellbound and both the teams exhibited their best talent. At the end, Prep School team won the match by 44-11.

Friendly matches like these certainly go a long way in fostering a strong sense of community spirit and sportsmanship. The shields and souvenirs were exchanged with a hope that the visit and friendly matches will open a new era of relationship between the sister institutions and these ties may be strengthened in the coming years.

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Pure essence of life is to serve humanity

A very important responsibility of the state and society is to properly look after its citizens who are physically and mentally challenged and need special support and care. Our religion also enjoins us to show love, affection and care for such people. Children with such needs fall in a special category requiring even greater empathy, love and support. The human rights of children with disabilities have been reaffirmed in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) since its adoption in 2006.

LCGG has always shown compassion and empathy for students with special needs, challenges and impairment. As part of our wider responsibility for betterment of Pakistani society, we have established and maintain close contact and relationship with Special Education Centre in Jhika Gali, Murree that has about 100 special students having physical, mental, intellectual and sensory impairments. We regularly invite their students and staff to our annual functions and also provide our grounds and facilities for their annual sports day. The Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd) frequently visits them and we also organise visits of our students to the centre to spend time with the special children and distribute little tokens of love among them. 

The prime objective of these activities is to make these children feel happy, excited, motivated and to inculcate the feeling of inclusiveness among these children and Gallians as well. In the same context, the children of Special Education Centre Murree were invited by the Principal on Thursday, 23rd June 2022 to spend a day at LCGG and have fun with our young Gallians.

A group of 60 special children (girls and boys) and 10 faculty members were our honourable guests on Thursday 23rd June, 2022. Their beaming faces clearly reflected their joy and excitement. They visited various parts of the college, got their photographs taken and enjoyed a bright sunny day at the Clock Tower. We organised their participation in art activities in the art room, singing and playing instruments in the music room and games in the playing field. They took part in various competitions and races according to their challenges. At the end of sports activities cups were awarded to the winners. In all the activities, prefects of Prep and Junior schools, PTIs and concerned teachers continuously facilitated the children. 

The special children greatly enjoyed the swings and the mini zoo in Prep School field and the glow on their faces after these activities were priceless. They were served scrumptious snack boxes with juices. Principal addressed this group of pure and innocent souls and assured them of full support and cooperation, wherever possible. Gift bags were also distributed among the special guests at the end of the day. It was also a great learning experience for our young Gallians and staff who have surely developed greater understanding, empathy, love and affection for special children.

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Beautiful addition of Outdoor Gyms and Turf in LCGG

In boarding school, exercise is an essential part of the students’ daily routine. Physical activity not only keeps them fit, active and healthy, it also satisfies some of their emotional needs. Sports can teach children qualities like leadership, endurance, teamwork, and many more life skills. Modern facilities play a vital role in encouraging students to take part in sports events. Therefore, at LCGG significant efforts have been made to improve the image of sports and service quality of the college sports facilities. The senior management takes keen interest in updating the college amenities and providing the students with the best possible resources.

Recently, two new outdoor gyms, made of all weather material, have been set up in the Prep School and Senior School which is yet another achievement of LCGG. The outdoor gyms will improve the physical strength, flexibility, and endurance of LCGG boys. In the Senior School, the area in front of Jamali Stadium’s main gate and the area in Prep School, adjacent to Basketball Court have been used to establish these outdoor gyms. The boys are very happy and excited to use these outdoor gyms in fresh air and beautiful environment. 

Another addition, artificial turf has been laid in the two old basketball courts in the Senior School premises to make it a state-of-the-art hockey ground. Artificial turf is a safe alternative to the real grass, and boys can play hockey even during and just after the rain. The boys will get excellent opportunity to practice playing on the turf which will ultimately help them compete with different sister institutions that already have such facilities.

Now a days these new areas have become the center of attention for all the students and even staff members. These new sporting additions will further enhance the students’ interest and passion for games.

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Farrukh Sageel leaves us Grieved and Shocked

We are extremely grieved at the untimely death of our dear student Farrukh Sageel (Inter19 – Walker House).

Farrukh got an injury while swimming which proved fatal.

Farrukh was admitted to Lawrence College in 2017 on scholarship. After completing his Inter from the College in 2019, he was admitted to King Edward Medical University where he was student till his death.

Farrukh was a hardworking and talented student who always did excellent in academics. 

The Principal, faculty and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Farrukh Sageel. May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace!

An illustrious Old Gallian, Shamim Saif Ullah Khan, passes away

We are grieved at the sad news of the death of a distinguished Old Gallian, Shamim Saif Ullah Khan (Peake House 1950-54). Shamim Saif Ullah was a highly distinguished and well known educationist and former Principal of Aitchison College Lahore. He was a principled man who believed in discipline and merit.

Shamim Saif Ullah was born to Saadullah Khan in Mohammad Nari area of Charsadda. He got his education from England. He remained Principal of Aitchison College, Lahore, from 1994 to 2008 and again from 2013 to 2014. He was the grandson of Dr. Khan Sahib, former chief minister of the then North West Frontier Province, now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Khan Sahib was brother of Khudai Khidmatgar Tehreek’s founding leader Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, commonly known as Bacha Khan.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Ayaz Sadiq, Asfandyar Wali Khan and other known politicians, civil and military officers, bureaucrats and businessmen remained his students.

He was an excellent human being, a thorough gentleman and a seasoned educationist.  

The Principal, faculty and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Mr. Shamim Saif Ullah. May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace!

Beautiful Extension and Renovation of Prep School Mosque

A mosque is a primary religious institution in Islam. It is a symbol of unity and strength and has a very lofty and pivotal role in the process of community development.

The Prep School Mosque was constructed in 1984. Because of the increasing number of worshippers, the mosque needed extension therefore it was decided to build an upper portion. The extension and renovation of the mosque was started in late 2021 and the finishing touches were given in the month of May, 2022. It was opened for prayers on Tuesday, 31st May, 2022.

The main hall of newly raised first floor covers an area of 1800 square feet in a rectangular shape. It has a capacity to accommodate more than 250 persons. The newly constructed verandas on both floors have a capacity to accommodate around 100 persons for prayers. After extension, the capacity has more than doubled to about 500 persons.

The day light is harvested with the help of a large skylight window in the roof, three glass doors and ten large arched glass windows. These sliding-windows will ensure proper ventilation and also give a beautiful panoramic view of the pine-covered surroundings. Eye-catching green colour prayer mats from end to end add extra beauty and grace to the main hall. Its facade attracts the worshippers and on lookers equally. The green marbled columns with silver outlines fascinate and give more grace and serenity to the grand entrance.

To ensure a link between the devotees of ground and upper floors, a camera and screen have been fixed for smooth following of Imam during congregations. New sound system has been installed and the down lights from false ceiling throw ample light to brighten up interior from dusk to dawn.

Upper portion is given access with the help of marble-steps on both sides with twinkling chrome railing. The chrome grill, with two openings at both sides, draws the front outer margins of this beatific place of prostration.

The Principal has specially commended and appreciated our Sub-Engineer Mr. Islah ud Din who designed and supervised all works ensuring high quality and excellent finish. He and his team worked with great dedication, honesty and interest.  After major extension and renovation of Senior School mosque in April 2021, now we have a very beautiful and largely extended and renovated mosque in the upper estate of the College which will meet the needs of the coming decades. This major work of extension and renovation of Prep School mosque has been made possible with the blessings, help and grace of Allah Almighty.

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Distinguished faculty members from Oxford and Kohsar University visit LCGG

A delegation comprising 15 faculty members from Kohsar University Murree, along with Dr. Luis Fernando Alday, Professor of Mathematics Oxford University UK, visited Lawrence College on Monday, 23rd of May, 2022. The delegation was led by Prof. Dr. Habib Ali Bokhari, Vice Chancellor of Kohsar University. 

Principal Lawrence College welcomed them in his office. During their meeting with the Principal LCGG, Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd), different areas of collaboration were discussed in detail.  The faculty of KUM invited the Principal and faculty to a seminar being conducted by Dr. Luis Fernando Alday of Oxford University. 

The delegation visited College museum, library and some areas of senior school and admired the grandeur of this historical institution and acknowledged its enviable repute since its establishment. 

In pursuit of the invitation by KUM, four faculty members from LCGG attended the seminar on “Conformal Field Theory’’ by Dr. Luis Fernando Alday on 24 May 2022.

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Lawrence College Welcomes Very Special Guests

Friday, 20th May, 2022 was a very happy and unique day for Lawrence College, when we received and welcomed 25 very special guests (15 female & 10 male) from Najjat Old Age Home in Rawalpindi. Najjat Old Age Home is a part of Najjat Trust, established in 1992, and is a home to elderly homeless people who are abandoned by their families, deprived of the care they need and left alone in the society.

About two months back, the Principal, Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd) was informed about Najjat Old Age Home and he established contact with Mr. Azhar Tanveer Malik, one of the founders and director of Najjat Trust. The Principal greatly appreciated the social welfare services of the Trust. Realising the important and urgent need for some outing and recreation for residents of old age home, the Principal offered and invited Mr. Azhar Tanveer Malik to send their residents for a day out to Lawrence College, Murree. 

The invitation was greatly appreciated, resulting in the visit of 20th May. The group of 25 honourable guests, mostly over 60 years age, was personally welcomed by the Principal, Heads of Schools, senior staff and prefects.  The young Gallians led the guests to Hamid Library for refreshments. They were served tea and snacks while the Principal interacted with the honourable guests and thanked them for visiting the college. They were shown some college facilities by the prefects and staff, who also ensured personal attention and comfort for all guests. The young Gallians and the staff mixed with the honourable guests. They tried to address their loneliness and spent quality time with them. They listened to their personal accounts and not only learned lessons for themselves but also tried their best to console them. Most of them were suffering because of the ignorance of their own blood relations and were recalling the teaching of the Holy Quran about respecting the parents: 

“Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him, and do good to parents. If any one of them or both of them reach old age, do not say to them: uff (a word or expression of anger or contempt) and do not scold them, and address them with respectful words, and submit yourself before them in humility out of compassion, and say, “My Lord, be merciful to them as they have brought me up in my childhood.” (Surah: Al-Isra, Verse: 23,24)

All of us were greatly touched by their personal stories of sadness, loneliness and deprivation. Later on, the guests were served a sumptuous lunch in the company of the Principal, Heads of Schools, senior staff and prefects. They were also given small gifts. Towards the end of the visit, all the guests looked happy and a bit emotional too. They thanked the Principal, staff and boys for the respect and honour given to them and for being so thoughtful and concerned for them by facilitating such a wonderful and unique visit. The Principal gave them an open invitation to visit Lawrence College whenever they desire in future.

After about five hours stay with us, our honourable guests returned to Rawalpindi with smiles on their faces and happiness in their hearts. May Allah ease their difficulties and bless them with comfort and happiness.

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An illustrious Old Gallian, Mr. Aseff Ahmed Ali, passes away

We are grieved at the sad news of the death of a distinguished Old Gallian, Mr. Aseff Ahmed Ali.

Sardar Aseff Ali Daulla was a well known Pakistani politician who served as the Minister for Economic Affairs from 1991 to 1993. He served as 18th Foreign Minister of Pakistan from 1993 to 1996. He has also served as the Minister for Education and Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunications between 2008 to 2010.

He did his Senior Cambridge from Lawrence College in 1959. After that he did his BA from 1959 to 1962 and did his BA (Hons) from 1963 to 1966. He had a deep association and love for Lawrence College. He always considered his stay at Lawrence College as the golden period of his life.

Mr. Aseff was an excellent human being, a thorough gentleman and seasoned politician. Along with being a statesman with exceptional qualities, he was a good painter and had deep love for literature.

The Principal, faculty and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Sardar Aseff Ahmed Ali. May his soul rest in eternal peace!

Another Shining Example of the Gallian Spirit

Some old Gallians continue their invaluable contribution towards the progress and welfare of Lawrence College. The most recent example is of Mohammad Ali Baloch Inter 89 who has donated a handsome amount of Rs. 500,000 for the College Junior Staff Welfare Fund.

He is an inspiring example of a great alumnus in true spirit, giving back to his alma mater in the Holy month of Ramazan.

The Principal highly appreciated his selfless act of generosity and positive approach. He further added that such gestures of goodwill certainly motivate the young Gallians to build the society as a better place to live and keep LCGG alive in their memories.

The Principal, staff and young Gallians extend their sincere thanks to Mr Mohammad Ali Baloch for his generosity and concern towards his alma mater.

Helping those in need is not charity, it is Humanity

Empathy and humanity have always been practicing values of many Gallians.

Alumni of LCGG continue to set benchmarks in this regard for future generations through giving back to their alma mater. The most recent being from ‘Gallians Welfare Trust of Matric 1988’ who donated Rs.476,500 this year. This amount is being utilized for disbursal of Ramazan ration bags for 315 junior staff and educational grant for sons of junior staff of the college.

The principal, staff and students express their sincere thanks and appreciation to  ‘Gallians Welfare Trust of Matric -1988’ and in particular to the following Gallians of the Trust:

Mr. Shamoon Siraj
Mr. Shoaib Mushtaq
Mr. Azhar Babar
Mr. Faisal Mumtaz Butt
Mr. Mubashair Hayat
Mr. Mohammad Ali
Mr. Noman Yousaf

It is worthwhile to mention  that ‘Gallians Welfare Trust of Matric 1988’ is the only class of old Gallians that regularly contributes for the welfare of their alma mater. May Allah bless them manifold to continue and strengthen their community welfare projects.

Senior School Observed Death Anniversary of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal

The 84th death anniversary of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal was observed  at Lawrence College to acknowledge his struggle and services for a separate homeland for the Muslims of the Subcontinent. Senior School revived the essence of Iqbal’s thought in their discussions and documentaries shown in different classes. They discussed that Iqbal is not just a name but an ideology, which sprouted the initial hope of an independent land for Muslims of the Subcontinent in the form of Pakistan. We should draw inspiration from Iqbal’s ‘Shaheen’ that stands for courage, purity of soul and noble character, devotion and dedication, endeavours and endurance to become responsible members of society infused with the attributes of a devout Muslim.

Principal Lawrence College has always endeavoured to familiarize the students with the message and philosophy of Iqbal. It is evident in the form of Bazm-e-Iqbal, Gosha-e-Iqbal (Iqbal corner in the library), Iqbal Gallery and Qandeel-e-Iqbal (A course on Iqbal).

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Lawrence College commemorates the services of Bilquis Bano Edhi

A great humanitarian and philanthropist Bilquis Bano Edhi, a towering figure in the field of social welfare in Pakistan and often referred to as the ‘mother of orphans’, passed away on 15th of April, 2022.

Lawrence College conducted special assemblies in all the three schools to pay homage to the great philanthropist, Bilquis Bano Edhi. She was a Pakistani nurse who helped save lives of over 16,000 babies. She was one of the most active philanthropists in Pakistan. She was co-chair of the Edhi Foundation, one of the largest a charity organization that provided many services in Pakistan including a hospital and emergency service in Karachi.

Students of Junior, Prep and Senior Schools paid tribute to the great social worker and urged the audience to follow her footsteps. Videos were shown highlighting the life and achievements of Bilquis Bano Edhi.

The Principal personally encourages all the students and staff to take active part in social welfare activities. He urges the young Gallians and staff to emulate the lives of great philanthropists and try to follow their examples in a practical way.

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Junior School Qirat Competition 2022

Junior School Qirat Competition, 2022
Individual Positions

Class I

Name of Student



Alyaan Bashir



Ibrahim Ethisham

2nd Peake
Muhammad Musa 3rd


Class II

Name of Student



Abdul Nafay Yasir

1st Peake

Muhammad Saud Khan



Muhammad Ayaan 3rd


Muhammad Hadi Mustafa 3rd


Class III

Name of Student



Mir Hasaan Talpur

1st Wright

Abdul Kareem (CDB)



Muhammad Huzaifa (CDB) 3rd


Class IV

Name of Student



Muhammad Ahmed (CDB)



Usman Ejaz



Moiz Ahmed



House Positions
1st Peake House
2nd Wright House
3rd Walker House
4th Wightwick House

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No Moral Value is Greater than Humanity

Happiness is not the outcome of our material gains, but what we strive to give and share with others. LCGG families share the values of empathy and make a deliberate effort to involve each member in the acts of kindness. The Ladies Club of LCGG continues its tradition of multiplying the blessings of Ramzan and making it sweeter for the custodian staff at LCGG. A handsome amount of 30,000 rupees has been contributed by the Ladies. 

A total of Rs. 582650/- has been consumed for 315 ration bags of basic food items for Ramzan which were distributed among the junior staff.

Mr. Agha Zahid, an old Gallian, has generously donated an amount of Rs. 100,000/-. Khawaja Shuja Ullah has donated Rs. 55000/- while Khizar Khalil has donated a sum of Rs. 100,000/-. It shows their love for their alma mater and the life skills they learned at GG. Sheikh Jawad, College uniform contractor has given Rs. 15000/- for supporting staff and a sum of Rs. 25000/- has been donated by the College faculty. The Principal also approved contribution of 2 lac 57 thousand rupees for this noble cause.

The Principal, College staff and students of Lawrence College highly appreciate the passion and spirit of Gallians and staff. We believe it will motivate many others, wherever they may be, to be generous and helpful to the needy in their vicinity.

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A Memorable Gift for Alma Mater by the Old Gallians

A generous heart, kind words and compassion are the components which renew humanity. Following this golden principle, some of the old Gallians have been frequently contributing to their alma mater with different acts of kindness and generosity.

One such old Gallian is Major (Retd) Iftikhar Ali Chatha (Walker House, 1958-1970) who has recently contributed a generous amount of Rupees 2.0 Million to his alma mater for the welfare fund constituted in 2014 to provide scholarships and support to the junior staff of the College.

Earlier in 2016 his twin brother and old Gallian Zulfikar Ali Chatha (Walker House, 1958-1970) also donated one million for the same purpose that was duly acknowledged by the College. Both brothers Iftikhar Ali Chatha and Zulfikar Ali Chatha are very passionate and committed Gallians and wonderful human beings.

The Principal highly appreciated this magnanimous generosity as such gestures of goodwill motivate and inspire the young Gallians to build a kind and caring society and keep the spirit of GG alive.

The Principal, Staff and young Gallians convey their sincere gratitude to Mr. Iftikhar Ali Chatha who has set a remarkable example for other Gallians.

Free of Cost Coaching Classes for Daughters of the Junior Staff

Education is like the light to which all have equal right. Allah has created both men and women equally and has not drawn any distinction between them when it comes to the right of enlightenment. He has bestowed them with the same faculties. Hence, there should be no difference of opinion when it comes to imparting education to women.

Female education is not a new concept, Islam encouraged education and training of women folk 1400 years ago. The last Prophet PBUH had emphasized on education for both men and women.  A good mother raises an educated and civilized citizen, who plays a vital role in nation building.  There’s is no aspect that can refute the importance of female education to raise an individual of character and integrity.

In order to academically facilitate the daughters of the college junior staff, it has been decided by LCGG to officially start an evening coaching school from 30.10.2021. These girls are already attending different local schools and their parents had been paying for their tuition in the evening too. The college is now bearing the expenses of this evening coaching and will ensure a conducive learning environment for the girls, to help them thrive, grow to be strong women and be constructive members of the society, well equipped with the power of education.

This is an extension of the vision to provide quality education to the children of junior staff being a member of the college community, where their boys are already enjoying the Lawrence College education experience. 

Till date more than 70 girls have benefited from this selfless initiative by the Principal of Lawrence College Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd). In addition to the regular coaching, holiday packs were also provided to these young girls to remain in touch with the studies during winter break and more than 550 age-appropriate books were distributed among them to enhance their writing and reading skills. Nine teachers, paid by the college, have been taking care of these girls in the evening school. We have conducted phonics workshop to help the students in the reading process. Moreover, we are planning to add music and art classes on weekly basis as well, to add in their holistic growth.

We wish and pray that this project continues to benefit these girls for a long period of time and help the girls to be more confident, well-groomed and beneficial for the society. The Principal highly appreciates the selfless devotion and contribution of Mrs. Uzma Afzal, Director of Studies, who is working as coordinator of this important project purely on voluntary basis. She is devoting her personal time after working hours to ensure a very efficient and productive program.

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A Historic Achievement – LCGG becomes member of EOBI

Ever since he arrived in the College, the Principal Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd) has always been concerned for the welfare of all staff and has given a high priority to this aspect. Many measures have been taken for welfare, specially of the junior staff. It includes, along with many other facilities, support for education and marriage of children, medical assistance, deaths in family, improvement in housing etc.

One important issue, rather a long-awaited dream of the college staff, has been the absence of any pension scheme for them. It has been a serious concern, particularly for the junior staff, that they had no source of income after retirement from College. Realising the great importance of the issue, the Principal was determined to find a worthwhile and sustainable solution. Many discussions were held with Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) which was demanding a huge amount of payment for arrears on the premise that the College should have become a member 40 years back.  Finally, we arrived at a practical and cost-effective solution and by the grace of Allah Almighty, this historic dream was realised on 30th March 2022 when Lawrence College got registered with EOBI. This happy news was shared by the Principal with all staff in a meeting in Hamid Hall. Four Hundred Eleven (411) staff members have become eligible for EOBI benefits with registration dating back to 1st January 2019. EOBI is a government organization and provides four benefits to members: Old-Age Pension, Survivors Pension, Invalidity Pension and Old-Age Grant. The Principal particularly appreciates the important contribution of the College Bursar, Mr. Salim Malik who was engaged in long discussions with EOBI staff. He worked with great dedication and interest to ensure finalisation of the agreement.

The news of registration with EOBI has brought a great sense of satisfaction, happiness and job security for the staff and they highly appreciated all the efforts made in this regard. The staff particularly thanked the Principal who, with his forward-looking approach, has always been very supportive to the staff to the maximum extent possible. We believe that this important and historic development would help further raise the standards of the institution which is, by the grace of Allah Almighty, doing exceptionally well in the contemporary world.

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Visit to PMA Kakul

The intermediate class visited Pakistan Military Academy Kakul on 28th of March, 2022 to witness the Commandant’s parade. 59 students of the class reached PMA Abbottabad at 7 am where they were received by two Gallian officers deputed at PMA, Captain Saeed Akram and Captain Daud Amin Chishti. The officers led them to their enclosure.
The students witnessed the spectacular display of parade which was in fact the full dress rehearsal of the passing out parade. A large number of students from different institutions and other guests were there to enjoy the wonderful display of discipline and skill.
After thd parade, the contingent was briefed by Lt. Col. Murtaza Khalid, CO 2nd Pakistan Battalion, who is himself a proud Gallian from Inter 98. Col. Murtaza gave an inspirational talk to the boys. He told them about all they needed to join the armed forces of Pakistan and to excel after joining Pakistan Army or any other force.

A Warm Send off to Mr. Sajjad Satti, Lecturer Computer Science

It’s hard to say good bye to someone with whom you have spent so many years. Following the same spirit, in a simple but graceful ceremony, the Staff Club members bid farewell to Mr. Sajjad Satti leaving College after serving here for about 10 years.

Mr. Sajjad Satti holds degree of BS in computer science. Throughout his stay, he taught with interest, devotion and keenness. His students respect and remember him for his scholarly discussions and deep insight into the career counselling field.

In his talk to the gathering on the occasion, Mr. Sajjad Satti commented that it was a wonderful experience for him to be a part of Lawrence College where he had a rewarding stay.

The Principal, in his parting note, highly appreciated the commitment and hard work of Mr. Sajjad Satti. He conveyed his best wishes for his future ventures.

It’s sad but new journeys often start by crossing the previous milestones.

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Musical Evening at Opening Dinner of Staff Club

The opening dinner of the Staff Club was held on 25th of March, 2022 in the Staff  Club. The event was attended by members of the Club from faculty and admin staff. Usually a lunch was held at the opening of the year, but this time a dinner has been held to complement it with the musical programme.

A sumptuous meal was served at the start of the evening programme. The meal was followed by a wonderful music programme. For this purpose, Ms. Kanwal Suleiman and Ahsan Suleiman had been specially invited from Lahore to entertain the audience with their melodious voices. College music teacher, Mr. Imran Suleiman also accompanied the guest singers during the programme. The audience fully enjoyed the mesmerizing performance of the singers and musicians who accompanied them.

Secretary Staff Club, Mr. Ishaq Khan, at the outset of his remarks, welcomed three new faculty members who have joined the College recently. He thanked the singers for coming to the College and amusing the club members with their sweet songs. He also thanked the Principal, who is also President of the Staff Club, for his cooperation in provision of different facilities at the Club.

The Principal, in his closing note, highly appreciated the performance of the singers. He said that it was a nice programme with a variety of songs. He also said that we would like to invite the singers again for a programme as everyone enjoyed the performance. He thanked Secretary Staff Club and catering Officer Senior School for making wonderful arrangements for the dinner.

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23rd March, a Day of Commitment

To mark the Pakistan Day, Junior School organized a small but dignified programme.

Saadullah Haider conducted the event. Azhar Jan and Mohib Ahmed called out for recitation and translation of the holy verses from the Holy Book. Muhammad Arham and Abdul Hadi Waqas delivered English and Urdu speeches respectively. Taha Mushtaq shared a poem. Some boys sang national song in their melodious voice and the performers of the cultural show casted spell on their audience with their beautiful cultural attire and regional folk dance. Ms Nabeela Abassi threw light on the history and significance of the day. Short video was shown which helped students to understand the background of Pakistan Resolution Day.

At the end, HMJS Ma’am Naheed Nadeem, gave a food for thought to students that how they could fulfill the dreams of their ancestors which may lead the Pakistan on the road of excellence. The event was ended on the National Anthem.

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Prep School Observes Pakistan Day-2022

Young Gallians celebrated 82nd Pakistan Day on Wednesday, 23 March, 2022. The ceremony was held in Prep School TV Hall. Mr Imtiaz Akhtar Ranjha, the Headmaster Prep School, was the chief guest. Mrs Uzma Afzal, the Director of Studies, also attended the ceremony.

After national anthem, Ali Hassan of Class-6 recited a few beatific verses of the Holy Qur’an and  Muhammad Waseem Khan of Class-7 shared their translation. Chiragh Akbar of Class-7 threw light on the topic, ‘Importance of Pakistan Resolution’, in English. Jawad Akbar of Class-7 made a moving speech at this auspicious occasion in Urdu covering the different phases and aspects of Pakistan Movement.

Both the speakers pinpointed the struggle of the founding fathers of Pakistan Movement. The participants paid honour to the services rendered by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar, Liaquat Ali Khan and Mohtarama Fatima Jinnah.  

The speakers highlighted the unbeaten struggle of the Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to carve the map of Pakistan on the surface of the earth. Without the leadership and untiring efforts of our beloved Quaid, the making of a separate homeland for the Muslims was not more than a dream.

Ali Musa Kazim of Class-6 infused the national spirit in the audience with his beautiful songs. A documentary was presented by Mr Waqas Nawaz, Lecturer in Social Studies, bringing formative phases of Pakistan to light.

Mr Imtiaz Akhtar Ranjha, the Headmaster Prep School, appreciated the delivery, style and contents of Urdu and English speeches, patriotic songs and documentary. He lauded the support of the staff for arranging Pakistan Day in such a simple but dignified way.

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Pakistan Day, 2022

Lawrence College observed Pakistan Day with traditional zeal and zest. The day started with combined assembly of the three schools in the Senior School lawn. Naa’ra e Pakistan was raised and dua was offered for protection and prosperity of Pakistan. Young Gallians participated in School-wise function which was followed by combined assembly endowed with great spirit of patriotism. 

Senior School:

The Senior School held the main function in Hamid Hall. It started with National Anthem. It was followed by recitation from the Holy Quran by Abdullah Kashif and translation by Saad Musa from Class VIII. Abdullah Syed from Class VIII, Ajlan Abbas from Class IX and Atif Nazeer from Class O-II talked about different aspects of Pakistan Movement, in general and Pakistan Resolution, in particular. A milli naghma was presented by Waqar Ali from Class Vlll. A video was shown by Pakistan Studies Department which highlighted the events that contributed to introduction of Pakistan Resolution and later creation of Pakistan. Syed Basharat Hussain, Head of Pakistan Studies Department, discussed the contribution of great leaders like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam.

 Principal, Brigadier Mujahid Alam (Retd), highly appreciated the staff and students for celebrating Pakistan Day in such a dignified manner. He said that we needed to have introspection and self-examination to better equip ourselves to meet the challenges we encounter. Talking of the leaders of the Pakistan Movement, he said that a number of prominent leaders present on the occasion of the introduction of Pakistan Resolution were Bengalis. They were true and loyal Pakistanis, but unfortunately we couldn’t hold them together with us (the West Pakistan). He further said that we needed to take practical steps to make Pakistan strong and no one else could do that for us.

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Welcome Party, Junior School

On 21st March’22, platform of Junior School was decorated with colourful balloons and characters of the Smurfs to welcome newcomers in cheerful and friendly ambience.
Syed Muhammad Ibrahimd hosted the welcome party. The event was started with the name of Allah. Azhar Jan and Mohib Ahmed did recitation and translation. There was a game of hand wrestling for the boys of Class 1. The support and bond was worth watching that was exhibited during the game. Then some boys of Class 2 presented a “Welcome Song”. Muhammad Hussain delivered the welcome speech and Sarim Ahmed Qureshi in return gave thank you note to show gratitude to the young old Gallians for their unconditional love and support. Then there was a musical chair which was for the newcomers of Class 3. A poem was presented by Class 4 boys to add charm in the party.
At the end guest of the occasion, the worthy Principal Brig (R) Mujahid Alam, gave away the goody packs to the newcomers and in his small talk, he advised old Gallians to support their new buddies and help them whenever they need.

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Prep School Welcomes Newcomers

On Thursday, 17 March, 2022 the Gallians of Prep School welcomed Newcomers and Class-5. The Principal Lawrence College, Brig (Retd) Mujahid Alam, was the Chief Guest.

Qazi M. Haider Khan of Class-7, the stage secretary, was supported by three announcers for the different segments of the ceremony. M. Bilawal Hasnain Khan, Chiragh Akbar of Class-7 and     M. Shaheer Khan of Class-6 added more beauty to the programme as announcers.

Ali Hassan Maken of Class-6 recited a few beatific verses of the Holy Qur’an which were translated by a young Gallian Muhammad Shoaib Imran of Class-7.

Sahibzada Dawood Anwar of Class-7 formally welcomed all the Newcomers and Class-5 in a pleasant way.   He, on behalf of the Principal and Prep School, assured  the Newcomers and Class-5  of  his full support in curricular,  co curricular and other  boarding activities.

Laraib Ali of Class-6, who joined the College as newcomer, delivered his responding speech in a very decent way. Muhammad Mubashir Hussain of Class-5 made an excellent responding speech on behalf of the promoted Class-5.

Shahzada Aayan Ali, a newcomer of Class-5, shared his views on the advantages of buddy system and appreciated the efforts of teaching and non-teaching staff in settling the new boys down. The new boys of grade 5,6 and 7 also participated in musical chair and tower making competition.

The Principal gave away the prizes and medals to the prize winners of IKLC and HRCA including a cash prize of Rupees. 20,000/= to Aman Ullah Khan, Class-6, for securing outstanding position in HRCA Science contest. Another wonderful Gallian of Class-6, Hadi Ahmed Cheema, was given away Gold Medal for standing first in all Pakistan IKLC-2021. Ali Musa Kazim and his choir entertained the audience with a beautiful song.  

In his address, the Principal welcomed the Newcomers and Promoted Class-5 with a hope that they would try their best to take active part in boarding life and its activities with a special focus to follow the commands of Allah the Almighty in Sura al-Hujraat about pleasant social relations. 

The Principal appreciated the delivery, matter, style and confidence of the speakers. He further extended his sincere thanks to the Headmaster Prep School and his team for arranging such a simple but graceful ceremony.

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Welcome Party for Class VIII

Continuing with tradition of the College, Senior School extended a warm welcome to the students of Class VIII on 16th of March, 2022. The Class was gleaming with fresh faces that came to start their new life at the Senior School. The Principal, heads of the admin departments and faculty members of Senior School were present on the occasion.

The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran and its translation by Abdul Wahab and Muhammad  Umer from Class VIII respectively. Muhammad Ali Khan recited dua in his melodious voice .Abdullah Shah and Abdul Muhaimin from Class VIII, in their short speeches, shared their feelings about their start at the Senior School. They said that the teachers and seniors had welcomed them to Senior School with open arms which helped them feel comfortable and at home. They said they were excited about joining the Senior School as the faculty and senior students generously extended their help and guidance. The function was conducted by Head Boy  Nauraiz Masood efficiently. 

The Principal greeted the students and expressed his best wishes for their bright future. He assured them that the Principal himself and everybody at Senior School was there for their support and guidance and that they should have no worry and confusion. He advised them to focus on their studies as that is the prime objective of their presence at the College.

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Wonderful generosity of a Gallian

Wonderful generosity of a Gallian, 2022Wonderful generosity of a Gallian, 2022A generous heart, kind words and compassion are the components which renew humanity. Following this golden principle, some of the old Gallians have been frequently contributing to their alma mater with different acts of kindness and generosity.

One such old Gallian is Major (Retd) Iftikhar Ali Chatha (Walker House, 1958-1970) who has recently contributed a generous amount of Rupees 2.0 Million to his alma mater for the welfare fund constituted in 2014 to provide scholarships and support to the junior staff of the College.

Earlier in 2016 his twin brother and old Gallian Zulfikar Ali Chatha (Walker House, 1958-1970) also donated one million for the same purpose that was duly acknowledged by the College. Both brothers Iftikhar Ali Chatha and Zulfikar Ali Chatha are very passionate and committed Gallians and wonderful human beings.

The Principal highly appreciated this magnanimous generosity as such gestures of goodwill motivate and inspire the young Gallians to build a kind and caring society and keep the spirit of GG alive.

The Principal, Staff and young Gallians convey their sincere gratitude to Mr. Iftikhar Ali Chatha who has set a remarkable example for other Gallians.

Kashmir Solidarity Day, 2022

Lawrence College celebrated Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th of February, 2022. On this day, we intend to convey a strong message to the world community that every passing second  is adding to the sufferings of Kashmiris and at the same time it is bringing them close to their destination of independence and right of self-determination.

The day started with recitation from the Holy Quran and its translation by Hafiz Muhammad Hassan, Saadullah  and Alam Khan from Class XI. Muhammad Shaheer and  M. Qadeer Khan Class XI, Sameer Ali of Class O-III and Ayyan Qamar from Class X threw light on Kashmir issue and renewed the pledge, on behalf of the students, that they would stand by their Kashmiri brethren. Mr. Ahmadyar from Pakistan Studies Department and Mr. Basharat Hussain (HoD Pakistan Studies) dilated upon the historical background of the Kashmir issue and talked about the sufferings Kashmiri nation is going through.

The function concluded with the pledge that we must acknowledge and honour all the Kashmiris in the Indian-held Kashmir; the men, the women, the old and the children who continue to face the brutality and troubles so bravely. It is something that we  and entire world should acknowledge and should stand for their genuine rights.

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