Every charitable act is a stepping stone towards heaven

Educated girls can make informed and wise choices from a wide range of options. Educating girls leads to better families, communities and economics. An educated female population increases a country’s productivity and fuels economic growth.

Keeping in view the significance of educating girls, LCGG initiated an evening coaching school for the daughters of our custodian staff in October, 2021.The project was launched on the Principal’s instructions by hiring nine teachers from our on campus housewives and daughters of junior staff. In the beginning 35 girls enrolled for different grade levels and the strength has been raised to 90 plus. It’s been one and a half year they are being greatly benefited from this step of necessity and compassion. All the facilities present in Prep school classrooms are offered to these girls in the evening and they are also provided with the basic stationery items and resource materials. Grooming classes for senior girls have also been organized. Mrs. Uzma Afzal, Director of Studies is the overall coordinator of this wonderful initiative.

In Winter holidays 2022, all students were given individual tasks, storybooks and handwriting practice where needed. On their return to school in March 2023 they were asked to submit their homework tasks. It was good to see that more than 50% students completed their tasks very nicely. To acknowledge their hard work, the Principal LCGG Brig. Mujahid Alam (Retd.) appreciated the children in the evening school and distributed tokens of appreciation on 21st March, 2023. He also encouraged them to work even harder to grow and glow in their lives ahead.

There is a high hope that this project will contribute positively in building and grooming the girls into strong, optimistic, successful and pleasant individuals, In Sha Allah.

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Gallians of Prep School Welcome New Comers

A successful welcome party was organized for the new students of Prep School. The event was held on Friday 17, March 2023, in the Movie Hall. The party aimed to create a welcoming environment for the new students and provide them with an opportunity to show their talent.

The event was kicked off with the arrival of the chief guest Brig , Mujahid Alam ( Retd), Principal Lawrence College. The principal and guests were warmly welcomed by the stage secretary, Huzaifa Khan, Class-7.  

After the recitation and translation of the Holy Quran, the welcome speech was delivered by Rohan Ahmed, Class-7, who eloquently welcomed the new students and encouraged them to take advantage of the various opportunities that the School has to offer. Rohan also spoke about the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving success.

Hamza Khan, Class-7, one of the new students, responded to the welcome speech on behalf of his fellow students. Hamza thanked the School administration for organizing the event and expressed his excitement at being a part of the School.

Balaj Toor, Class-6, a new student, then gave a speech on the buddy system, which is a programme that pairs new students with senior students to help them adjust to the new school environment. Balaj highlighted the benefits of the buddy system and encouraged the new students to take advantage of it. He also mentioned the awareness sessions about child protection.

Afnan Mazhar, Class-6, a talented student, recited a welcome poem that was well-received by the audience. The poem highlighted the beauty and uniqueness of the school and expressed the hope that the new students would feel at home in their new normal.

Finally, the event concluded with a welcome song by the School choir. The song was upbeat and energizing and had the audience tapping their feet.

Overall, the welcome party was a great success and achieved its objective of creating a warm and welcoming environment for the new students. The College believes that events like these go a long way in helping new students settle into boarding system.  

The Principal, in his short address, welcomed the new boys. He appreciated the confidence, matter, delivery and style of the speakers and stage secretary along with announcers. He praised the buddy system and awareness sessions on child protection. Child protection is among the top priorities of the College and the honourable Principal categorically emphasized the importance of child safety and moral training of the young Gallians of Prep School.

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Welcome Party Class VIII

Class VIII, including the newly admitted students, was welcomed to the Senior School on 15th of March, 2023. The Principal and faculty members were present on the occasion.

The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Quran and translation by Hafiz Ameer-ul- Asad and Shehroz Haider from Class VIII. Badar Ali of class Xl conducted the function. Arij Ahmed, Yawar Hayat, Alamgeer Khan and Qazi Haider from Class VIII shared their feelings about their experience of early days at the Senior School. They said that the teachers and seniors had warmly welcomed them to the Senior School. The teachers were treating them as their sons and the seniors treated them as their younger brothers; that’s why they feel comfortable and are learning in a free environment.

Addressing the young entrants of Class VIII, the Principal welcomed them to the Senior School. He assured them that the Principal himself and everybody at Senior School is there to facilitate and guide them. He said that all of them are like his sons and will be treated the same way. He advised them to focus on studies and to actively participate in sports and other co curricular activities. He also advised them to improve their communication skills. He told them that, along with academics, Lawrence College lays particular emphasis on character building and the students should develop good character traits based on the core values of our religion Islam and our society.

The students and faculty were served with a sumptuous tea on the occasion.

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Participants of Young Ulama Leadership Programme visit Lawrence College

A group of eighty participants of Young Ulama Leadership Programme 2023, from different reputed religious educational institutions, visited LCGG on March 10, 2023 in the leadership of Shaykh Jahangir Mahmud. The purpose of Young Ulama Leadership Programme is to prepare well equipped religious scholars for the future generations, raise the level of empathy among Ulama, make them more sensitive towards social cohesion and to make them the torch-bearers of inter-faith harmony. The participants attended lectures and talks by renowned scholars, educationists, trainers and leading professionals. They also had tours to universities, government departments and others renowned institutions of Pakistan.

The visit to Lawrence College was also a part of their programme. On their arrival, the guests were taken to the Principal’s office where the Principal formally welcomed them to Lawrence College. The Principal gave a comprehensive talk to the participants that included different areas like tolerance, ethics of disagreement, inter-faith harmony and the need of manifesting the real Islamic values to the World.  

Talking to the guests, at the outset, the Principal briefed them about systems at Lawrence College. He told them that strict enforcement of discipline and College rules is being ensured at Lawrence College, due to which, in the last few years, the standards of Lawrence College have significantly been raised. That progress is clearly visible through steady improvement in the results and the qualities of character.

He also advised them to shun hatred and pride as they are the root cause of many social evils. He said that we need to present a brighter image of Islam before the World by sacrificing individual interest for the national interest.

The address of the Principal was followed by a question-answer session. The young scholars raised many questions which received satisfactory answers. In the end, Shaykh Jahangir Mahmud thanked the Principal and College administration for facilitating the visit. The participants were served with scrumptious tea and a delicious lunch. After enjoying a beautiful day at Murree, they left the campus with unforgettable memories.

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Gallians show excellent performance at ESU Public Speaking Contest

Two of our students, Syed Muhammad Ali and Azam Mumtaz Raja, participated in the regional round of the Public Speaking Contest organised by the English Speaking Union on 16th of February, 2023. Both of them, with their commitment, got second and third positions respectively. They were awarded certificates and prizes by the Swiss Ambassador in a special ceremony held in Islamabad for the purpose on 10th of March, 2023.

Syed Muhammad Ali, being the runner up, will, in sha Allah, participate in the national round to be held in Karachi.

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Farewell Party - Mr. Ijaz Ahmad

It’s hard to leave a place where you have spent a part of your life and it becomes difficult for the colleagues to send someone off with whom you share some good memories. Senior School faculty bid farewell, on 18th of January, 2023, to Mr. Ijaz Ahmad from Islamic Studies Department who left College after serving for more than eight years.

Mr. Ijaz holds the degrees of BS in Computer Science and Masters in Islamic Studies. Throughout his stay, he taught with commitment, devotion and interest. His students also respect and remember him for his scholarly discussions and deep insight into the career counselling field. Furthermore, he enthusiastically contributed to the compilation of booklet on Seerat-un-Nabi.

The Principal, in his note on the occasion, highly appreciated the commitment and hard work of Mr. Ijaz. He conveyed his best wishes for his future life.

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Distinguished Old Gallian, Mr. Muhammad Yunis Khan, Passes Away

We are greatly saddened to know of the demise on 17th January, 2023 of a highly distinguished old Gallian, Mr. Muhammad Yunis Khan. He had a long and illustrious service in many departments of the government and served in very important positions including Auditor General of Pakistan.

Mr. Yunis Khan was an industrious and fearless person and greatly respected for his principles and values. He was also an extremely well read and knowledgeable person. He always owned Lawrence College, Ghora Gali as his second home and liked to share his fond memories of the College. He was a loving person and will be missed by everyone who knew him.

The Principal, Staff and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Mr. Muhammad Yunis Khan. May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace and grant him highest rank in Jannat.

Ms. Qamar Akram Passes Away

Ms. Qamar Akram, former Headmistress Junior School, passed away on 17th of January, 2023. Ms. Qamar joined Lawrence College in 1965 and worked as a teacher,  housemistress and Headmistress Junior School (1965 – 1991 and 2001 – 2007).

Her generous heart, broad smile and kind spirit touched many hearts. Her colleagues regarded her as one of the most caring, loyal, kind and friendly persons.

Thousands of her students are saddened to learn this sad news.

The Principal, staff and Gallians express their sincerest condolence to the family and friends of Ms. Qamar Akram.

May Allah bless her soul and grant her high rank in Jannah!